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The Three Last Confederates in Santarem, Para, Brazil  (1940)

The two ladies pictured are Sarah “Sallie” Vaughan (Left)  and her sister, Martha “Mattie” Amelia Vaughan, (Right) both daughters of James H. Vaughan and Elizabeth Britt, originally of Wilson County, Tennessee. 

The gentleman in the middle is David Riker, born in Charleston, South Carolina


Sarah was married to Fountain Elliott Pitts, son of Dr. Josiah Britt and Martha E. Butt (Britt?)

Mattie was married to Joao Mechado

This was taken in front of the Baptist church in the city of Santarem, state of Para, Brazil.


The Jennings - Vaughan family was part of the Colony started by Lansford Hastings.  Hastings agents had procured sixxty leagues of land near Satarem,  Hastings' agents had procured sixty leagues of land near Santarem. , and on July 12, 1867 , a total of 109 colonists boarded the steamer Red Gauntlet bond for Brazil.  However, upon arrival at their first port of call, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, problems emerged when adequate money was not available to pay the crew.  According to one account, the United States  consul at St. Thomas refused to allow Red Gauntlet to continue, ordering the vessel sold to pay wages.  As a result, the colonists were stranded until Hastings made arrangements with the Brazilian government for transportation to the colony site at Santarem.  Although Hastings died died during this voyage or on a subsequent voyage, the colony remained in place, even though life there was condemned by some as being very harsh. In 1940 , however, one writer was able to locate three of the Hasting's immigrants (See above)


The Jennings Family

We will begin with Elizabeth Britt.  Elizabeth was the matriarch of the Jennings - Vaughan families in The Santarem, Brazil area.  She was married three times. 

Elizabeth first married John R. Wilson of whom we have no records.  This union produced no children.

Her second husband was George Clement Jennings, born January 11, 1821 in Wilson County Ten-nessee, by whom she had at least six children.  They were married November 1, 1843 in Wilson County. William Clement Jennings died in 1852 probably in Tennessee at the young age of 31.  During their nine years of marriage, they had four sons whose names were translated into Portuguese:


1.   Guilherme (William)) Jennings

2.  Jorge (George Clement) Jennings

3.  Fountain Jennings

4.  Diogo (James Baird) Jennings

1st child of  George Clement "Clem" Jennings & Elizabeth Britt  

1.                                                    Guilherme (William) Jennings

Guilherme (William), was the oldest son of Mrs. Eliza. He married in Santarem the daughter of a portuguese man named Lima, by the name of Maria Lima (nickname Mariquinha). William lived close to the shores of the Amazon River. His mother, the step father, and his youngest siblings went to visit him at one occasion and to stay with him. The boat where the family was traveling sunk and they lost all of their documents and possessions. Fortunately, at this exact moment, a canoe full of black slaves appeared. They were saved by these slaves, saving all from drowning. It is interesting to see the hand of destiny, for the southerners fled their country motivated by racial discrimination.  By Divine providence, slaves were the ones that saved them from certain death. Even little Hardieth was saved, when she was floating in the river wrapped in a blanket, the customary way the american mothers covered their babies. (According to one of the letters in possession of Mrs. Casey or Sue Howell the story is different).

Using some of his money, William built a shop to build steam boats, it was situated in the place where the Municipal Market in Santarem now sits. William was one of the first pioneers to use this art in the city. He did very well, accumulating a small fortune. He traveled to the United States many times because of his business. He had three steam boats: Perereca, Williams, and the Colony which regularly plowed the lower Amazon River.


William was a prominent businessman and an esteemed  member of the community of Santarem. In  1895, during the festivities of the Proclamation of the Republic, William was honored when the American Colony was honored by his presence. Mr. Jennings, responded to the honor that was bestowed upon him, and he gave a speech about the "liberty that he found in this new land and the one that he knew from his homeland, the violence and persecutions that brought pain in his soul, for in truth, he was one of its victims . . ." .

Eventually, Guilherme (William) moved back to the United States and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He built a factory for making razor blades (shaving) that got to be known worldwide as "Williams," named after him. After his death, his widow returned to Santarem. Their three children, Euclides, Zulmira, and

Arlindo, stayed in the United States with their families.  It is not known when Maria passed away

Children By William and Maria:

1.  Euclides

2.  Zulmira

3.  Arlindo

1.       Euclides (Euclid)  Jennings

Euclides was born in Santarém, Para, Brazil  about  1878 and died on April 20, 1934 in Brooklyn, Kings County, New York. At the age of eighteen he sailed on the Grangense from Manuas, Brazil with his parents and two younger siblings on October 15, 1894 with a stopover in Barbados.  He apparently was back and forth to Brazil as he married Bernadina Amorim in Brazil.  In 1906 we find him and his wife saling to New York aboard the Terrence along with their three year old son Armenio.  Euclid took in the children of his deceased younger sister, Zulmira whose husband had abandoned.  He sued in court for board and lodging in the amount of $2,120.  He died in Brooklyn on April 20, 1934 and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.  It is uncertain when his wife, Bernadia died or where she is buried.  Euclides and Bernadina look to have had four children:

1.  Armenio Jennings  - Brazil,  Born about 1903

     No further information.

