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About William Patton McFadden

William Patton McFadden married Amelia Hardy Davis in 1835. Later on Amelia Hardy died and then he married again to Sarah Miller Young (b. 13th of July, 1811 - d.10th of March 1899 in Sta. Barbara D'Oeste, Brazil).

Children of William Patton McFadden and Amelia Hardy Davis:

  • (1) Mary Amelia McFadden , born June 6, 1836 , in South Carolina. She married John J. Smith.

  • (2) Isaac Davis McFadden , born in 1838, in South Carolina . He married Eleanor Leslie.

  • (3) Louise Elizabeth McFadden, born in 1839 in South Carolina. She married James S. Drennon.

  • (4) Susan Emmaline McFadden, born in 1841, in South Carolina and died in 1842 (Infant)

  • (5) Harriett Julian McFadden, born in 1843, in South Carolina. She married T.C. Dunlop.

  • (6) John Barkley McFadden, born in 1844 , in South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Graham.

  • (7) Sarah Catherine McFadden, born in 1846 , in South Carolina. She married George Hall in Brazil.

  • (8) William Leroy Patten McFadden, born July 15, 1848 . He married Julia Brice Hall in Brazil.

  • (9) Robert Wilson McFadden, born April 13, 1850 in York District, South Carolina. He married Sarah Elizabeth Steagall in Oct 7th, 1876 in Sta. Barbara D'Oeste , Sao Paulo , Brazil.

Most of their children were born in York Dictrict , SC. (Chester County).

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