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The Fielder Family

Cortez Socrates Fielder’s Civil War


Following in their father’s (Major Rufus Fielder of the 20th Texas Cavalry) Samuel enlisted, along with his brother Cortez on 28 Oct 1861, Private, Company B, 12th Texas Cavalry (Parsons Mounted Volun-teers,  4th Dragons) and was discharged with a medical discharge on 20 Mar 1862 Volunteers, 12th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Parson's Mounted Volunteers)


The 12th Cavalry Regiment was organized with about 940 men in August, 1861, by Colonel W.H. Parsons. Most of the men were from Hempstead, Fairfield, Georgetown, and Waxahachie, and Ellis and Hill counties. This unit served in Hawes' and Steele's Brigade, Trans-Mississippi Department and skirmished with the Federals in Arkansas and Louisiana. During 1865 it was in Northern Texas guarding approaches from the Indian Territory. The regiment was included in the surrender on June 2. Its commanders were Colonel William H. Parsons, Lieutenant Colonels Andrew B. Burleson and John W. Mullen, and Majors Locklin J. Farrar and E. W. Rogers.

EXCERPTS FROM "The Elusive Eden, Frank McMullen's Confederate Colony,  By William Clark Griggs 

Page 32:

.... Several other Central Texas families and individuals had little trouble making up their minds to join the Quillins and the Smiths.  Two brothers, Cortez and Zeno Fielder from Navarro County, looked upon the Brazilian emigration as a once-in-a lifetime venture.  Both in their early twenties, they joined the colony early in the planning stages.  Several other families, including the Wrights, the Weavers, and the McKnights, were seriously considering Brazilian plans by the end of August, 1866.  McMllan estimated that as many as thirty families, as well as a number of single men, were planning to go with him as colonists.....

After having settled in Brazil

Page 103:

.....The Fielder brothers, not content to live on the land that they had first picked on the Guanhanha, spent a considerable amount of time exploring the scores of tributaries and rivulets that were found at every turn.  "With fool hardy courage (they) went poling up the rivers, each on his own resources, hoping to find the long promised land."  Zeno Fielder was unhappy with his situation and longed for home.  He wrote to his father in Navarro County, Texas, in December, 1867, and outlined the disadvantages of living in Brazil.  He said that the colonists were "nearing starvation" and asked his father for $250.00 to come home.  He noted in his appeal that Brazil was "not a white man's country."  Unlike his brother, however, Cortez Fielder was pleased with the situation.  He married A. J. Green's daughter Sarah, built a comfortable home, and began clearing land for a farm.  On Sundays when rain threatened Parson Quillin's services, the Fielder couple offerred their home as a church sanctuary......

Back to Texas

On May 29, 1871 on board the Mary Ann Annison, the Fielder brothers with Sarah Jane Green Fielder and the two small children, Brazilia and Rufus Fielder arrived back in New Orleans  having concluded their Brazilian adventure and made their home along the Rio Grande.  

Cortez Socrates Fielder
Sarah Jane Green

Cortez Socrates Fielder was born in Talapoosa Alabama May 16, 1843 to Major Rufus Fielder and Mary Melissa Dailey were married in Alabama in 1842 with their first two son Cortez and Samuel benig born there..  Around 1845  the family relocated to  and become pioneers in Cherokee County, Texas.  The family consisted of .  Rufus, his wife Mary, four sons; Cortez, Samuel, Zeno and Benton and one daughter, Mary Melissa.   Cortez and his brother served together during the Civil War having enlisted at Corsicana.  In 1866, after the war, being in his early twenties, he and his younger brother Zeno decided to seek adven-ture and joined a group of compatriots from neighboring counties who were making the move to Brazil.  After an arduous journey the young men were ensconced in Brazil. 


Zeno became dissatisfied early on but Cortez prospered.   In 1868 he  married Sarah Jane Green Fluitt who was born in 1846.  The Green family had moved from Winn Parish, Louisiana to Navarro county,  Texas where Mrs. Green died prior to August, 1866.  Sarah Jane looks to have been married at age 14 to Samuel Burrell Fluitt while in Louisiana and had a child named Jusilla in 1861.  Mr Fluitt is listed on the 1850 census as living in the Green household.  In 1860 Samuel and Sarah they were living in their own household, with no one else listed. He was twenty eight and she was fourteen at that time.  On the ship manifest to Rio in 1867 Sarah Fluitt and Jusilla Fluitt are listed along with the Green Family.  No further record of Jusilla, perhaps she died in Brazil - some unverified information mentions 1880.  Unlike the Fielders, the Green family had stayed in Brazil and had a large and prosperous family intermarrying with other immigrant families of various nationalities with many descendants living there and the United States to this day.

Cortez and Sarah had a total of four children, the first two, Brazil and Honora, were both born in Brazil while the two younger children, Hammett and Floss were born in Texas, Brazil Fielder looks to have never married and died in San Marcos Texas in 1888 at the young age of nineteen. She had suffered from a life-long illness and died at the home of her Aunt and Uncle,  Mary Ann Fielder and her husband, the Mayor, Hammett Hardy.

