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Shadrick Sapp, Revolutionary Soldier (NSSAR # 144868)b. ca: 1758, d. ca:1839 in Tattnall Co. Ga., is the earliest proven ancestor of the Sapps who settled in Columbia and Alacuha Co.,Fl in the early 1830's.
The names Shadrick, Shadrack, Shadrach Sapp appear as a result of military records created during the Revolutionary War in South Carolina and Georgia.There are records in the South Carolina Archives showing that Shadrack Sapp served under Capt. John Hampton from 13 Feb. 1779 to 6 March 1779.On 19 Nov. 1782 Shedrick Sapp along with other men from Burke Co. Ga. were recorded as having engaged the British at Briar Creek Bridge in Burke Co. Ga.In the book Revolutionary War Graves Register, by Clovis H. Brakebill, Pres. Gen. NSSAR, Shadrick Sapp is listed as being born about 1758 and died 1839 in Tattnall Co. Ga.I'm still searching for documentation of these dates and any additional information on Shadrick Sapp, RS.Not knowing the birth place for lack of evidence, I only hope to tie this Shadrick with the Meshack and Abednigo Sapp found in New Jersey and Pennsylvania in 1793.

Shadrick Sapp, Jr., was born about 1793,1 most likely in Burke Co. Ga. near Waynesboro, Ga., the son of Shadrick Sapp, Rev. Soldier.The first official record of him is found on an 1816 land record in Tattnall Co. Ga.2 as a chain carrier for his father, Shadrick Sapp, Sr, Rev. Sol.His mothers name is not known.He lived and farmed in Tattnall Co. Ga. until 1832 when he moved his family to Columbia Co. Fl., following the sale of his Tattnall Co. Ga. property to a John Sapp, (relationship unknown).3       In Columbia Co. Florida he settled on a plat of land6 about 5 miles north of Alligator, now Lake City.Family tradition relates that he had a grist-mill operation on the Falling Creek site.A more likely and practical site for a grist mill is found no where else in the state.This site was just south of the major falls in what is commonly known as Falling Creek.The falls are located just north east of the intersection of 441 and I-10 on county road 131on Shadrick Sapp, Jr's former property.Shadrick Sapp, Jr. returned to Tattnall Co. in 18397 and sold the land on Cedar Creek, he helped survey in 1816 with his father, to Joseph Tillman.This deed was recorded in 1915 in Tattnall Co. Ga. By the heirs of Joseph Tillman.The deed mentions, "Shadrick Sapp of the Territory of Florida".

Shadrick Sapp, Jr. lived on the Columbia Co. farm until 1855 when a deed was written8 and the lands sold to Abram Rivers.On one 1838 Columbia Co. voters roll this farm was called, Sapp's Precinct, as it was later when it was used a precinct for Florida Statehood voters.9It is interesting to note that the 1855 Rivers deed was not recorded in the Columbia County deed book until 1919.Had it been recorded in the 1850's this record would have been destroyed by a fire in the Columbia Co. Courthouse in the 1870's.Fate had again preserved a critical record of Shadricks life.

His other farm was about 8 miles south of Lake City and north of Ellaville. on US 441 and Lutheran Church Rd.10It was here that Capt. P.B.H. Dudley and the Confederate Troops from Alachua Co. stopped as they left the county for the war.11Shadrick Jr. was a member of Salem Baptist Church in Columbia Co. Fl. and also associated with the meetings at Providence Baptist Church in Providence, Columbia Co. Fl. to which John Sapp (relationship unknown) was a member.12

Shadrick Sapp, Jr. first paid taxes in Alachua Co. Fl in 1856.13It was about this time that he moved again.This time to the area south and east of Newberry, Florida and about 4 miles north of Archer, but east of what was known as Half Moon.14He and his grown sons worked the farms.
It is to be noted that 5 of the six sons were Confederate Soldiers during the Civil War and survived the war.Henry H. was shot in the leg at Resaca, Ga. late in the war.Russell was captured at Missionary Ridge, imprisoned, but was exchanged.Elias had a horse killed while riding into battle.Shadricks sons returned from the war to a devastated South, became farmers like their father and rebuilt their lives.

