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Margaret A. Drane

A fascinating glimpse of Civil War era life.  Margaret Drane Tichenor's  first hand recollections as related by Adelaide Stuart Dimitry.
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""The Doctor and the Spy"
A Southern Family Story
Compiled by Peter D. Johnston
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Maria Louise Drane died of croup, May 12, 1850

Aged 10 months & 28 days

Funeral sermon by J. L. Waller

Rom. 6:28, Preached in the Nicholsonville Church

May 25, 1850   Hymn 830  B.H 

"Thy Life I Read, My Dearest Lord"

Thomas J. W. Drane died Sept. 20th, 1852

Age 14 months 17 days    Funeral sermon by

A. WA. LaRue from Acts 26:8  Preached in the                                                                                                                  Nicholsonville Church Feb 13, 1853  Hymn 842

"Heaven has Confirmed the Great-Decree"

Sallie J. Drane died Nov. 1st, 1866  of

Consumption.  Funeral Sermon by Rev. D. E. Barnes

_____  _____  Preached in the Canton church

Hymn 1109  "Asleep in Jesus Blessed Sleep"

Mrs. Mollie J. Smith, daughter of T. J. & Mrs. 

Drane.  Died of Ovarian Tumor, at Osyka Miss. Jan.

8th 1869 age 28 years, 4 months & 23 days.

"Believe in the dead, who die in the Lord." 

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Thos. Jefferson Drane was born in Lebanon, Ky.                                                                                                                         Nov 30, 1813 


Margaret A. Drane was born near Lebanon, Ky     (Margaret Ann Thurman)

Feb. 11, 1819

Mary Juleana Drane was born in Constantine      (Mrs. Mollie J. Smith)

Ky. Sep. 7,  1839 

Sarah Jane Drane was born near Harrodsburg

Ky. March 27, 1843

Margaret Ann Drane was born near Harrodsburg,

Ky. Aug. 4, 1846

Maria Louis Drane was born in Nicholsonville                                                                                                                                  Ky. June 19, 1849

Thos. Jefferson Waller Drane was born in Nicholsonville

Ky. July 3rd 1851

Robert LaRue Drane was born in Memphis, 

Ten. March 7th, 1858 

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Married near Lebanon Ky. by the Rev. Wm.

Robinson, May 29th 1838.  Rev. Thos. J. Drane to Miss M. A. Thurman

Married by Rev. C. R. Hendrickson in

the city of Memphis, Tenn. Mr. James H. Smith

of Shelbyville, Ky. to Miss Mollie J. Drane 

Dec 2, 1857

Married in Canton, Miss by the Rev. D.C. Burr

Nov. 12th, 1863  Capt. G.H.Tichenor to Miss

Maggie A. Drane

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Lula May Smith was born in Memphis on April 20, 1868

Rolla A, Tichenor was born in Canton Miss. on Sept. 1st, 1864

Sallie E. Tichenor was born in Canton, Miss. Jan. 30th 1868

Waller LaRue Tichenor was born in Liberty, Miss. March 14th, 1870

George Humphrey Tichenor was born in Adams County, Miss. January 31st, 1876  Wakefield Landing, Miss.

Elmore Drane Tichenor was born in Red River Landing, Nov 26. 1878

Edgar W. Smith died at U.S. Marine Hospital, New Orleans, Sept. 24, 1924, and was buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge.

Lula May Smith, widow of G. E. Cornwell died at her home at Dallas, Texas on March 26, 1938 and buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery

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Mary J. Drane was baptized by her father, Nicholasville, Ky. Sept. 1852.  Age 12 years.

Sarah J. Drane was baptized by her father, Shelbyville, Ky. Jan 1856.  Age 12 years.

Margaret A. Drane was baptized by her father, Louisville, Ky. Dec. 12th 1857  Age 10 years

Robert L. Drane was baptized by his father, Liberty, Miss.  Sept 4th 1870,  Age 12 years

Edgar W. Smith was baptized by his grandfather, Rev. T. J. Drane,  Liberty, Miss  Sept 4th 1870  Age 11 years.


