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James Monroe Davis
James Monroe Davis
B: 19 MAY 1841 • Heard, Georgia 
D:  1 MARCH 1923 • Frolona, Heard, Georgia

Mary A Elizabeth Pearce


B: Oct 1840 in Georgia 

D: 9 Aug 1901   Heard County, Georgia

James M Davis
 in the U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865

Name:    James M Davis
Residence:    Georgia
Enlistment Date:    26 Jun 1861
Rank at enlistment:    Private
State Served:    Georgia
Service Record:    Enlisted in Company E, Georgia 19th Infantry Regiment on 26 Jun 1861.
Sources:    Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865

1880 United States Federal Census

Name    James M. Davis
Age    39
Birth Year    abt 1841
Birthplace    Georgia
Home in 1880    District 987, Heard, Georgia
Race    White
Gender    Male
Relation to Head of House    Self
Marital Status    Married
Spouse's Name    Elizebeth Davis
Occupation    Farming
Household Members    
Name    Age
James M. Davis    39
Elizebeth Davis    38
Nancy Davis    16
William H. Davis    14
Malissa Davis    12
James W. Davis    9
Noah Davis    6
Mariah Davis    3
Walter Davis    2

Malissa Davis
BIRTH 12 FEB 1869 • Heard, Georgia, United States
DEATH 24 MAY 1954 • Carroll County, Georgia, USA
Zedic R Bell
1900 United States Federal Census

Name:    Zedic R Bell
[Zadoc Bell] 
Age:    40
Birth Date:    May 1860
Birthplace:    Georgia
Home in 1900:    Militia District 713, Carroll, Georgia
Race:    White
Gender:    Male
Relation to Head of House:    Head
Marital Status:    Married
Spouse's Name:    Melissa Bell
Marriage Year:    1885
Years Married:    15
Father's Birthplace:    Georgia
Mother's Birthplace:    Georgia
Occupation:    View on Image
Neighbors:    View others on page
Household Members:    
Name    Age
Zedic R Bell    40
Melissa Bell    31
Dover Bell    14
Ida L Bell    11
James L Bell    10
Roy Bell    5
Freda E Bell    4
Walter Davis    21
Zadok K Bell
 1860 United States Federal Census

Name:    Zadok K Bell
[Zadoc Russell Bell] 
Age:    2/12
Birth Year:    abt 1860
Gender:    Male
Birth Place:    Georgia
Home in 1860:    District 11, Carroll, Georgia
Post Office:    Laurell Hill
Family Number:    27
Value of Real Estate:    View image
Household Members:    
Name    Age
Wm L Bell    35
Mary F Bell    33
James W Bell    10
Isham T Bell    5
Susan E Bell    2
Zadok K Bell    2/12
Small Heading
Small Heading
Small Heading

From the book: Sherman's Horsemen: Union Cavalry Operations in the Atlanta Campaign, by David Evans. Found on Google Books.

There is a section describing "Rousseau's Raiders" marching through Carroll County, leaving a path of destruction in his wake. This was part of Sherman's infamous march to the sea. Part of the description reads as follows:

"At 5:00 the next morning, July 21, the raiders broke camp without breakfast and headed "almost due north" toward Carrollton...the column passed through six or seven miles of wilderness before reaching the Laurel Hill community about 9 AM.

William L. Bell, his son, and two neighbors were threshing wheat when a soldier "with stripes on his sleeves" rode into the field where they were working and asked how far it was to Carrollton. About twelve miles, Bell replied. As the soldier wheeled and galloped away, Bell cast a quizzical glance at his companions. Then it dawned on him. That was a Yankee sergeant! Hurrying to his house, Bell found the yard and the road beyond crowded with bluecoated cavalrymen. The doors to his barns and corn-cribs stood ajar. The fence was down in several places, and his mouse-colored mule and bay mare were gone.  A steady stream of soldiers filed from the smokehouse, laden with bacon and flour. Inside the barn, troopers were tying fodder into bundles and carrying out sheaves of oats. Another crowd was filling sacks at his corncrib, while a Federal captain sat on the piazza, giving directions.  When Bell begged him to leave his family some provisions, the captain merely shrugged and said soldiers had to live too."

It goes on to talk about how the column of soldiers continued on rapidly so that the word of the coming would not reach the neighbors. One of Bell's neighbors, Thomason, described that it took three whole hours for the column of soldiers to march past his house. His children kept exclaiming, "They have got Mr. Bell's mules!"

At the end of the march, General Rousseau sent a telegraph to Sherman describing his destruction and tearing up of 35 miles of railroad. He also said:

"My trip was entirely successfull in all respects. I destroyed 30 miles of RR in 36 hours. My command will be here in three hours. My whole loss does not exceed 12 killed & 30 wounded. I captured 400 fine mules & 300 horses"

      Texas, Brazoria County Marriage Records, 1870-2012

Name    James A Bell
Gender    Male
Marriage Date    30 Mar 1940
Recording Date    30 Mar 1940
Spouse Gender    Female
Document Number    10075173
Household Members    
Name    Age
Mary V Patterson    
James A Bell    


1930 United States Federal Census

Name    James A J Bell
Age in 1930    15
Birth Year    abt 1915
Gender    Male
Race    White
Birthplace    Texas
Marital Status    Single
Relation to Head of House    Son
Home in 1930    Chicago, Cook, Illinois
Street Address    South Campbell Ave
Ward of City    15th Com Area 50
Block    151
Institution    Chicago City
House Number in Cities or Towns    6458
Dwelling Number    82
Family Number    204
Attended School    Yes
Able to Read and Write    Yes
Father's Birthplace    Georgia
Mother's Birthplace    California
Household Members    
Name    Age
Dover Bell    43
Catherine A Bell    39
James A J Bell    15
Betty S Bell    12
Honorato B Canieda    19

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