2.  Albert Francis Jennings

     No further information

3.  Virginia Jennings - Brooklyn, New York, Born  on November 18 1906 and died on March 27, 1998   in Asheville, North Carolina.  She was married to Waldo W. Hart and by him had one son, William.  Virginia and Waldo were divorced prior to 1940.  She retired from the Naval Supply Center in Bayonne, New Jersey as a physical accounting clerk with over twenty years of service. She moved to  Asheville from Cape Cana-veral, where her sister lived, in 1984.  She was buried in   Brevard Memorial Park in Cocoa, Florida.


      1.  William W. Hart   married Pearl (         )  They had two children :  Daniel and Denise

4.  Helen Mary Jennings - Born  August 28, 1914 in Brooklyn, New York and died February 11, 1998   at  her home.  She was employed as a secretary for the govern-ment for many tears.  On October 18, 1947 she married Delbert Marion Pendergraft in Montgomery, Alabama.  He was retired from  the U.S. Air Force and had served in World War II.  Helen and Delbert were living in Cape Canaveral at the time of his death.  Helen had come to Brevard County, Florida in 1962.  Delbert  as born in Hollis, Oklahoma in 1920, the son of James Lee and Cora Viola Tucker Pendergraft.  He died at the age of 43 on December 18, 1962 and was buried at Florida Memorial Gardens.  Delbert and Helen would have four  children:

     1   Lee Pendergraft

     2.  Joan Pendergraft married to James E. Cromer

     3.  Marie Pendergraft married to Paul J. Kelly

     4.  Patricia Lynn Pendergraft

     After the death of Delbert, Helen would marry the second time  to Orin Knorr Goulding.  Orin was a widower, having lost his wife Eva Y. Pinette on October 5, 1967.  She died at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Mary-land and was buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Florence, South Carolina.  Orin died in 2008 and is buried next to his first wife, Eva up in Florence.  Helen and Orin had no children.  Helen died on February 11, 1998 at her home in Port St. John,   Florida and is buried at Florida Memorial Gardens next to her first husband, Delbert.

Helen Jennings Pendergraft Goulding Obit
Almir Chaves Court Case two.jpg
Virginia Jennings Hart  Obit  1998.jpg
D M Pendergraft  Obit 1962.jpg
D M Pendergraft  Obit 1962.jpg

2.              Zulmira Jennings

Zulmira was born on October 19, 1880 in Brazil and died at age 39 on July 3, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York.  She was buried in the Holy Cross Cemetery located in Brooklyn

In the 1910 Census and living in Brooklyn, Zulmira is listed as living with her father and her four children.  She is listed as married and her last name is stated as Chaves and and that her children were born in Brazil with the father being of Portuguese extraction.  No mention of him on the census.  Her mother is not listed on the census either  She was engaged in the export trade.  

Zulmira had five children by Elpido Chaves.   It does appear that Epidio deserted the family and upon Zulmira's early death in 1920, the children were raised by Euclide. There was a lawsuit against him for child support served in 1922. The first four children were born in Brazil, probably Manaus.  The last child, Lucy was born in New York. On August 13, 1907 Zulmira and her four children sailed aboard the USS Grangense from Brazil with a stopover in Barbados.  They arrived in New York on The 26th of August and apparently moved in with her father, William, as shown by the 1910 Fed-eral Census.

Children were:

1.  Zulmirina was born in Brazil November 3, 1898, and died December 31, 1918 • Brooklyn, Kings,w York.  She had married  Pedro Paulo De  Noronha on January 10, 1918 in Manhattan but was   deceased by the end of the year.  Pedro was born in Portugal Mar 17, 1894 and con-tinued to live  with his in-law family after his wife's death.