Rolla A, Tichenor was baptized by Rev. Stevens Bremond Fox  Aug 1884 Aged 19 years

George H. Tichenor was baptized by Rev. T. J. Purser,  New Orleans La.  Aug 1896  Age 11 years

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The following preamble and resolutions were adopted in conference,

Liberty, Miss., Jan 15th 1871

Whereas, Our beloved pastor, Elder T.J. Drane has labored faithfully and efficiently with our church for the last two years, and done much in the building up of the said church, and as we hope and believe for the advancement of Christ's Kingdom here, and being instru-mental in the hands of God, in bringing into the fold of the church, upon a profession of faith and baptism, in the course of two years, two hundred and seventy-two members, and reviving the droopings and luke-warm members, and of increasing a small to very large congrgation, regularly at-....... 


Eld. T.J. Drane has accepted the charge of the church at Natchez, Miss., and we confidently predict that within one year, or eighteen months, that once a large and strong church, but now scattered and disorganized, will be the most prosperous one in the Association.  Eld. D. is the very man for Natchez, and we congratulate the brethren upon their choice.  Bro. D. never fails to build up churches, and his first work is to organize a Sunday school and put a Baptist paper into every family of the church at least, and generally of the congregation also,.  We pray God to bless his labors

D BIBLE 3.jpg


Column One

Resolution of Condolences

     Whereas, we have heard with deep regret of the death of Sister Drane, wife and life-long companion of our beloved pastor, Eld. T.J. Drane, and

     Whereas we feel deep solicitude for him in this sad hour of affliction and sorrow, and deeply sympathize with him.  Therefore be it

     Resolved, that we as a church express to him our condolence in this the saddest hour of his life and as one man do invoke the benediction of our heavenly Father in his behalf, praying that he may be sustained and upheld in his sorrows and be enabled to say “Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done.”

     Resolved, further, That, while we deeply sympathize with him in his bereavement, we rejoice to know that he mourns not as one without hope, but has consoling assurance, that she fell asleep in Jesus, and is only awaiting him just across the River, and that soon they together will walk the pearly streets of the new Jerusalem, where pain, sorrow, and death can no more separate them or mar their happiness.  Be it further

     Resolved, that while our hearts go out in sympathy for our beloved pastor, we sadly lament the providence that has led to our separation as church and pastor and in bidding farewell to him, do invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit, praying that in the few more years allotted to him here, he may be as useful in other fields as he has been during his connection with us as our pastor, and do recommend him to the Christian confidence and support of those with whom he may hereafter labor in his ministerial calling.

     First Baptist Church, Jackson, La.

     By order of the church.  Done in open Conference, March 1st ‘89

B. Chance, Sec’y.

Column Two

Died in Baton Rouge, La., March 12, 1889, Margaret A. Drane, wife of Dr. T.J. Drane and mother of R.L. Drane and Mrs. G.H. Tichenor of New Orleans.

She was born in Washington County, Ky, February 4th, 1819, and was the daughter of Margaret and Phillip Thurman and a first cousin to Vice-President Thurman.  She was baptized into the fellowship of the Lost Run Church, Kentucky, in 1842, and her entire life was consistent with the profession she then made.  Her daily life gave evidence that she was a  devout and loyal follower of the Christ, and of such, it is written, “They shall inherit the earth.”  She saw in every cloud that overshadowed her life the silver lining of his providence, and met the most trying exigencies with cheerful patience.

Of such a woman was it said “ Strength and honor are her clothing and all she shall rejoice in to come.”  Through all life’s joys and its tears, its hopes and its fears we know her to be only gentle, loving good, wearing the crown of womanhood. 

She was an invalid for years, but nonetheless a mother and wife because of physical affliction, or the intense suffering that would have dwarfed and weakened a smaller soul, but gave to her the bestitude of patient strength.  And now, for her dear sake, we could not ask that those tired hands, which are folded in rest over the mother heart, might take up the burden of it all again, and even for her dear sake we cry, “Thy will be done!”  For we know we will not be left comfortless by Him.  

     Who saw her footsteps falter, when her heart grew faint

     Who marked when her strength was failing and hearken'd to each complaint,

     And hid her rest for a season, for the pathway had grown steep

     And folded in fair green pastures, He giveth His loved one sleep


     Weep not that her toils are over, weep not that her race is won,     


     God grant that we may rest as calmly when our work like hers is done.

     Till then, we would yield with gladness, this treasure to him to keep - 


     And rejoice in the blest  assurance "It giveth loved ones sleeps."       