Honora and Floss married two McCutcheon brothers and  lived in Taylor,Texas both being active in the UDC chapter there.

In 1871 Cortez and family returned from Brazil to resettle back in Taxas.  At the age of 47 Sarah Jane died in San Antonio.  Cortez had come a properous stockman, having goat ranches and other interests, parti-cularly mining.  His brother, Zeno had moved to San Marcos, Mexico  in his later years and died there in 1922.  Hammett Fielder was in Mexico also  and in 1935 Cortez died and was buried beside his brother..  Hammett died in 1945 in Mexico city.

The Patriarch - Major Rufus Fielder
New Orleans, Passenger Lists, 1813-1963

Arrival Date29 May 1871

Port of ArrivalUnited States

Port of DepartureRio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ship NameMary Ann Annison

Cortez S. Fielder

Sarah Fielder

Zeno R. Fielder

Sarah Quillin

Brazilia Fielder

Rufus Fielder

Major Rufus Fielder  

Rufus’ Civil War


Rufus enlisted on 10 Mar 1862, 1st Lieutenant, Company H, 20th Regiment Texas Cavalry CSA at the age of 41, Later promoted to Major.  He served in his unit until the unit was mustered out of service 26 May 1865.   


The Twentieth Texas Infantry was composed mainly of middle-aged men and commanded by Colonel Henry M. Elmore. It was part of the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, also known as the Third Corps under General John B. Magruder. Their main purpose was to guard the Sabine River and to protect the city of Galveston, Texas. They saw little action until the Battle of Galveston in January 1863, in which they served with distinction, for which their action were commended by Confederate President Jefferson Davis.

Zeno R. Fielder

Mary Ann ( Malissa ) Fielder was born on November 29, 1849, in Cherokee, Texas, her father, Maj, was 28, and her mother, Mary, was 22. She married Hammett Hardy on May 5, 1869, in Brazos, Texas. They had six children during their marriage. She died on August 17, 1904, in Bryan, Texas, at the age of 54, and was buried in San Marcos, Texas.


Excerpt  from The Fielder Family Record, originally published in Cedar Town, Polk County, Georgia, April 1857, reprinted 1948, by Herbert Fielder. 

"Chapter III:  James and His Descendants

To avoid confusion, I divide this chapter into sections. 

1.    James, the second son, was born about 1750, serving several years in the war of theRevolution, was married towards the close of the war, in Virginia, to a woman by the nameof Sally Benge, who had a brother by the name of Obediah Martin Benge, for whom my father was named.  The father of Sally abandoned her while an infant, in Virginia, and came to the Cherokee nation and married an Indian squaw, by whom he raised the Indian family of half-breeds named Benge who were somewhat famous with their tribe.  James, after he married Miss Benge, came to South Carolina and resided several years in Edgefield District, from which place he moved to and settled in Green County, Ga., and from there to Morgan, some ten or fifteen years before his death, which occurred in 1813, on Little River, where his dust reposes.   


"His father-in-law Benge eventually commenced an Indian store in some of the older counties of Georgia.  He purchased his goods on credit from Phinizy, of Augusta, and James stood his security. Benge, having been extensively robbed and plundered by the Indians, broke and the property of James consisting of about twenty Negroes, his plantation, and other property, was taken to pay his debts, and he remained poor to the end of his life.Sally lived a widow to 1830, and died, aged 70 years.  She sleeps beside her husband.     

"Old Benge went deranged, and shot himself with a pistol.  His widow removed to Tennessee and married a man by the name of Fielder, a cousin to James.  By him she had three children:  John, Nimrod, and Elizabeth showing that a branch of the old Virginia family emigrated to Tennessee, but I have not attempted to trace them further.  A testy gentleman he was to marry a widowed squaw, --but she was said to be exceedingly handsome.       James, by Sally, had thirteen children -- Lewis, Thomas, Polly, John, Obediah, Josiah, James, Isham, Terrell, Betsy, Sally, Maria, and Tempy."  

John "Old Trader" Benge

BENGE, John Born: about 1735 in Virginia. Other records suggest he may have been born as early as 1726. Known as “Old Trader," and operated a trading post on the Cumberland. He was of Scottish descent.

John Benge was an Indian trader with the Cherokee in northern GA. He had two wives, one was Elizabeth Lewis and his second was Wurteh, a Cherokee, and he had children from both marriages at about the same time.


Elizabeth Lewis Born: about 1740, and was the, first wife of John Benge. She was a white woman, and the daughter of William Terrell Lewis and Sally Martin Lewis.Wurteh Second wife of John Benge and the sister of Old Tassel. Probably born in Toqua, in the Cherokee Overhills Probably met John Benge before 1761. She was a Cherokee woman.


Robert 'Bob' Benge was born circa 1760 probably in the Cherokee village Toquo to John Benge and Wurteh, a Cherokee. Robert grew up to be the most notorious Cherokee in history.  He was so feared in the central Appalachian areas of present-day Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee, that the settlers admonished their children by saying, "if you don't watch out, Captain Benge will get you.".