2. Almir was burn in Brazil  September 4, 1900    and died on  July 12, 1976 in Brooklyn, Kings County New York. On February 1, 1921, he married Giovianni (Jennie) Bongiorno the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bon-giorno of Flatbush.   She was the daughter of Italian immigrants and was born on Nov-ember 22, 1900 in New York . The best man was Almir's cousin, Armenio Jennings. Jennie died  young at age 35 on October 13, 1935 in  Brook-lyn and Almir died on July 7, 1976 also in Brook-lyn.  Almir and Jennie had three sons:

           1. Phillip

           2. Paul

           3. Richard.   Born 1922


3.  Lurlina Maria  -Born in Brazil on April 10, 1904 and died on March 7 1989.  On July 1, 1943, she became a naturalized citizen of the United States.  No further information

4.  Lila -Born in Brazil

No further information

5.  Lucy  -Born in New York

No further information


Holy Cross Cemetery

Brooklyn, Kings County (Brooklyn), New York, USA

Almir Chaves Court Case   1922.jpg
Almir Chaves  Obit  1976.jpg
Almir Chaves - Jennie Bongiorno Wedding

3.                                                         Arlindo Jennings

Arlindo was born about 1881 in Brazil.  Not much is known about him.  We do know that he traveled back and forth to Brazil on commercial business.

2nd child of  George Clement "Clem" Jennings & Elizabeth Britt  

2.                                               Jorge (George Clement) Jennings

George Clement Jennings, was born August 15, 1851 in Silver Springs, Wilson County, Tennessee and died in Santram, Para, Brazil.

He married one of the sisters of his sister-in-law (William's wife), Adriana Lima, in 1879. They had two children, a daughter, Almerinda  and a son, Adriano (Adrian). After awhile, George Clement became a widower, and later, he married the sister of his first wife, Antonia Lima. With his second wife he had four children: Raimundo (Raymond), Alvina,  Hilario (Hilariao means a big Hilario, this name is like Hillary but it is a man's name), and Consuelo( a girl). Raimundo and Hilariao are dead, but the two daughters, which are very old now, reside in Belem, Para (Belem is the capital of the state of Para, this state is right next to the Amazon state).

George Clement had two steam boats, "Chata" (which can mean flat or it can mean a woman that is boring, drags, etc.) and "Sereia" (which means a mermaid). When he was doing well financially, he purchased a boat from the USA which was big and comfortable. After the first trip, when it was transporting a shipment of rubber (latex), the boat got stuck and sunk. Fortunately, no one drowned, only the shipment and the boat were lost.

George Clement had inherited from his mother-in-law some land by the Amazon basin. His residence in Santarem was located at Benjamin Constant street.

All of the children of George Clement converted to the protestant religion after becoming adults, even though they were raised by their mothers to be Catholics.

Children By Adriana Lima

1.  Almerinda Jennings

2.  Adeiano (Adrian) Jennings

Children By Antonia Lima

1.  Raimundo (Raymond) Jennings

2.  Alvina

3   Hilario

4.  Consuelo

Jorge Jennings and Antonia (sitting) with unknown family? members



Children By Adriana Lima

1.  Almerinda Jennings

2.  Adeiano (Adrian) Jennings

Children By Antonia Lima

1.  Raimundo (Raymond) Jennings

2.  Alvina

3   Hilario

4.  Consuelo

3rd child of  George Clement "Clem" Jennings & Elizabeth Britt  

3.                                          Fountain Edward Pitts (Alfonso) Jennings

F.E.P Jennings was born in Wilson County, Tennessee May 10, 1846 and died  about 1900 in Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas.  On December 21, 1865 in Wilson County he married Mary Susan "Aunt Tup" Ellis, born March 18, 1848 in Wilson County. and died November 23, 1928 in Evanston, Cook County, Illinois 


It is unclear whether the entire Jennings - Vaughan family left Tennessee for Hill County Texas shortly after this marriage.  F.E.P and Mary Susan had their first son in Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas on January 28, 1867, just six months prior to the extended Jennings - Vaughn family going to Brazil. Hill County was a hotbed of emmigration with a contingent leaving to start the colony of "New Texas"  down near Sao Paulo.  F.E.P. was a religious man, being a circuit preacher. 


He and his family apparently did not much like Brazil as he stayed but a short time before returning to his homeland .  We find the family in Arkansas where his second son was born on April, 5, 1869.  He died prior to the 1900 Census supposedly in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The marriage of FEP Jennings and Mary Ellis (Jennings) produced 9 children: 

1.  Samuel Clemens Jennings

2.   James Elliot Jennings

3.   Ada Elizabeth(

4.   William A. Jennings

5.   Jesse Jerome Jennings 

6.   John Wesley Jennings 

7.   Fountain Richard Jennings 

8.   Marvin E. Jennings

9.   Benjamin Jennings 

John W. Jennings

Confederate Veteran

 - Volume 28 - Page 278 - 1920

Proud of His Father's Record. — John W. Jennings, of Chicago, Ill., in sending renewal of his subscription to the Veteran, writes:


Rev. Fountain Edward Pitts Jennings

Photo credit: This photo was taken at C.C. Giers National Portrait Gallery of          Nashville Tennessee.