Column Three

(NOTE:  The Kingsbury's must have been neighbors of the Tichenor's at Red River Landing.  A victim of the same yellow fever epidemic that claimed four members of the Tichenor household)

Kingsbury - On Tuesday. 1878, at Red River Landing, Kingsbury, Beloved daughter L. Kingsbury, Aged 6 years.

Thus, from the innocent child, earth to the holy one of celestial life has passed our sweet, precious little Mary, a child at once the brightness and most interesting the writer ever knew.

Most truly it is, that the good die young, for, indeed was she a most lovable and affectionate child, the darling of the household and a general favorite with all who knew her.  But what is our grievous loss is Heaven's eternal gain.


Rest, sweet, darling Mary Lee, resting ever ing the arms of the Beautiful Jesus, who hath said: Suffer little children  to come unto me, for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."

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D BIBLE 7.jpg



Column one and Column Two (Bottom)

Full Obituary - See Page 10   

Column Two (Top)

January 17, 1869

Died, on the 8th of January, 1869 of Ovarian Tumor, Mrs. Mollie J. Smith, daughter of Elder T.J. and M.A Drane of Isyka, Miss., aged 28 years, four months, and 23 days.  Deceased had been the subject of deep and severe afflictions for 9 years previous to her death, and confined to her bed the last five months of her earthly existence, during which time she was never heard to utter one murmuring word.  Her Bible was her inseparable companion, and as she gradually declined in physical strength, her mental powers assumed their wonted energy, and from day to day her confidence in her acceptance with her Redeemer increased; conscious that the hour of her departure was at hand, she bade adieu to her family and friends, said “weep not for me, death has no terrors, I fear not the grave, I shall soon be with my Savior in heaven,” they sang in a clear voice—

“Jesus can make a dying bed  

Feel soft as downy pillows are,    

While on his breast I lean my head             

And breathe my life out sweetly there.”

The writer has seldom if ever, witnessed a death so calm; with more composure, or more triumphant, “Thanks be to God,” who giveth us victory “even in death,” and that we “sorrow not as those who have no home.”


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Column Three


Died, Elder Thomas Jefferson Drane.  Oct 16th, 1895, aged 85 years.

Obituary by Eld. D. J. Purser. New Orleans.  Died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. Geo. H. Tichenor

Died - Margaret Ann Thurman Drane

Aged 72 years

March 12th, 1889

Died, Dr. George H. Tichenor on Sunday, January 14th, 1923, at his residence, No. 1917 Palmer Ave., N.O.,  LA

Born in Ohio, Co. Kentucky, April 12, 1837.  Buried in Baton Rouge, La.


Mrs. Margaret A, Drane Tichenor, widow of Dr, George H. Tichenor, Nov 8, 1924 at Hot Springs Ark. while on a visit there with her son, R. A. Tichenor and her brother R. L. Drane.

Buried at Baton Rouge. La. on Monday, Nov  10th.

Born 4/46

Died at New Orleans, La. 

October 19/36

Rolla A. Tichenoer Jr. born March 9/77 of the marriage of Rolla A. Tichenor Sr. and Bessie Johnson Pope.

Buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Baton Rouge, La. Oct. 31/36

Operation for appendicitis

He leaves one child, Rolla A. Tichenor 3rd

 ___  ____  of his marriage with Dorothy Pomarade

D BIBLE 4.jpg


Columns One and Two


Drane Family Bible

Unknow date and publication


Miss Sallie J. Drane

Let the votary of proud philosophy meet the shocks of life with unbending knee, and brave death with stoical indifference; but let the recognize, in the afflictions of life, the chastening rod of my heavenly Father, and "let me die the death of the righteous."

Sarah was the mental exclamation of the writer when he stood by the dying couch of Miss Sarah J. Drane.

Could some gifted influence enable me to tell the many virtues that adorned the life of the lovely Christian, the calculating critic would pronounce the picture overwrought, while those who knew her best would feel that half had not been told.

For many wearisome months, the disease had been making inroads upon her health, but such was its insidious and deceitful appearance, the hope gilded her future with all those bright hues that fascinate the young, until Thursday the 1st of November, When the stern and inexorable messenger claimed her.


 Never did the writer witness such a scene as met his eyes when the announcement was made to Miss Sallie that she must die.  With unclouded mind, placid face, and eyes raised and fixed as upon a company of friends coming to greet her, she calmly raised her hands and whispered: "Angels, Angels-- Jesus."  How like the Heavenly vision of the proto martyr.