He was known as The Bench ...

Robert [Benge's] father was John 'Old Trader' Benge, an Indian trader who lived among the Chero-kee, and his mother was Wurteh who was part of an influential Cherokee family.  John was prev-iously married to Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of William Terrell Lewis and Sarah Martin, a prominent family originally from Virginia.

Elizabeth's sister, Susannah Lewis married John's brother, Thomas Benge.  John and Elizabeth had several children at their home in western North Carolina.  These were William Lewis, Sarah, and Obadiah Martin. Apparently, John was also living with Wurteh at his home with the Cherokee (probably Toquo) and had several children born there.  These were Robert, Utana "the Tail," Lucy, and Tashliske.

After Elizabeth and the Lewis family found out about John's Cherokee family, their marriage was dissolved and Elizabeth latter remarried John Fielder and had other children. Wurteh also had a child from a man whose last name was Gist or Guess and their child became known to history as Sequoyah. Robert and Sequoyah were half brothers...

John Benge

Also Known As: "Old Trader John", ""Old Trader" John Benge"
Birthdate: circa 1735 (73)
Birthplace: Charlottesville, Albemarle, Virginia
Death: Died 1808 in Morgan, Calhoun County, Georgia, United States
Cause of death: Unknown
Immediate Family:

Son of Thomas Benge, Sr. and Martha 1/2 Cherokee Benge
Husband of Elizabeth Lewis and Wer-Teh
Father of Sarah Ann Benge; Joseph Benjey; Obediah Martin Benge; William Lewis Benge; Bob "the Bench" Benge and 6 others
Brother of James Benge; Thomas Benge and Samuel Benge

Occupation: Operated a trading post on the Cumberland, Indian Trader



 Member:  -- Name Restricted --    Nat'l #: 966882     

Ancestor #: A039845

1.-- Generation Restricted --

2.-- Generation Restricted --

3.-- Generation Restricted --

4.    The Said -- Name Restricted -- was the child of William Parker Whitaker born on 3 - Mar - 1885 at Anderson Anderson Co SC   died at Baltimore MD on 18 - Jan - 1950 and his ( 1st ) wife Willa Lee Kitchen born on 23 - Apr - 1883 at Cherokee Co GA died at Norfolk VA on 1 - Nov - 1977 married on 26 - Sep - 1906  

5.    The Said Willa Lee Kitchen was the child of James Uriah Kitchen born on 7 - Nov - 1855 at Cherokee Co GA died at Marietta Cobb Co GA on 10 - Dec - 1924 and his ( 1st ) wife Jennie Fielder born on 7 - May - 1858 at Ackworth Cherokee Co GA died at College Park Fulton Co GA on 11 - Jul - 1941 married on 26 - Dec - 1875  married at Cherokee Co GA

6.    The Said Jennie Fielder was the child of James Monroe Fielder born on - Dec - 1816 at Newton Co GA   ied at Richmond Henrico Co VA on 10 - May - 1863 and his ( 1st ) wife Roxana Williamson born on 6 - Apr - 1831 at GA  died at Acworth Bartow Co GA on 30 - May - 1871 married on 11 - Nov - 1851  married at Jackson Co GA

7.    The Said James Monroe Fielder was the child of Obadiah Martin Benge Fielder born on - - 1789 at GA   died at Newton Co GA on a 4 - May - 1857 and his ( 1st ) wife Elizabeth Thornburry Heard born on - - 1798 at GA died at Newton Co GA on - - 1847 married on 23 - Jan - 1816  married at Morgan Co GA

8.    The Said Obadiah Martin Benge Fielder was the child of James Fielder born on c - - 1750 at VA   died at Morgan Co GA on a 1 - Mar - 1813 and his ( 1st ) wife Sally Benge born on c - - 1760 at Albemarle Co VA died at Morgan Co GA on a 3 - Jan - 1813 married on c - - 1779  married at VA





Ancestor #: A039845


Birth: CIRCA 1750    VIRGINIA

Death: ANTE 3-1-1813     MORGAN CO GEORGIA

Service Source: 


Service Description: 






 Member:  -- Name Restricted --    Nat'l #: 459320     

Ancestor #: A111767

1.-- Generation Restricted --

2.-- Generation Restricted --

3.-- Generation Restricted --

4.    The Said -- Name Restricted -- was the child of Rufus Fielder born on 12 - Jan - 1821 at AL   died at Langtry TX on 5 - Sep - 1903 and his ( 1st ) wife Mary Melissa Dailey born on 6 - May - 1826 at GA died at Corsicana TX on 31 - Aug - 1864 married on 12 - May - 1842  

5.    The Said Rufus Fielder was the child of John James Fielder born on - - 1787 at VA   died at Tallapoosa Co AL on - - 1854 and his ( 1st ) wife Tinsey Stroud born on c - - 1795 at Morgan Co GA died at Tallapoosa Co AL on a - - 1861 married on c - - 1814  

