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John Matthew Gaulden -  Elizabeth Geers


John Gaulding was born in New Kent County Virginia. This is proven in the birth, baptism and death records of the Parish.[1] That John's Middle name was Mathew is something contentiously debated among researchers, but they all say that this baby Mathew is John Mathew Gaulding[2] and that this John Mathew Gaulding Married Elizabeth Geers.

John Gaulding and Elizabeth Geers appear in court records seeking custody of Alexander Gaulding's Children.[2]

"Freeman Lewelling, John Gaulding, Chas. Howall and James Foster, sev- erally privates in late war between Great Britain and France, under command of Col. Wm. Byrd, and continued in service during their enlistments. Prince Edward Co., Feby. Court, 1780." [3]

Appraisal of est. of John Gaulding by order of Court Oct. 1773. Appr. Richd. Morton, George Smith, Jno. Watson, Jr. Adm. Eliza. Gaulding. R. 15 Aug. 1774.[4]


Kenneth Shelton Report on Gauldings - Incomplete

I am currently wrangling all of the research together and there is more to come M. Gaulden March 28, 2014.



  1. ↑ St. Peter's Church of New Kent County, Virginia, Parish Register,1680 to 1787, p. 13. "(John) Mathew daughter of Jno Galling Baptised Feb'y ye 9th, 170_). Scanned and transcribed by Christine Wertin. [1]

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By Catherine L. Gauldin  uploaded in


SD_Gaul_1705_JohnMatthewGaulding Related to John “Matthew” Gaulding, son of John Gaulding, Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth Geers Source link Various sources. RD converted to Source Document on May 24, 2011 Document updated This document was last updated on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 1 Text: 1705 Gauldin, Matthew (John II)/Elizabeth Geers John Gaulding, Sr/Anne Stuart MATTHEW (JOHN II) 3 GAULDING1 (JOHN 2 , UNKNOWN 1 ) 10,11 was born 1705 12 , and died 1772 in Prince Edward Co. VA 13 . He married ELIZABETH GEERS Abt. 1690. She died 1773 in Prince Edward Co. VA 14 .


Notes for MATTHEW (JOHN II) GAULDING: Chapter three of Dr. Charles Gaulden's book deals with Matthew (John) Gaulden. It is only supposed that John and Matthew are the same person, or that Matthew's full name was John Matthew Gaulden. Dr. Gaulden writes: "John Gaulden II2 , was born prior to 1705 (my guess) in regards to John Matthew Gaulden in New Kent County, Va. He died in 1772 in Prince Edward County, Virginia. We have no definite proof that John II and Matthew are one and the same. John Gaulden (Matthew)3 and Elizabeth Geers4 had a son named Alexander. This is perhaps further indication of a connection to the New Kent family. We know that their first son was named John Gaulden III. The usual practice in those days was to name the second son (Alexander) after the father's brother. Although this Alexander had a son also named Alexander, it is assumed that the older one was the first constable of Prince Edward County, VA. I have a copy of the inventory of John Gaulden's estate and it would indicate that they were of average means, although John II did own 800 acres in Prince Edward County, which was divided between his 2 Source: Broderbund. World Family Trees. Vol. 1, Pedigree Nos. 1943, 1944, 2923 submitted by Thomas A. Gauldin (12333 Windspread Way, Raleigh, NC 27614-9245). John GAULDING, Jr. Elizabeth GEERS - Husband: John GAULDING, Jr. Death: 1772, Prince Edward Co., VA Father: John GAULDING Mother: Anne __?__ Marriage: Wife: Elizabeth GEERS Death: 1773/4, Prince Edward Co., VA; Children:

1. William GAULDING, b. 1748, Prince Edward Co., VA

2. Thomas GAULDING, b. aft. 1748

3. Jesse GAULDING, b. aft. 1749; m. Elizabeth BARNETT 3 Source: The Ahnentafel of Wm. Gaulding: 6

4 JOHN GAULDING- b abt 1685 VA; m ca1690; d 1772 PRINCE EDWARD CO, VA 4


Notes for ELIZABETH GEERS: Source: The Ahentafel of Wm Gaulding: 65 ELIZABETH GEERS- D 1773/4 PRINCE EDWARD CO., VA William Gaulding of Topeka, Kansas (Bill GAULDING,1900 SW 30TH STREETTOPEKA, KS 66611-1917) wrote on 9/20/2000: "Catherine: I have just accessed your Page covering Wilson-Gauldin lines. A couple of corrections are needed if you are able to make them.