Sometime during the Civil War,Shadrick Sapp moved one last time. He settled on a small farm in Hillsbourgh Co. near the village of Turkey Creek in east Hillsbourgh Co.15By 1870 Nancy Anna had died and no record has been found of her passing.Shadrick lived with the two spinster daughters, Elizabeth and Zilpha, the youngest son Rowan, and twin McKinney nephews.

Shadricks name was dropped from the Tax rolls of Hillsbourgh Co. Fl in 1873.His application for a pension for service in the War of 1812 was rejected 16, May 1872 due to "Abandoned, Letter to Attorney". 16

At the age of thirty one, Shadrick Sapp, Jr. had married Nancy Anna Parker (thought to be the daughter of Elisha Parker) in Tattnall Co. Ga., 26 Feb, 1823.4They had 11 known children5:Elisha, born Nov. 22, 1823; Elizabeth born Aug. 11, 1826; Zilpha, born Nov. 18, 1828; Nancy Abigail, born Apr. 25, 1832.These first four children were born in Tattnall Co. GA.
The following children were born in Columbia Co. Fl.:
Shadrick 3rd, born Jan. 18, 1835; Russell, born Feb. 5, 1838; Henry H. born May 11, 1840;Elias born Dec. 15, 1842;Rowan, born Jun 17, 1846; Martha Ann Francis, born May 6, 1847 and Sidney Katharine, born Dec. 13, 1851.

According to family tradition the eldest son Elisha, was murdered prior to the Civil War by a business partner.No record is known to exist of a marriage of Elisha Sapp.

The oldest daughter Elizabeth, never married and stayed with her father until 1870 in Hillsbourgh Co. Fl.Zilpha remained single until after the death of Shadrick Jr.Some records indicate she may have married a Sanchez in Hillsbourgh or Hernando Co. Fl.Nothing else is known of the prior named daughters.

Nancy Abigail married Richard Wynn in Alachua Co. Fl.17They had four children: Sally, Abigail, Set and Edgar Richard.Richard and Nancy lived Turkey Creek in Hillsbourgh Co. near the older Shadrick Sapp.Abigail married Frank Woods and moved to Ga.Edgar Richard their only son, married Evy Fussell.

Shadrick III and Henry H. his brother married sisters, Elizabeth Jane and Mary Jane Holder, daughters of Daniel P. Holder.
Daniel P. Holder died at Chattanooga Tn. during the Civil War.18
                                    Daniel P. Holder was born in NC. 1800-1812?, and lived in Dooly
                                    Co. Ga. for some time in the 1830's-50's. Then moved his family to Alachua
                                    Co./Levy Co., Florida Ca: 1850+. His daughter Elizabeth Jane Holder,
                                    Married  Shadrick Sapp in Alachua Co. Fl. in 1866. His other
                                    Daughter Mary Jane Sapp m. Henry Harrison Sapp, his brother.
                                    Daniel P. Holder died in the CSA army of disease in Chattanoga Tn. He is
                                    most likely buried in the Confederate Cemetery there. Grave unmarkd.
                                    It is common knowledge from  Henry Mitchell Sapp, Elizabeth
                                    and Shadricks son, that Daniels middle name was "Pollie". It is
                                    written POLLY on other documents. A grandson of Daniel Pollie Holder who
                                    recently died was named Pollie Holder.
                                   At the time Daniel Holder lived in Ga. he was married to Winifred (unknown
                                   maiden name) Holder. In addition to the two daughters he had sons named
                                   William Daniel Holder and Daniel William Holder. They were twins. William
                                   was nicknamed "Dan" and Dan was nicknamed "Bill". 