6.    The Said Tinsey Stroud was the child of John Stroud IIborn on 8 - Feb - 1765 at Hillsboro Orange Co NC   died at Morgan Co GA on - - and his ( 1st ) wife Sallie born on - - at _______________died at Morgan Co GA on - - married on p - - 1788  

7.    The Said John Stroud was the child of John Stroud Iborn on - Jan - 1732 at Amwell Hunterdon Co NJ   died at Clark Co GA on p 1 - Jan - 1805 and his ( 1st ) wife Sarah Connelly born on - - at GA died at Newton Co GA on - - married on a 11 - Jun - 1757  ** Additional, but unverified lineage is listed on the application. **




Ancestor #: A111767




Death: ANTE 1-6-1806     CLARKE CO GEORGIA

Service Source: 

CLARK, STATE RECS OF NC, VOL 15, P 749; VOL 16, P 1152

Service Description: 


Cotez and Sarah Jane "Sallie" Green Fielder had at least four children:

1.  Brazila Fielder

2.  Honora "Nora" Filelder

3.  Hammett Herman Fielder

4.  Lady Floss Myrtle Fielder


Iguape, Brazil, just down the coast from Santos.  Where the Fielders lived for a                  while and the birthplace of the first two children : Brazila and Honora

1.  Brazila Fielder

Brazil Green Fielder was born on August 24, 1868, in Iguape, Sao Paulo, Brazil, her father, Cortez, was 25, and her mother, Sarah, was 22. She had one brother and three sisters. She died on January 10, 1888, in San Marcos, Texas, at the home of her Aunt and Uncle, at the age of 19, and was buried there.  She had suffered from a life long infirmity which had left her an invalid.

San Marcos Free Press, Thursday, January 12, 1888,    Page 2


     On Monady last at the residence of Mayor Hardy, after a lingering illness, Miss Brazil Fielder, daughter of C. S. Fielder and Sallie Fielder.

     We mentioned in our last the return of Mr. and Mrs. Fielder to this place with their in-valid daughter.  we learn that it was at her desire that they come.  She suffered from a lif-long affliction, so that death came as a blessing to her.  We learn that she expressed entire resignation and even desired to de-part.  Young lives blighted like hers seem to us among the strongest proofs of a future and better state of being, where they may be relieved from the  clogs of mortality and fill out the full measure of their lives and aspir-ations denied them on earth.  There is no occasion of grief, but rather of joy in the contemplation of such a release from suf-fering and entrance into eternal rest.


Brazil Fielder

BIRTH24 Aug 1868

DEATH10 Jan 1888 (aged 19)


San Marcos Cemetery

San Marcos, Hays County, Texas, USA


MEMORIAL ID104315866 · View Source


Dau. of C.S. & S.J. Fielder -- 19 Yr's, 4Mo's, 17 Dy.

2.  Honora Fielder

Honora Fielder was born on August 2, 1870, in Iguape, Sao Paulo, Brazil, her father, Cortez, was 27, and her mother, Sarah, was 24. She married John R McCutcheon on June 15, 1909. She died on August 6, 1959, in Taylor, Texas, at the age of of 89, and was buried in Hutto, Texas.89, and was buried in Hutto, Texas.

John R McCutcheon was born on September 6, 1877, near Rices Crossing,  Williamson, Texas, his father, Joseph, was 30 and his mother, Annie Catherine Evans, was 28. He died on August 14, 1932, in Taylor, Texas at his home on West Seventh Street in Hutto, at the age of 54, and was buried in Hutto, Texas.

He was survived by his wife Honora, 2 sisters, Misses Annie Gertrude and Katherine McCutcheon, both of Taylor; and three brothers, Beau Kenneth of Taylor, William Thomas and Joseph James both of Hutto. John R. was buried, Shiloh Cemetery. 


Honora Fielder McCutcheon

BIRTH2 Aug 1870


DEATH6 Aug 1959 (aged 89)

Taylor, Williamson County, Texas, USA


Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery

Hutto, Williamson County, Texas, USA

MEMORIAL ID50284013 · View Source


John R. McCutcheon

BIRTH6 Sep 1877

Texas, USA

DEATH14 Aug 1932 (aged 54)

Taylor, Williamson County, Texas, USA


Shiloh-McCutcheon Cemetery

Hutto, Williamson County, Texas, USA

MEMORIAL ID50284051 · View Source

3.  Hammaett Herman Fielder

Hammett Herman Green Fielder was born on September 2, 1874, in Uvalde, Texas, his father, Cortwz, was 31 and his mother, Sarah, was 28. He married first Della V. Steine in 1899 in Val Verde Texas.  She died  in San Antonio five years later at the age of 23.  Hammett married secondly Emmie Lou. He had three sons and one daughter with Emma Lou between 1910 and 1921. He died on May 15, 1945, in Federal District, Mexico, at the age of 70 and was buried at the American Cemetery in Mexico City..