1.Children of Alexander who was hanged were Jacob and Susannah, not John and Susannnah.

2. Appears you left out my GGGGF William, son of John (Matthew) and Elizabeth (GEERS) GAULDING in the list of their children. He received 90 acres from the 800 acres that GGGGGF John held there in Prince Edward Co. VA probably because the other 10 acres were held for the homestead as John and Elizabeth were still living. Their children, Jacob, Jesse, Josiah/Joseph and Judith all were deeded their 100 acres each in 1780 by John Jr. Since John Sr. left no will, the balance of the land under the laws went to John Jr. I believe the mother, Elizabeth convinced John Jr. who was then in SC and probably near death to deed the balance as listed above in 1780. Judith's was deeded to her Husband Henry ROBERTS. This 800 acres compound was known by old PE residence as "GAULDENTOWN".I have been on the land although it was grown up into a forest but now understand that it is being cleared and housing development under way. Seems that the various spellings of the name GAULDING/GAULDIN/GAULDEN have occurred over the years but I really believe that the original spelling in England was GOULDING." SOURCE DOCUMENT TITLE THE FAMILY OF JOHN MATTHEW GAULDING Source # SD_Gaul_1705_JohnMatthewGaulding Related to John “Matthew” Gaulding, son of John Gaulding, Sr. and his wife, Elizabeth Geers Source link Various sources. RD converted to Source Document on May 24, 2011 Document updated This document was last updated on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 2 eight children. It should be noted that conveyance of John II (Matthew) 800 acres was not by outright gift but involved monetary considerations. Further, this land in Prince Edward County bordered on the north boundary of modern day Hampton Sydney College." Furthermore, Dr. Gaulden writes: "There have been some who speculate that there was another daughter, Eliza Gaulden, who became the first wife of the French doctor, Francis Joseph Mettauer, and mother of the famous doctor, John Peter Mettauer. John Peter had five sons who became doctors."5 The Children of MATTHEW GAULDING and ELIZABETH GEERS are6 :

i. ELIZABETH (NANCY) 4 GAULDING, b. Bef. 1740.

ii. JOHN GAULDING III, b. 1735; d. 1780, Briey Creek, Prince Edward Co. VA.

iii. ALEXANDER GAULDING, b. Aft. 1720.

iv. JACOB GAULDING, b. 1749; d. Abt. 1804, Prince Edward Co. VA.

v. JESSE GAULDING, b. Bef. 1745, Prince Edward Co. VA; d. Bef. March 30, 1822, Prince Edward Co. VA.

vi. JOSHIAH GAULDING 15 , b. Aft. 1720.7

vii. JUDITH GAULDING8 , b. Aft. 1720; m. HENRY ROBERTS.

viii. WILLIAM GAULDING, b. Abt. 1745, Prince Edward Co. VA; d. Abt. 1780, Probably in Buckingham Co, Virginia.


5 Note: two Mettauer brothers are buried in the Hampton Sydney College Cemetery. 6 The Children of John (Matthew) Gaulding and Elizabeth Geers: Also, from information from "700 years of Gauldin History"..The eight children of John (Matthew) Gaulden II and Elizabeth Geers are listed below: (according to Dr. Gaulden)


1. Elizabeth (Nancy)-first hundred acres to Nancy's husband, Francis Spaulding

2. John (referred to as John III) received the second 100 acres. He sold this to his brother-in-law, Francis Spaulding, when he moved to South Carolina.

3. Alexander (Sr., not the New Kent Alexander)- received the third 100 acres.

4. Jacob- received the fifth 100 acres

5. Jesse-received the sixth 100 acres, after John II's death

6. Josiah- received the seventh 100 acres- after the death of his father

7. Judith- received the eighth 100 acres to her husband, Henry Roberts.


Notes for JOSHIAH GAULDING: The following information from the website; Josiah Gaulding (M) ; Birth: BEF 1720 -- Death:-- Spouse: ----Parents: John II or Matthew Gaulding, Elizabeth Geers 8 Notes for JUDITH GAULDING: William Gaulding of Topeka, Kansas wrote in regards to the distribution of land between the children of John Gaulding, Sr. This 800 acre tract of land in Prince Edward County was at one time known as "Gauldentown". Mr. Gaulding writes: "Catherine: Thought maybe I should give you the order of the children of John and Elizabeth (GEERS) GAULDING of Prince Edward County, Va.

Elizabeth "Nancy",

John Jr.,







and that was the order in which the land was given."

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