Shadrick III and Elizabeth had eight children: Elisha, Henry Mitchell,
Lawrence, Alice Sapp Carraway, Issac Daniel, Laura Sapp Griffin, George and Jane.  Shadrick Sapp III lived in Alachua Co. for the rest of his life. Shadrick III and Elizabeth are buried in Jennings Lake Cem. in Gilchrist Co. Fl.This is the line from which my father James H. Sapp is from.He is the son of Henry Mitchell and Mary Linnie Griffin, daughter of Thomas M. Griffin.

Henry Mitchell Sapp was born 12 Feb, 1868 in Alachua Co. near Newberry, Florida.Henry Mitchell married Mary Linnie Griffin 5 Dec. 1895 in Alachua, Co.There were three children: Thomas Leslie Sapp, b. 5 May 1897, Alachua Co. Fl.; James Henry Sapp, b. 2 Oct, 1907, at Wilcox, now Gilchrist Co. Fl. and Florice Sapp, b. 11 Oct. 1909.Henry Mitchell Sapp was a farmer as a young man who after the death of Mary Linnie Sapp in 1917 worked as a blacksmith and mining equipment mechanic.He also helped build some of the railroads in north Florida and south Georgia.Served as a Special Deputy in the Alachua Co. area as needed.At one time he operated an early movie theater in Williston, Fl.

Russell Sapp married Caroline McKinney.Russell and Caroline had five children: Nancy Sapp Morey, Benjamin, Laura Sapp Rucker, Ida Sapp Yates and Fannie Sapp Yates.Russell is buried in Trilacoochee, Fl.

Elias Sapp married Louisiana Geiger and lived east of Newberry in Alachua Co.They had three children: Samuel Sapp, Annie Sapp Brown and Mammie Sapp Long.Elias and Louisiana are buried in Jonesville Baptist Cemetery, Newberry, Fl.

Rowan Sapp married Harriet Brown and had one daughter, Ella.Ella died with no issue.Rowan lived in Pasco and Sumter Co. Fl., and died near Lakeland, Fl.

Martha Ann Francis may have died young or married early.She could have married a Newberry as I have one statement from a Martha AnnNewberry who stated that she knew Shadrick Sapp III all her life.

Sidney Katherine Sapp married Jim McKinney and had one son, Jim.She lived near Wester and Trilicoochee in Pasco and Hernando co. Fl.

Although there is no known birth or death dates for Shadrick Sapp, when all the census records are examined, it was shown clearly that his birth year was always 1793 with the later ones stating he was born in Georgia.He is most likely buried in an unmarked grave in the Turkey Creek Cemetery as that is near his farm and some of his grandchildren are buried there.It is also a Baptist church site.

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U.S., Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles, 1861-1865

Name:Shadrack Sapp

Residence:Camp Lee, Florida

Age at Enlistment:24

Enlistment Date:20 Mar 1862

Rank at enlistment:Private

Enlistment Place:Camp Lee, Florida

State Served:Florida

Survived the War?:Yes

Service Record:Enlisted in Company C, Florida 7th Infantry Regiment on 20 Mar 1862.Mustered out on 17 Dec 1863 at Florida.

Birth Date:18 Jan 1838

Death Date:10 Apr 1915

Death Place:Alachua County, Florida

Sources:Soldiers of Florida in the ...Civil War...Biographical Rosters of Florida's Soldiers 1861-1865

Shadrach Sapp Birth 1758 Death 1839 Burial Area Cem, Tattnall Co, GA
Notes for Shadrach Sapp:
SERV: Soldier STATE: SC SOURCE: #21782 RWGR-IZ.GED 18 Dec 1997
PIN 55738
Reproduced from Revolutionary War Graves Register, Copyright
1993-1997, National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
(CD-ROM PP-9801)



Georgia Revolutionary War Soldiers and Sailors, Patriots and Pioneers
with birth and death dates. 
3, 700 Names

02/02/08 Copyrighted by the Georgia Society Sons of the American Revolution
used with permission.

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