There is inconclusive information on the parents of Emma Lou.  Some data suggests she was the daughter of David Paul Kaufman while other information (more reliable - Census and SSN index reports) suggest that her maiden name was Monaghan.  There is scant information on the Monaghan side.  Kaufman is below.  In the 1940 census, Emma is living in  Arlington, Virginia working as a stenographer for the government.  Two of her sons are listed in that household, Hammett is not


Hammett H Fielder

U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name:Hammett H Fielder


Spouse:Emma L Monaghan

Child:Hametia Fielder King

Hammett H Fielder

 in the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name:Hammett H Fielder


Spouse:Emma L Monoghan

Child:John Thomas Fielder

Hammett H Fielder

 in the U.S., Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007

Name:Emmie L Monoghan


Spouse:Hammett H Fielder

Child:George Hammett Fielder


Texas, County Marriage Records, 1817-1965

Name:H H Fielder


Marriage Date:25 Oct 1898

Marriage Place:Val Verde, Texas, USA

Spouse:Della V Steine

Film Number:002031021


Kaufman Family

about 1903


"Front Porch and all my sweethearts" along the top "Muddie Harry Grandma Alex" along the bottom "Little Ruby James Powell Emmie" (David Paul not noted) Ruby S. with white blouse sitting on chair, Little Ruby with dog, James Powell in front of Gradnma, Harry standing, Alex probably standing, David probably sitting, Emmie Lou in front.

D. P. Kaufman house in Houston, Texas 1896


Houston, Texas

on back: Home of Mrs. D. P. Kaufman Houston, Texas Take care of this Picture Aloysius the Home of your Childhood 1896


David Paul Kaufman

about 1900

Lake Charles, Louisiana

photo from E.E. Barnett studio, Ryan Street, Lake Charles, LA

Noted Texas Architect

29 Jan 1908


Abilene-Semi Weekly Farm Reporter

Wed Jan. 29, 1908_



1.  Hametia Fielder

2.  Frederick Alan Fielder

3.  John Thomas Fielder

4.  George Hammett Fielder

1.  Hametia Fielder

Hametia Fielder was born on August 11, 1910, in Houston, Texas, her father, Hammett, was 35, and her mother, Emma, was 22. She married Leland Wiggins King on November 29, 1934, in the District of Columbia. They had one child during their marriage. She died on July 27, 2001, in Bodega Bay, California, at the age of 90.

Leland Wiggins King was born on December 17, 1907, in Battle Creek, Michigan, his father, Leland, was 26 and his mother, Elizabeth, was 23.  He died on April 20, 2004, in Bodega Bay, California, at the age of 96.

Leland W. King 


Leland W. King, American architect. Registered arch-itect, Colorado, Arizona, New York, California, National Council Architectural Registration Boards. Recipient McGraw-Hill Top Ten Plants award, 1971. Fellow Amer-ican Institute of Architects (honor award 1955, chapter award 1974), Cosmos Club (Washington).


King, Leland W. was born on December 17, 1907 in Battle Creek, Michigan, United States. Son of Leland Wiggins and Elizabeth Gale (Arnold) King.


Student, Georgia School Technology, 1927. Student, Armour Institute of Technology, 1929. Student, Chicago Art Institute.
Student, Beaux Arts Design.


Architectural draftsman, designer industrial, school, hospital and residential projects, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, 1925-1932; supervisor architect's office, United States Treasury, 1935-1937; field inspec-tor diplomatic and consular buildings, Department State, 1937-1940; field inspector diplomatic and consular buildings, Department State, in Scandinavia, Balkans, Europe, Middle East, C. and S. American associate chief Foreign Building Operations, Depart-ment State, 1941-1951; director and supervising architect, 1952-1954; in charge United States diplomatic and consular building design and construction, worldwide. Consultant, Board Education White Fish Bay, Milwaukee, 1931-1932; technical adviser to the United States delegate, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Headquarters Building, Paris, 1952-1953; executive secretary, Foreign Service buildings Committee, United States Congress, 1952-1954; general architectural and industrial design as associate, Norman Bel Geddes, 1954-1955; associate with, James Gordon Carr (Architect), 1956; vice-presi-dent, director architecture, Pereira and Luckman, 1956-1959; supervising archt., Ampex Corporation, 1959-1962; private architectural practice as Leland King, Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, since 1961; senior partner, King/Reif & Associates (architec-ture and planning), Menlo Park, California. Chairman architectural and construction engineering panel research, advisory council to postmaster general, 1967, 68.

Director, supervising architect United States Embassy projects, 1937-1954, honor awards Stockholm, Paris, 1953, Memorex project, Santa Clara, California, 1972, Mission Control Air Force, 1982. Chairman Bodega Harbour Design Review Committee.


  • Registered architect, Colorado, Arizona, New York, California, National Council Architectural Regis-tration Boards.


  • Works exhibited United States State Department, Museum Modern Art, New York City, 1953, Octagon, 1954, San Jose Museum, 1980.


Fellow American Institute of Architects (honor award 1955, chapter award 1974), Cosmos Club (Washington).


Married Hametia Fielder, November 29, 1934. Children: Sheryl Letia, Louisa Sands.