During her struggle with death, lasting for hours, the tongue refused to lo its office, but her mind was clean, and she failed not to respond, by signal to her father's questions, showing that faith was triumphant to the last.  With one arm around her father's neck and the other around her mother's in token of undying affection, and then placed her hands on the heads of her weeping sisters and brothers-- seeming to say, "farewell--follow me to Heaven," her gentle and happy spirit was borne away, by heavenly messengers to the bosom of her Father--God.

Thank God for a religion that can support us in death as in life.

Almost from her infancy she was remarkable for her knowledge of the plan of salvation--she adored the divine precepts and at the early age of twelve united with the Baptist Church, at Shelbyville, Ky; from that date till she passed into the valley of death, she never failed to read her Bible, her faith never wavered, and daily she sought t the shrine of prayer, in secret, but careful pleading.

At seventeen, she received the degree of M.E.L. qat the Brownsville Female College, in her native State, and the principal of that institution assured me that throughout her happy school years, as classmate and pupil, she was known but to be loved.  All her most intimate associates, from her childhood, give testimony of her peculiar evenous and placidity of disposition, and her family asserts, that on no occasion did she ever exhibit anger--never spoke uncharitably of those that err; but always gentle, loving and kind, she gave proof of that purity of heart which alone gains for the Christian the privilege of looking upon God's unclouded face.

As early as the spring of "62, she contracted that disease which baffled the skill of the most eminent physicians, and though she lingered so long--part of the time as helpless as an infant-- she never murmured.  Patient and uncomplaining, she seemed to think alone of the comfort of others, and especially that of her idolized father and mother.

My pen lingers, fond parents as I write of your loss, for well does sad experience teach the anguish of the darkened life, when death has hushed the heart of the loved one; but you will remember that your darling nobly filled her record--that "She lived in deeds, not years, in thoughts, not breaths," and though the earth is dimmed, heaven is brighter.  God hath need of our fairest flowers, and transplanted to the garden of his love, they will bloom in perennial beauty.  Of the sisters, one has crossed death's ocean, while two wander wearily hearted on the shore--the mission  of your Sallie was short but fair and bright, and from her teachings, forget not, that "tho' dead, she speaketh still."

Her brother-in-law and one only little brother received her dying blessing.  May he remember her daily admonitions, to make his life sublime by pure unselfish action.

Her dying bed was a lesson of faith and trust to all who witnessed it.  Her mind was as calm and clear as in health, and with the greatest composure, she received that announcement which has appalled the hearts of the rulers of the earth.  With numberless blessings on all around her bed, and with every assurance that she was drawing near the land of rest and light, she bade all her family a last "Good-Bye."

How blest should be the Savior for that faith which be designed as comfort, a promise of love that we should know our idolized ones in Heaven.

Column Three



Drane Family Bible - Unknown date or publication



The King of the Arctic sky has visited us now and destroyed the Fiend that has been ravaging our land, and we feel free at present.  We have for a time seemed to forget some of our own troubles in ministering to the wants and assisting those in distress, but now we revert our minds upon the past, and surely memory holds nothing within her orbit more sacred than the remembrance of the home of Dr. G.H. Tichenor.

Despite the combined efforts of a kind and doting parents, admiring friends, and medical skill, on September 8th, 1878, Sallie Eola Tichenor, aged 10 years, died; as sweet as a babe falls to sleep, she departed.  She was sick only a few days, during which time she was tortured with pain; yet it was thought she would recover, but God' is too good to err, and He saw the sufferer was too pure for earth, so he transported this lovely bud to bloom and thrive in the Paradise above.

She was followed, on the 17th, by her brother, Waller LaRue, aged 7 years.  The bright, winsome child now sleeps near his sister, where he requested them to place him.  An angel hand was waiting, so they wafted him home on their snowy wings, and he is now, doubtless, an angel sitting on the battlement of Heaven, simply as a beacon light to allure loved ones on earth to follow him.


On the 18th, Mabel Edna, Aged 1 tear, 28 days, was smiled to her home before a thorn had marred a limb or a taint of earth soiled her rosy head.


 We cannot blame the Master of the Garden for plucking his most choice flowers to decorate and adorn His mansion above, for He tells us, of such, it is composed.  Weep not, dear mother and father, but rather rejoice. for we know that they have left this world of sorrow for one of eternal joy; sorrow, sorrow, care, sickness nor death know no entrance there, and that great and good being who knows best all things--

     "He gave, He took, He will restore;

       He doeth all things well."

