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The Gill -Weaver - Garlington family were an extended family group that traveled and set up a household together on their trek to Brazil.
They were part of the "New Texas" group headed by Frank McMullen
They only stayed in Brazil a short time and would make their way back to Tecas
Members of the Group  Nov. 1867 - (Brazil)
1.  "Parson" Othniel Weaver                            72                            Patriarch
2.  Rebecca A. Weaver                                        20                            Daughter of Othniel   
3.  Daniel Weaver                                                 19                            Son of Othniel
4.  Riley Weaver                                                    17                            Nephew of Othniel ?
5.  Mrs. Sarah Garlington                                  35                           Daughter of Othniel
6.  Allen Garlington                                             13                            Son of Sarah
7.  William A. Gill                                                 24
8.  Fannie R. Garlington Gill                            17                            Daughter of Sarah
9.  William A. "Willie" Gill                                2 Months
10. Charlie Tillman Gill (Infant) Born & Died in Brazil - 1867
Heading 6
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