Leland Wiggins King


Elizabeth Gale (Arnold) King


Hametia Fielder


Sheryl Letia King


Louisa Sands King




George Leonard Neely, Jr.December 16, 1933 - November 23, 2013Resident of AlamoGeorge Leonard Neely, Jr, better known as "Len" to family and friends, passed away November 23, 2013 at the age of 79 at his home in Alamo, CA. Len was born in Berkeley, CA on December 16, 1933 to George, Sr and Rebekah Lyle (nee Ewing), and had two sisters, Kay and Ann, who have all preceded him in death.


A Boy Scout in his youth and a lifelong supporter of scouting, he achieved his Eagle Scout before grad-uating from Berkeley High School. He graduated from Dartmouth with an engineering degree (1956) and was in their Naval ROTC program. Len was very proud of having been a Lieutenant in the United States Navy, completing a two-year cruise in 1958.


Len then took a year off to travel in Europe, returning to the States to attend Stanford for his MBA (1961). Lorraine (Christophe), he celebrated these last 18 years of his life with her by his side. Len was a very inclusive man - the more family the merrier!


He has three children from his first marriage: Lee (Chelle) Neely, Ann (Rob) Smiley and Tom (Adrienne) Neely, as well as six bonus children from his marriage to Lorie: Don (Cathy) Christophe, Mike (Vickie) Chris-tophe, Carol (Fred) Finke, Gary Christophe, Tom (Lisa) Christophe and Diane (Willie) Gianni. He is also survived by 19 grandchildren and 8 great grand-children with two more on the way.


Memorial services will be held 11:00 am Monday, December 16, 2013 at Christ the King Catholic Church, 199 Brandon Rd., Pleasant HillIn lieu of flowers, charitable donations can be made in Len's memory to the Boy Scouts of America or the Blackhawk Auto Museum.

Published in San Jose Mercury News/San Mateo County Times on Dec. 2, 2013


George Leonard “Len” Neely, Jr

BIRTH16 Dec 1933

Berkeley, Alameda County, California, USA

DEATH23 Nov 2013 (aged 79)

Alamo, Contra Costa County, California, USA


MEMORIAL ID121096811 · View Source


I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Throughout her life, Louisa has painted and drawn thousands of works. For decades, Louisa has worked as both a studio painter and a plein air painter, and always carries supplies when traveling with husband Dave. In addition, Louisa has been producingEarthviews, painted from sketches drawn while staring out of airplane windows, and Earthvisions, 'abstractions' inspired by earth's infinite splendor as seen from above.

2.  Frederick Alan Fielder

Frederick Alan Fielder was born on October 23, 1912, in Fort Worth, Texas, his father, Hammett, was 38 and his mother, Emma, was 24. He had two brothers and one sister. He died on Dec-ember 30, 1999, in Green Valley, Arizona, at the age of 87, and was buried there.

Virginia A Robinson was born on January 29, 1913, in Sacramento, California, her father, Paul, was 28, and her mother, Julia, was 27. She married Frederick Alan Fielder. She died on November 2, 1997, in Green Valley, Arizona, at the age of 84, and was buried there.

Rocky Mountain News, CO, Tuesday, November 11, 1997
VIRGINIA ROBINSON FIELDER, 84, formerly of Cherry Hills Village, died Nov. 2 in Arizona. Services were Nov. 6.

Mrs. Fielder was born in Sacramento, Calif., on Jan. 29, 1913. She married Frederick Fielder, 1935.

Survivors include daughters,  Carolyn Stevens and Sharon Woods of Arizona; son Frederick Jr. of Cherry Hills Village; nine grandchildren; a great-grandson.

1.  Carolyn Robinson Fielder
2.  Frederick Alan Fielder Jr.
3.  Sharon Fielder

1.  Carolyn Robinson Fielder

Carolyn Fielder was born in 1939 in District of Columbia, her father, Frederick, was 27, and her mother, Virginia, was 26. She has one brother and one sister.

WILMETTE, Ill., April 18—Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Fielder, formerly of Rye, N. Y., have announeed the engagement of their daughter, Miss Carolyn Robinson Fielder, to William Frederic Stevens 2d of Detroit, son of Mrs. Robert C. Winter of Grosse Pointe, Mich., and the late Frederic J. Stevens.

Miss Fielder was graduated from Pine Manor Junior College in Wellesley, Mass., and the Katharine Gibbs School in New York. ‘ She was presented at the Westchester Country Club Debutante Cotillion in 1957.

Miss Fielder is a granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Paul T. Robinson of . Berkeley, Calif., and the late Mr. and Mrs. Hammett H. Fielder of San Antonio. Tex.

Mr. Stevens was graduated from St. Marks School in Southboro, Mass., and attended Brown University and Wayne State University in Detroit.

He is a grandson of Mrs. William W. Blunt of Grosse Pointe and the late Mr. Blunt and of the late Mr. and Mrs. William F. Stevens of Detroit.

2.  Frederick Alan Fielder Jr.


Frederick Alan Fielder Jr. was born on December 6, 1941, his father, Frederick, was 29 and his mother, Virginia, was 28. He lived in Denver, Colorado, in 1973 and moved to Englewood, Colorado, sometime between 1973 and 1996. He was married to Barbara.  He has two sisters.