Rev. Fountain Edward Pitts Jennings

Photo 2 (As a younger gent.)

Photo credit: This photo was taken at C.C. Giers National Portrait Gallery of          Nashville Tennessee.


1.   Samuel Clement Jennings

Samuel Clement Jennings was born 2 on January 28, 1867 in  Hillsboro, Hill County, Texas, and died on December 23 1952 in Forest Park, Cook County, Illinois.  No August 1, 1894 he married Louisa May de Clercg in Livingston, Illinois.  She was the daughter of Augustus Munro de Clercq and Anna Elizabeth Burdette and was born on June 6, 1872 in Peoria, Illinois. 

Samuel was President of the Columbia Bank Note Company as well a member of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago 1923-1936

Samuel and Louisa appeared to not have had any children.



24 Dec 1952

Chicago, Illinois

Augustus Munro de Clercq wasw born in Auburn, Cayoga County, New York on February 24 1850 and died at Bellevill, Peoria County, Illinois on November 8, 1884.  .  He was a Master Machinist.  On October 18 1871 in Peoria,  he married Anna Elizabeth Burdette, the daughter of Frederick Edwin Burdette and Sophia Enerhardt Jones.  She was born in 1851 in Cumminsville, Hamilton County, Ohio and died on December 6, 1924

 Augustus de Clercq                      Anna E. Burdette


2.                                                         James Elliot Jennings

James Elliot Jennings was born on April 5 ,1869 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas not long after his father had returned to the United States from Brazil.  He died on October 23, 1934 in Chicago, Illinois.  On October 31, 1894 James married Marie Louise "Mae" Demond.  She was born on December 24, 1877 in Paris, France.  He was 24 and she was 19.  They would have one son, Allen Ford Jennings, born on August 23, 1893  in Chicago.  In September of 1912, Mae and their son , Allen, went to Berlin where she decided that she would not come back to Chicago - desertion.  James filed for divorce.  No further information on her.


James would remarry  to Irene Zuber about 1916 sje being 25 years younger than him.  She was born on May 6, 1894 in Chicago, the daughter of Micheal H. Zuber and Caroline Reichert .  Irene died on  April 15, 1967 in South San Francisco, San Mateo County, California.

James had died in 1934 and would marry a second time to Lyle Johnson Mohr, and would reside in California where both are buried at Cypress Lawn Memorial Park, Colma, San Mateo County,  Cali-fornia.

James, in his early days, left Eureka Springs and lived in several cities for a short period before settling in Chicago.  He did well in Chicago getting into the real estate and banking business.  He developed the "Jennings Method', a new way of loan financing.  He crated a new bank in 1906 which was the first bank to stay open all night.  He became very wealthy, but unfortunately, he was better at real estate than at banking.It failed in 1907 and under a cloud of suspicion, he and his family quickly relocated to Los Angeles.  By 1920, he and his family were in Ft. Worth Texas where he was involved in the oil business,  and by  1930 he was  back in Chicago where he died in 1934 

James Elliot Jennings and Irene Zuber had one daughter, Lucille, born in 1917. 

The Book of Chicagoans: A Biographical Dictionary of Leading Living Men in the City of Chicago     Marquis, 1905 - Chicago (Ill) - 636 Pages

JENNINGS, JAMES ELLIOTT, Mortgage banker; born Washington County, Arkansas, in a little log cabin , April 5, 1869; son of F.E.P  and Mary (Ellis) Jennings; graduated Eureka Springs (Arkansas) High School; attended University of Arkansas, but left before graduation, 1887.  Married Chicago, October 31, 1891, Mae L DeMond; 1 son; Allen Ford. 


Was manager of Thayer Transfer Company, Kansas City, Missouri 1889-91; salesman Browning, King & Company, St. Louis, 1891-92; Humphrey and Company, St. Louis, 1892-93; connected with J. Grafton Parker & Company, in real estate and renting business, 1893-1894; established, 1894, firm of J. Elliott Jennings & Company and did general real estate, renting and loan business, until January 1 1900, when consolidated business with that of Royal Trust Company Bank, organizing the real estate loan department, which ran under contract until November 1, 1903; organized the Jennings Real estate Loan Company, with capital of $1.000,000, of he is president.


Republican, Presbyterian, Enthusiastic golfer and devotee of outdoor sports and exercises.  Owns 110 acre stock farm and country home at Delavan, Wisconsin.  Clubs: Evanston, Evanston Country, Evanston Golf.  Glen View Office:  ist National Bank Nuilding, Residence: 1612 Wesley Avenue, Evanston, Illinois.  