They have gone forth simply as an angel precursors of those whom they have left in stricken agony, to prepare for them the reality of the higher hope in those mansions where the day is everlasting and the endurance unmeasured bliss; where there is safety in assurance and assurance of joy that baffles the  unsteady promises of this earth.  We will trust in our Lord Jesus Christ, and when we cross the river Death, we hope to be welcomed by your little darlings--

     Yes, we all live to God,

     Father thy chastening rod

     So help us thine afflicted ones to bear,

     That in the spirit land,

     Meeting at thy right hand,

     T'will be our heaven to find what they are there. 


NOTE:  Dr. George Humphrey Tichenor had been an amateur photographer before the war and a professional photographer afterwards.  He also noted that Tichenor was a talented artist, painting in oils.  He stated that after the Civil War, G.H. and Margaret Tichenor briefly lived in New York City and that he had a photography studio in Canton.  Tichenor was interested in the Cartes-de-Visite type of photography.  An example of his work resides in the William C. Darrah Collection of Cartes-de-visite , 1860 – 1900 in the Special Collections Library at Pennsylvania State University Libraries.  His official title, G.H. Tichenor, Photographer, Canton, Mississippi is on the back.  Prior to leaving Canton, he sold the entire stock and apparatus of his “photograph gallery “ to Mr. W.H. Williams who received the endorsement of the local newspaper.  Two children, Rolla Absolum and Sallie Eola, were born in Canton in 1864 and 1867, respectively.

Below are the photos (originals) that were in the photo section of the Bible.  A few had names, but no dates.  One can assume that that the photo bearing the 'G. H. Tichenor, Canton Miss." stamp was taken during the period of the Dr.s residency in Canton (1963-1870). The Drane family left Memphis for Canton after the fall of Memphis.  Dr. G.H. Tichenor married Margaret Ann Drane in Canton, November, 1863.  Only the first two children of George and Margaret were born in Canton - Rolla A. Tichenor (1864 - 1951) and Sallie Eola Tichenor (1868 - 1878).

Details and close-ups of the photos follow.


BP 2 A.jpg


BP 13 A UNK.jpg

Rev. Thomas Jefferson Drane


BP 11 A SALLIE E.jpg

Sallie Eola Tichenor


BP 6 A UNK.jpg


BP 4 A UNK.jpg

Sallie Eola Tichenor


BP 9 UNK  DEG.jpg


BP I A.jpg



Margaret Ann Thurman Drane


BP 10 A ROLLA SR.jpg

Rolla A. Tichenor


BP 3 A UNK.jpg

Un-named b0ys - Possibly Rolla A.Tichenor (1864-1951) or Waller LaRue Tichenor (1870-1878)

or Robert LaRue Drane (1858-1935) or Edgar Wallace Smith (1858-1924)


BP 20 A J H SMITH.jpg

James H. Smith


BP 14 A UNK.jpg


BP 21 A UNK.jpg



Mollie Drane Smith


BP 16 A.jpg


BP 12 A LARUE.jpg



BP 19 A UNK.jpg


BP 7 A UNK.jpg


BP 15 A UNK.jpg

Un-named ladies (14 - 19)  some possibilities:

Margaret Ann Drane Tichenor,

Sallie Jane Drane

Margaret Ann Thurman Drane

Lulu Smith


BP 24 A UNK.jpg


BP 25 A UNK.jpg


BP 26 A WEBB.jpg


BP 8 A.jpg


BP 17 A UNK.jpg

Un-named Men (20 - 24)  some possibilities:

Robert LaRue Drane

Edgar Wallace Smith Sr.


BP 28 A J S WERTZ.jpg

James S. Wertz



Mrs. James S. Wertz  



Miss Mary Wertz



Mr. Manhart

D BIBLE 5.jpg


(NOTE:  Wife of James N. Drane - brother of T.J. Drane)

James N. Drane


Died--At her home, in Durant, Miss., on the 28th of December, 1886, Mrs. Cecilia N.  Cully, wife of James N. Drane.