3.  Sharon Pauline Fielder


Sharon Pauline Fielder was born, the daughter of Virginia and Frederick. She married Richard J. Woods on April 15, 1967 in Denver, Colorado. She has one brother and one sister.

Richard James Woods was born on October 5, 1939, the son of Donald Peter Woods and Helen Tucker. He practices law in Phoenix, Arizona. i

donald peter woods.jpg
helen cecilia tucker woods.jpg

               Richard James Woods' Parents:

Donald Peter Woods and Helen Cecilia Tucker


Sharon and Richard had four children:

1.  Lisa Fielder Woods

2.  Richard James Woods Jr.

3.  John Frederick Woods

4.  Douglas Michael Woods

3.  John Thomas Fielder

John Thomas Fielder was born on July 13, 1919, in Austin, Texas, his father, Hammett, was 44 and his mother, Emma, was 31. He married Mary Elizabeth Holland on June 20, 1949, in District of Columbia. He died on November 11, 2004, in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the age of 85, and was buried there.

Mary Elizabeth Holland was born on September 2, 1924, in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She married John Thomas Fielder on June 20, 1949, in District of Columbia. She died on May 26, 2009, in Charlotte, North Carolina, at the age of 84, and was buried there.

John Thomas Fielder, 85, resident of Cypress Club of Charlotte, died at home on November 11, 2004.

He was born in Austin, Texas July 13, 1919, the son of the late Hammett Fielder and Emmie Lou Monagham.

Upon completion of his education at Benjamin Franklin University and George Washington University, he served as a Naval aviator in World War II in the Pacific with the rank of Lieutenant.

His extensive retail business career included positions with J. B. Ivey and Company, Ivey Properties, Marshall Field and Company, Julius Garfinckel, Brooks Brothers, and DePinna Company. He is credited as one of the developers of SouthPark Mall.

John Fielder is known for his active leadership in Greater Charlotte civic and cultural activities. His honors include Doctor of Humane Letters, Johnson C. Smith (1982) and Honorary Life Member of U.S. Tennis Association.

He is survived by his wife, Betsy Fielder; sons, John Fielder, Jr., Bill Fielder, Jim Fielder; daughter, Holly Fielder; and five grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 4:00 PM on Saturday, November 13, 2004 at St. John's Episcopal Church, 1623 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC. The family will receive friends immediately after the ceremony.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to St. John's Episcopal Church or the Humane Society of Charlotte, 2700 Toomey Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203. Harry and Bryant Company is serving the family of John T. Fielder.

As published in Charlotte Observer, The (NC) - Friday, November 12, 2004

Mary Elizabeth Holland Fielder 'Betsy' , of Charlotte, was born September 2, 1924 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She passed away Wednesday, May 27, 2009. She was the daughter of Townsend Stanley Holland and Anne Brown, and was married on June 20, 1949 to John Thomas Fielder. She was the devoted mother of four children, John Fielder, Jr. of Silver-thorne, Colorado, William H. Fielder of Atlanta, Georgia, James H. Fielder of Dunwoody, Georgia, and Elizabeth H. Fielder of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also survived by five grandchildren, and two brothers, T. Stanley Holland, Jr. and Griffin B. Holland, both of Washington, DC.


Mrs. Fielder, a resident of Charlotte since 1960, was a member of St. John's Episcopal Church, a member of Mint Museum Auxiliary and served as a volunteer tutor at Charlotte Country Day School. Mrs. Fielder is remembered by friends for her love of family, tennis, golf and her gardens. She is noted for her annual tomato crop shared generously with neighbors and friends. A memorial service will be held at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 30th in the Chapel of St. John's Episcopal Church.


The family will receive friends following in the Parish Hall of the Church. Memorials may be sent to St. John's Episcopal Church, 1623 Carmel Road, Charlotte, NC 28226 and the Humane Society of Charlotte, 2700 Toomey Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28203.

As published in Charlotte Observer, The (NC) - Friday, May 29, 2009


John and Betsy had four children:

1.  John Thomas Fielder Jr.

2.  William Hammett Fielder

3.  James H. Fielder

4.  Elizabeth Holland Fielder

4.  George Hammett Fielder

George Hammett Fielder was born on April 28, 1921, in Waco, Texas, his father, Hammett, was 46 and his mother, Emma, was 33. He had two brothers and one sister. He died on September 21, 2003, in Green Valley, Arizona, at the age of 82.

4.  Lady Floss Myrtle Fielder

Lady Floss Myrtle FIELDER was born on January 14, 1877, in Carrizo Springs, Texas, her father, CORTEZ, was 33, and her mother, Sarah, was 31. She married William Thomas McCutcheon in 1895 in Williamson, Texas. They had one child during their marriage. She died on August 7, 1967, in Hutto, Texas, at the age of 90, and was buried there.