Child by James E. Jennings and Mae Demond:

j elliott jennings.jpg
j e jennings.jpg

James E. Jennings married secobdly Irene Zuber, the daughter of Michael H. Zuber and Caroline Reichert, both of Chicago.

Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois)  Mon. Aug 9, 1920   Page 19

ZUBER -- Michael H. Zuber at the age of 48 years 9 months, Aug.6, dearly beloved husband of Caroline Zuber, nee Reichert, fond father of Irene Zuber Jennings, Mildred and Jeannette Zuber.  Funeral Tuesday, Aug. 10, at 9 a.m. from his late residence, 2938 Lincoln Ave., to St. Alphonsus church; thence to St. Boniface cemetery.  Fort Worth, Tex., St.Louis, Mo., and LosAngerles, Cal., papers please copy.


Chicago Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) Mon. Apr 24, 1961  Page 31

Zuber --Caroline Zuber, formerly of 2938 Lincoln avenue, wife of the late Michael H. Zuber, beloved mother of Irene Jennings Mohr, Mildred Zuber and Jeannette Curtiss; fond grandmother of Lucille Jennings Raymond and Carol Curtiss Brufke; great grandmother of five.  Funeral from Zuber-Hallowell Funeral home, 2938 Lincoln avenue, Tuesday, 9:30 a.m. in St Alphonsus church.  Internment St. Boniface's GR 2-0461.  Los Angeles and San Francisco papers please copy.

The Times (San Mateo, California) Thu. May 18, 1961  Page 14

Lyle J. Mohr

San Francisco -- Lyle J. Mohr, 59, 375 Baden avenue, South San Francisco, died yesterday at Community hospital after an illness.

       A native ofSheffield, Iowa and a resident here 10 years.  Mohr for 23 years was a printing salesman for the Times-Mirror Press in Los Angeles.  He was a member of Francis Drake Lodge, No. 375, F&A.M. of South San Franciscoand Peninsula Bodies, Ancient and Accepted ScottishRite.

Surviving are his wife, Irene, and a stepdaughter, Mrs. Lucille Raymond of South San Francisco.

     Masonic funeral services will be held Friday at 2 p.m. from the Nauman and Lincoln chapel here.  Internmeny will be Cypress Lawn Memoria park, Coima,

1.   Allen Ford Jennings

         Allen was born on August 24, 1895 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and died on January           23, 1952 in Los Angeles, California.

         The Los Angeles Times - 25 Jan 1952 - Page 25

         Allen Ford Jennings, 56, an executive at the Federal reserve

         bank  here  since 1942, died  Wednesday  at Queen of Angels

         Hospital.  He will  be buried  at Inglewood  Park   Cemetery,

         following  funeral  services  at  11 a.m.  at  Edwards  Bros.

         Mortuary, 1000 Venice Blvd.

         Mr. Jennings, who leaves his mother, Mrs. Mary F. Jennings

         of  280  S. Witmer  St.,  came  to the  banking  field here from

         Phoenix.  There  he served  for several years as an official of

         the Valley National Bank.  He was born in Chicago and edu-

         cated in Berlin. He went into the U.S. Consular Service there,

         and became Vice-Consul at Havana, before he returned to the United States and                         entered into the banking business.


         For several years he had been head of the discount and credit department at the                         Federal reserve bank here.

2.   Lucille Caroline Jennings

         Lucille   Caroline   Jennings , the  only  child  of James  E. and

         Irene   Zuber  was   born  on  July  21,  1917   in   Chicago, Cook

         County, Illinois  and  died on May 28 2004  in South San Fran-

         cisco, Mateo County, California, shortly thereafter  relocating

        with  her parents to Ft. Worth, Texas  per the 1920 census. The 

         family  would  be  back  in Chicago  where  her   father died  in

         1934.  Her mother, Irene, remarried  there  in Chicago to Lyle

         Johnson  Mohr   and    the   family   moved   out   west  to    San  

         Mateo  County,  California.  Lucille   had  married   in  Chicago

         to George Dillenback Raymond on April 23, 1938 and  went to

        California with hermother and  new stepfather. George Dillen-

         back Raymond  was born in Chicago on  April 3, 1915, the  son

         of  George  A. Raymond  and  Dorothy Dillenbach.  He died  in

         South San Francisco, Mateo County on January 2, 1989.