The subject of this memoir was born in Mumfordville, Hart county, Ky., June 29th, 1824.  She was of Presbyterian parentage--a child of the covenant.  In early life, she gave her young heart, with its sweet and tender affection to the Lord Jesus, and united with the Presbyterian Church.  Her subsequent life of forty-five years witnessed the sincerity of her first love and the completeness of her consecration to her redeeming  God.

She was happily married to Mr. Drane, September 21st, 1848.  In 1855, they moved to Mississippi, and in February 1856, settled in Raymond, where they continued to reside until the Fall of 1876 when they removed to Durant.

At the time of their settlement in Raymond, there was only one other Presbyterian in the village.  It was my pleasure to make their acquaintance in 1858.  I was then supplying the Lebanon church, in Hinds county, two Sabbath's a month..  The church was fifty miles from my home--ten miles beyond Raymond.  "The Prophet's Chamber" in their hospitable house was always in readiness for me and for any minister of the everlasting Gospel.  They felt quite lost in their new home without Presbyterian preaching and a church of their own choice.  At their earnest solicitation, I used to return from Lebanon, of a Sabbath eve, and preach at night in an upper room in Raymond.  Thus, through their influence and an occasional sermon by the wayside, the way was made clear for the Rev. I.J. Daniel to organize the Raymond Presbyterian church in 1860, with eight members.  Mr. Drane was ordained a ruling elder.  The war came and ceased, but the band of disciples remained true to the Master and to one another.  After the war, though few and weak, they realized the urgent need to have a home of their own in which to worship the Lord Jehovah.  It seemed like a hopeless task amid their dark surroundings.  The thicker the darkness, the brighter doth faith shine.  Real faith in God never finds an obstacle too great to be surmounted.  Mrs. Drane was especially intent on building a church.  So she, with a few other good ladies, undertook the work by issuing circulars and sending them to distant friends.  Thus, they realized several hundred dollars.  With this the foundations of the building were laid, and forward the good work went, until a neat and substantial house of worship was completed and paid for; and there it stands, the monument of a working faith.


The Raymond Church is largely indebted--under God--for its organization and for its house of worship to Mrs. Drane.  The deceased was to the last an earnest Christian worker. Her hands were quick to reach out in a helping grasp to the weak, and her feet were swift on errands of mercy to the needy.  Nothing but sickness could detain her from her Sunday school room and the sanctuary.  And it was most befitting that the messenger sent to call her up higher should find her with her class in the Sabbath school.  She was conveyed home and, in a few days, in meek submission and holy joy, she laid her armor off--burnished by use--for the victor's crown.  "Thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.


But it was within the hallowed precincts of home that her Christian graces shone with even greater lustre.  Then, for more than thirty-eight years the heart of her husband did safely and lovingly trust in her.  She made his home happy beyond expression--it was to him the sweetest, the dearest spot on earth.  She did him good and not evil all the days of her life, and was faithful even unto death.  Her life was a sacred stream, in whose clear depths the beautiful and pure alone were mirrored.  But she is not, for God hath taken her.  That delicate vase of mortality is dispersed, and the beauteous exotic that blooms so long therein is transplanted in the eternal garden of our God.  

     "Where loved ones shall greet us again

       In the beautiful world of the blest."

     "A woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised; 

       For her price is far above rubies."


(NOTE: the following obituary was written by T.J. Drane - relationship unknown)


Departed this life, near Nicholasville, Ky., sister Elizabeth W. Mitchell, consort of Bro. James A. Mitchell. and daughter of Moses Wilson of Fayette county.  Sister Mitchell was 31 years of age when she died.  She was baptized into the fellowship of the  Baptist Church at David's Fork, by Rev. R.T. Dillard, in the fall of 1837, after which she became a resident of Jasamine county where she ended her career, a member of the Baptist Church at Nicholasville, and was in the constitution of said church., February 1849.  As a member of the Church of Christ, not an indiscretion was ever marked against sister Mitchell, but on the contrary, the influence of her deep-toned piety was felt by all with whom she associated--and to say that she was an extra woman is but to echo the sentiment of all who knew her; she was a devoted wife, am affectionate mother, and a kind mistress, kind and unobtrusive in her entire deportment.  Sister Mitchell, when impressed with the belief that her sun of life was fast declining, evinced no alarm, but gave satisfactory evidence of her preparation and willingness to meet death.  We feel that in this instance, death has chosen a prominent member of our church--torn from the fond embrace of a devoted husband, the wife who by her gentle disposition smoothed the rugged path of life--and robbed four interesting children, one an infant, of a fond and watchful mother.  May the Lord sustain the afflicted family and relatives, and may the afflictions be satisfied and serve to bind the bereaved ones closer to the throne of God.