William Thomas McCutcheon was born on April 7, 1871, in Hutto, Texas, his father, Joseph, was 24 and his mother, Annie, was 21. He married Lady Floss Myrtle FIELDER in 1895 in Williamson, Texas. They had one child during their marriage. He died on April 8, 1957, in Taylor, Texas, at the age of 86, and was buried in his hometown.


Graveside services will be held at 3 pm Thursday in the Garden of Memories for Mrs Roberta Bean Andrews, 58, who died in Mountain View, California September 20. Rev M.M. Bond will officiate with arrangements under the direction of Kerrville Funeral Home.

She is survived by one daughter, Gail Camille Andrews; one sister, Mamie Bean Davis and several nieces and nephews.

Kerrville Mountain Sun
23 September 1970

William T. and Lady had one son: 
Leslie Herman McCutcheon

Leslie Herman McCutcheon was born on August 27, 1905, in Texas, his father, William, was 34 and his mother, Lady, was 28. He was married three times. His first wife was Roberta Reynolds Bean - married in El Paso in 1937.  By 1952 they had split up as she married secondly on January 31, 1952 in Tokyo, Japan to Leroy Anthony Andrews. Leslie married the second,  Olivia He married secondly Olivia Benaz on August 27, 1954 in Kaufman, Texas.  On July 22, 1969 he married for the third time Sue Cox in Tarrant County, Texas. He died on September 9, 1978, in Fort Worth, Texas, at the age of 73, and was buried in Hutto, Texas.


Leslie Herman McCutcheon

BIRTH27 Aug 1905

DEATH9 Sep 1978 (aged 73)


Hutto City Cemetery

Hutto, Williamson County, Texas, USA

MEMORIAL ID14896938 · View Source





William Thomas McCutcheon and his brother Joh R. McCutc-heon married sisters, Lady Floss Fielder and Honora Fielder.  The McCutcheon brothers wre the sons of Joseph Thomas Mc-Cutcheon, he being the son of William McCutcheon (below) 

The Houston Daily Post (Houston, Tex.), Vol. XVIth Year, No. 37, Ed. 1, Friday, May 11, 1900   page 5


WILLIAM McCUTCHEON DEAD.He was One of the Pioneers of Williamson County.Hutto, Texas, May 10- Few deaths have occurred in Williamson County that will be more greatly lamented than that of Mr. William McCutcheon, which occurred at the home of his son, Mr. Jesse McCutcheon. Monday evening, May 7, 1900, at 7:55 p. m. He had reached the advanced age of 87 years and 4 months, and after a lingering illness in 1899 recovered so much that hope held out the thought that he might yet be spared a few years, but it was as the fitting halo that precedes the sunset and the going out of his life was as peaceful and calm as the setting of the sun in a clear sky.The deceased was a native of Tennessee, but moving to Texas at the early age of 13 he lived through the turbulent times when Texas was a Republic and on through the fearful days of pioneer citizenship that tried men's souls. Mr. McCutcheon was one of the few remaining pioneers who fought in the Black Hawk war under Captain Bean.

The stirring events of the many years of pioneer life was calculated to bring out the stern and just qualities of a naturally kind heart. His wife was a Miss Jane E. Harrell,(Elizabeth Jane Harrell) and endured with him the privations usual to an early life in Texas. His aged wife survives him, and to them were born twelve children of whom there are living Willis, at Victoria; J. A. , John, J. T., George of Hutto, James and Beauregard of Alpine, and three daughters, Mrs. Fanny Evans and Mrs Bettie Swindall (Elizabeth Alzada Swindoll) and Mrs. Sally Highsmith of this place.Mr. McCutcheon was a member of the Methodist church and also a Mason.


Mr. McCutcheon was a good man, loved and honored by all who knew him; his sympathetic heart was ever open to the appeal of the distressed. He was a great husband, indulgent father and a kind, thoughtful friend, and to his large family of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren the sympathy of this entire community goes and with them we bow in humble submission. "Thy will be done." And may time --age their sorrow and blend it into a sweet and tender memory of this dear old man.He was interred in the Shiloh Cemetery by the Masons, many visiting Masons from Round Rock and Taylor attending.

.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


~William McCutcheon was born in Davidson County, Tennessee on December 25, 1812. His parents were William and Catherine Cynthia Overton Avery McCutcheon. Son William came to Texas with his older half-brother Willis Avery in 1832 and the following year his mother, Catherine (Overton), her third husband Gordon C. Jennings and their four children joined William and Willis. William met and married Elizabeth Jane Harrell in 1835. Elizabeth was the daughter of Jesse Harrell and niece of Jacob Harrell, who was her guardian after the death of her parents. Jacob Harrell came to Texas in 1834 and lived in Travis and Williamson Counties.William and Elizabeth were the parents of 13 children, Willis, Mary Jane, John "Jack", Jesse Anderson, Sarah, Joseph Thomas, George Aubrey, William Franklin, FannieEllen, Elizabeth Alzada, James Walter, Beauregard, and Jefferson Davis. William, his wife, Elizabeth Jane, and six of their children, John, Jesse Anderson, Joseph Thomas, George, Fannie E., and Jeff, are buried in the cemetery.


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