Obituary:  Published 4:00 am PDT, Thursday, April 8, 2004

         RAYMOND, Lucille Carol -  Passed  away in peace  in her  sleep  at 12:50 pm  March  28,           2004 with family at her side. She was 86. She was born in Chicago, IL, on July 21, 1917.           Lucille was a rare individual blessed  with beauty, intelligence   and a playful sense of            humor. She was eternally young. She was .wonderful company. She was a great friend          and loved by those who spent any time with her. Her honesty and wit often got her into           trouble. However, if you  were  at the  receiving end   of one of her barbs, hopefully you           learned something from the  experience. She survived the  death  of  her only  daughter,           Nancy, with  grace  and  dignity. She  was  th e beloved  wife of her one  and only  love,            George D. Raymond. "I had the best, you can keep the rest." She is survived by her two            sons, George J. Raymond his wife, Sharon and her son, Matt Maresca and his wife, Jill;          and  Michael J.  Raymond and  his  wife Sandra. She had  three  adored  grandchildren,           George T. Raymond, Jennifer A. Cray and   her husband Daniel and   Jerrod  Beam and           his   wife April. She enjoyed  three     much-loved  great-grandchildren, Ciara Cray, and           Alexandria and  Aiden  Beam.  She  will  also  be  greatly  missed  by  her  cousin,  Carol           Bruffke and her husband, Ed and their family. She was an avid bridge player and will             be missed by her many friends.


Lucille and George had three children:

           1.  George Jennings Raymond

                     George Jennings Raymond was born on March 4, 1942 in California

                      The Times (San Mateo, California)  12 May 1964, Tue  Page 13   

                     Trefcer - Raymond

                          Mr. and  Mrs. Robert J.  Tefces of  Burlingame

                      announce  the  engagement  of  their   daughter,

                     Patricia  Ann,  to  George  Jennings  Raymond,

                     son of Mr. and Mrs.George D. Raymond of South

                     San Francisco.  The couple plans to wed early in 

                     1965 at Our Lady of Angels Church in Burlingame.     

                          Patricia attended  Mercy  High  School and the

                     College of San Mateo.  She  is the sister of Robert,

                     Joanne and  Thomas  Trefcer and the niece of Mr.

                     and Mrs. George  Tefcer of Sebastipol.

                          George is the brother of  Michael and Nancy

                     Raymond and the grandson of Mrs.  L.J. Mohr of South San Francisco.  He                                     studied at Sierra High School and  City  College of San Francisco  and will be                                 discharged in August from the Navy. .

                       No further information

           2.  Michael Jennings Raymond

                      Michael Jennings Raymond was born around 1943 in California.

                     The Times (San Mateo, California)  Thu, Jan. 6, 1963  Page 39

                     MICHAEL J.RAYMOND

                           YAKIMA, WASH.  --  Army  PFC  Michael  J.  Raymond,  20,

                      son of  Mr. and Mrs. George D. Raymond, 724 Haven Avenue,

                      South  San  Francisco , participated  with  other  members  of

                     the Fourth Infantry division in Exercise Coulee Crest, a 15-day

                     U. S.  Army-Air Force  operation  which  ended late last month.

                     He is a 1961 graduate of South San Francisco High School.

                     No further information

           3.  Nancy Irene Raymond

                     Nancy Irene Raymond  was born on Febuary 28, 1951 in San

                     Francisco, California and died on April 1, 1997 in San Mateo,

                     California.  She was married twice; first to a Mr. Gomes and

                     secondly to a Mr. Toomey

                      No futher information.                   

Allen Ford Jennings.jpg

Child by James E. Jennings and Irene Zuber

G J Raymond.jpg
Nancy irene Raymond.jpg
Michael J Raymond.jpg

3.   Ada Elizabeth Jennings


Ada was born on October 2 1870 in Eureka Springs Arkansas.  She was married twice, with her first husband being  Herman Wanderer.  He was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on October 1, 1863, being the son of German immigrants.Herman worked for many years at the judson Grocery Company before retiring and was also a cabinet maker.. Ada and Herman were married in 1902.  He died on June 11, 1934 from complications of gangrene of the foot and and was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Herman and Ada had one child, a son, William Herman Wanderer. 

At the age of 65,


Ada married  second time in Grand Rapids to James Milne Shirras, age 75,  on April 24, 1936.  He was born on June 24, 1860 in Strichen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  James was a widower, his wife,  Myra E. Woodman having died in 1932.  James and Myra had one child, a girl, Ruth - born in 1912.

Ada died just four years later on September 16,  1940 and was buried with her first husband at Woodlawn Cemetery. Ada and Herman are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  James would live until 1951, passing away on July 8 in Grand Rapids and being buried in Marne Cemetery, Marne, Ottawa County, Michigan where his first wife, Myra,  was buried,

Ada and Herman had one son:

William Herman Wanderer

William was born on June 14, 1903 in Jennings, Michigan and died March 28, 2002 in Redland, Wayne County, Michigan. 