Business cards in one pocket -  Perhaps related to the Tichenor family stay in New Yor

This page was found stuck between two pages in the Bible. 

Looks to have been published around 1896

1896 ad.jpg

1.     Rev. Thomas Jefferson Drane

BP 2 B  T J DRANE.jpg
BP 2 C  T J DRANE.jpg
BP 2 A.jpg

2.     Rev. Thomas Jefferson Drane

BP 13 B UNK.jpg
BP 13 C UNK.jpg
BP 13 A UNK.jpg

3.     Margaret Ann Thurman Drane

BP 1 B.jpg
BP 1 C.jpg
BP I A.jpg

4.     Margaret Ann Thurman Drane


5.     Sallie Eola Tichenor

BP 11 B SALLIE E.jpg
BP 11 C SALLIE E.jpg
BP 11 A SALLIE E.jpg

6.     Sallie Eola Tichenor

BP 4 B UNK.jpg
BP 4 C UNK.jpg
BP 4 A UNK.jpg

7.     Rolla A. Tichenor Jr.

BP 10 B ROLLA SR.jpg
BP 10 C ROLLA SR.jpg
BP 10 A ROLLA SR.jpg

8.  Unknown

BP 6 B UNK.jpg
BP 6 C UNK.jpg
BP 6 A UNK.jpg

9.  Unknown

Daguerreotype - Photo on tin, no information on back 

BP 9 UNK  DEG.jpg

10.  Unknown

BP 3 B UNK.jpg
BP 3 C UNK.jpg
BP 3 A UNK.jpg

11.  Major James Hammond Smith

BP 20 B J H SMITH.jpg
BP 20 C J H SMITH.jpg
BP 20 A J H SMITH.jpg

12.  Mary "Mollie" Juleana Drane Smith


13.  LaRue

The name LaRue was handwritten below the photo

in the Bible.  

BP 12 B LARUE.jpg
BP 12 C LARUE.jpg
BP 12 A LARUE.jpg

14.  Unknown

Could this be Margaret Ann DRane Tichenor?

BP 14 B UNK.jpg
BP 14 C UNK.jpg
BP 14 A UNK.jpg

15.  Unknown

BP 16 B UNK.jpg
BP 16 C UNK.jpg
BP 16 A.jpg

16.  Unknown

BP 19 B UNK.jpg
BP 19 C UNK.jpg
BP 19 A UNK.jpg

17.  Unknown

BP 7 B UNK.jpg
BP 7 C UNK.jpg
BP 7 A UNK.jpg

18.  Unknown  

BP 21 B UNK.jpg
BP 21 C UNK.jpg
BP 21 A UNK.jpg

19.  Unknown

BP 15 B UNK.jpg
BP 15 C UNK.jpg
BP 15 A UNK.jpg

20.  Unknown

BP 24 B UNK.jpg
BP 24 C UNK.jpg
BP 24 A UNK.jpg

21.  Unknown

BP 25 A UNK.jpg
BP 25 C UNK.jpg
BP 25 D UNK.jpg
BP 25 A UNK.jpg

22.  Unknown Version 1

BP 26 B WEBB.jpg
BP 26 C WEBB.jpg
BP 26 A WEBB.jpg

23.  Unknown Version 2

BP 8 B.jpg
BP 8 C UNK.jpg
BP 8 A.jpg

24.  Unknown

Photo was taken in Dallas, Texas.  

Perhaps related to Lulu Smith, daughter of James and Mollie Drane Smith.

She was married to Ed Cornwell of Dallas.

BP 17 B UNK.jpg
BP 17 C UNK.jpg
BP 17 A UNK.jpg

25.  Mr. John S. Wertz

BP 28 B J S WERTZ.jpg
BP 28 CB J S WERTZ.jpg
BP 28 A J S WERTZ.jpg

26.  Mrs. John S. Wertz


27.  Miss Mary Wertz


28.  Mr. Manhart


Business Cards found in one pocket - Perhaps related to the Tichenor family stay in New York City.

BP 22 A.jpg
BP 22 A.jpg
BP 22 A.jpg
BP 20 C J H SMITH.jpg
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