On December 26, 1927 he married Mary Elizabeth Kemper, they were divorced on July 10, 1934

On December 15, 1934 he married  Luciel M. Kemper, they were divorced on April 10, 1947. 


On April 12, 1955  he married Olive Florence Selke in Pontiac, Michigan Olive was born on July 28, 1907 in Palms, Sanilac County, Michigan and died on  2009 in Brighton, Livingston, Michigan.

He was a design engineer for the Ethyl Corp and lived until the age of 98.  He and Olive are both buried at Glen Eden Memorial Park in Livonia,  Michigan.


Olive was a widow, her first husband , Manley Stringer, had died in 1948 in Detroit..They were married on July 1, 1929 in Lucas, Ohio.  She was the daughter of Ferd-inand and Mable Selke, Mrs. Wanderer taught 4th and 5th grade for over 30 years at Pere Gabriel Richard School in Gross Pointe Farms.

No children are mentioned


Myra & James Shirras


Bangor, Michigan, USA

Passport photo for James & Myra when they travelled to Glasgow, England in 1924 to attend the Sudnay School convention, British Empire Exposition.

Mary E Kemper.jpg

Mary E Kemper          Luciel M Jennings             Olive F Selke

4.                                            William Alexander Jennings


William A. Jennings was born on January 24, 1872 in Prairie Grove, Washington County, Arkansas.Per the 1880 Census , the family was living at Goshen, Washington County. By 1900 the family was living in Chicago, his father, F.E. P. Jennings having died that year.  By this time, William had already established himself as a lawyer - still living at home.  On June 27, 1907 he married Olive Louise Nordstrom in Chicago, who was twenty at that time.  She was the daughter of Charles Nordstrom of Madison, Wisconsin and was born on March 18, 1888.    No Further Information.

W A Jenningd.jpg
Olive Nordstrom.jpg

5.                                                    Jesse Jerome Jennings

Jesse Jerome Jennings was born  on December 16, 1875 in Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas and died  on September 23,  1958 in Winter Haven,  Orange County, Florida.  Jerome married Alma C. Green, the widow of a Mr. Genders,  on Apil 14, 1907 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois.   Jesse was, in his later life in Florida, nvolved in industrial real estate while Alma was a retired school teacher. 









                The Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, Florida)                        The Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, Florida)

​                                  24 Sep 1958, Wed                                                                               01 May 1965, Sat

JJ Jennings.jpg
Alma c Green.jpg

6.                                                     John Wesley Jennings


John Wesley Jennings was born near Fayetteville, Washington County, Arkansas on Octiber 14, 1877 and died on November 17 1950 in Eureka Springs, Carroll County, Arkansas.  He is buried at 100F Cemetery, also located in Eureka Springs.  John’s father had died prior to the 1900 Census as we find his mother and some siblings already in Chicago.  John was in St. Louis By 1907 where he married Naomi Caroline Hafeli on June 6, 1907 at the Hamilton Hotel.

Caroline was born on July 16, 1885, the daughter of Rudolph Samuel Hafeli and Louisa Jane Goodrich.  Rudolph was a Swiss immigrant born on November 3, 1850 in Seengen, Canton Aargau, Switzerland.  He married Louisa Jane “Jennie” Goodrich on May 30, 1878 in Jackson, Madison County, Tennessee.  He would pass away on January 16, 1886 in Yokena, Warren County, Mississippi and was buried back in Jackson at Riverside Cemetery.  He was a member of the Knight’s Templar.

Caroline’s mother would remarry to Norburn Devatur Wiggins in Tennessee.  The Wiggins family would relocate to St. Louis.  Norburn was a Superintendent of Railroads and would pass away back in Jackson, Tennessee where he is buried at Riverside Cemetry.  He was a veteran of the Civil War and his widow collected a CSA pension.  After his death, his widow would move on down to Osceola County Florida.

Florida Confederate Veterans and Widows

Pension Applications, 1885-1955
Name Norburn Decater Wiggins
(Enlisted under the name of Norman Wiggins

17 April 1864, Tennessee Light Artillery,

Camp Tobias, Halls Mills, Alabama. Discharged

10 May 1865 in Meridian, Mississippi due to

the surrender of Lt. General R. Taylor, CSA)
Event Type Military Service
Event Date 1937
Event Place (Filed) Kissimmee, Osceola, Florida
Event Place Kissimmee, Osceola
Spouse's Name Jane Hafeli Wiggins


































John Wesley Jennings would pass away back in Arkansas, Eureka Springs, on Nov 17, 1950 and his widow, Caroline, would find her way to Florida where she died on July 2, 1958

John and Caroline would have two sons:

1.  John "Jack" Goodrich Jennings

2.  Robert Woodrow Jennings

wiggins 1.jpg
wiggins 3.jpg

Semi-Weekly West Tennessee Whig 

(Jackson, Tennessee)

20 Jan 1886, Wed    Page 4



     The following particulars of the shocking death of Mr. Rudolph Hafeli whose family resides in this city, are taken from last Sunday's Vicksburg  (Mississippi) Commercial Herald.

     The regular South bound freight train due to leave this city Friday, night at about 9 o'clock on the L.N. O. & T railroad reached Yokena station about 11 o'clock.  It was drawn by engine No. 51.  Engineer Rudolph Hafeli being in charge, (This being the engine and driverwhich but a few weeks since accomplished the remarkable feat of pulling 150 loaded cars from Wilson to La Pence, a distance of 92 miles.)  As the train neared the station Mr. hafeli shut off his steam and the train slackened down to a slow rate of speed and to be started into the switches he applied his steam again to give the train headway to go through.  As he did this , a cow jumped upon the track ahead of the engine which struck it causing the causing the truckof the engine to leave the track.  TMr. Hafeli seeing that a wreck was bound to ensue jumped from the engine to one side of the track and the engine passed on  a car length and turned on its side throwing a number of cars of cotton off with it.  The first car being a load of compressed cotton, caught Mr. Hafeli and buried him beneath it.

     No other of the train men were hurt, the fireman and front brakeman jumping  to the other side.  Owing to the exact location of the body  not being known, it was some time before he was recovered, when he was found mangled and mashed almost beyond recognition.  Capt. Ed Anderson went down in person and brought the body to this city where under the auspices of the Masonic Fraternity, Mr. Frank Fisher took charge of , dressed it and placed it in a casket, when it was returned to the depot and placed in an extra baggage car, which was lighted for the occasion, where it remained until 2 o'clock a.m, when it was shopped by Master Mechanic Ed Anderson, under escort  of Engineers John McKay and Alex Ritchie, to Jackson, Tenn., his home, where lives his wife and two children. He was almost 34 years of age, was a member of Jackson Commandery, and was accounted one of the best engineers.

     Deceased was well and favorably known in this city and the news of his terrible death caused much pain and regret among his large circle of friends and acquaintances.  He was a a skilled  and safe engineer, a good citizen, an affectionate husband and devoted father.  The funeral services took place from the First Presbyterian Church Monday evening at 3 o'clock and were conducted by Rev. Dr. Nall.  He was a member of Jackson Commandery, No. 13 Knights Templar, this city, and he was buried by the commandery.  We extend our heartfelt sympathies to his surviving widow and little children.

1.                             John "Jack" Goodrich Jennings

John "Jack" Goodrich Jennings


BIRTH 05 APR. 1911 • St Louis, St Louis County, Missouri

DEATH 27 FEB. 1995 • Macon County, North Carolina

Mary Catharine Verner O'Bryan


BIRTH 21 FEBRUARY 1916 • Kissimmee, Osceola County, Florida, United States of America

DEATH 31 JANUARY 2008 • Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida

She was born February 21, 1916 in Kissimmee, FL and moved to Vero Beach in 1940 from her birthplace.
Mrs. Jennings had been a secretary at the law firm of Mitchell, Smith & Mitchell and had been a member and former secretary of the First United Methodist Church in Vero Beach.

Jack and Mary Catherine would have three children:

1.  John Phillips "Flip" Jennings

2.  Mary Catherine "Kay" Jennings

3.  Caroline Jennings

1.  John Phillips "Flip" Jennings

The Independent-Record (Helena, Montana)

17 Apr 2017, Mon     Page A2


2.  Mary Catherine "Kay" Jennings

3.  Caroline Jennings

Caroline Jennings married to Paul Reed Faheita

2.                             Robert Woodrow Jennings

Robert Woodrow Jennings was born on November 23, 1921 in St. Louis, Missouri and died on November 2, 1988 in Vero Beach, Indian River County, Florida.  In April of 1962, he married Alberta Martin, the daughter of Ronald Marion Martin and Esther G. Cole.  She was born on January 9, 1933 and died on May 12, 1996 in Vero Beach, Indian River Count, Florida.   He is buried at Rose Hill Cemetery   Kissimmee, Osceola County.

Florida Today (Cocoa, Florida), 05 Nov 1988, Sat  Page 19


     VERO BEACH - Robert Woodrow Jennings, 66, retired director of sanitation for the Indian River County Health Department, died of a heart attack on Wednesday, Nov. 2, in Vero Beach