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Corsicana, Tex., Apr 6—Mr. C. F. Haynie of this city received a telegram today announcing the death at Winchester, Fayette County, of his father, Col. S.F. Haynie, who would have been 79 years of age had he lived until tomorrow.

Dallas Morning News, 07 Apr 1900

Name:Spencer F Haynie

Rank at enlistment:Sergeant

State Served:Texas

Service Record:Enlisted in Company C, Texas 33rd Cavalry Regiment.

Sources:Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records

spencer fletcher haynie
Maria Louisa evers Haynie  "minnie"

Rev. John Haynie preached the FIRST sermon ever heard in Austin, Texas, he was one of the nine Methodist ministers who organized the very FIRST Texas Meth. Conference in 1840, he was elected as FIRST Chaplain of the Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1839 and served for several sessions, performed the FIRST marriage ceremony in Travis County, Texas, was Agent for the Rutersville College (the acknowledged FIRST institution of higher learning in Texas) for several years. Rev. John Haynie was Chaplain of the Constitutional Convention in 1845 when it met to adopt plans for annexation; was also Chaplain of the State Legislature of the State of Texas following annexation in 1845; preached the FIRST Protestant sermon delivered in Corpus Christi. His name is still on the cornerstone (in 1963) as the FIRST pastor of the First Methodist Church of Austin, Texas. His picture hangs in the foyer.

He died in Rutersville in 1860 proclaiming "All is well", and pointing skyward.

There is a Rev. John Haynie Chapter DRT, located in Madisonville, TX. 

John was the proprietor of a mercantile store in Knoxville and made business trips to Augusta, Georgia. It was on one of these trips that he met his furture wife, Elizabeth Brooks.
After becoming a true Christian, John kept a Journal extracts of which were published in the Texas Christian Advaocate following his death. In 1809, John went to hear Thomas Trower preach at Wagoner's Church, and following the church service he joined the church. In June 1811, at a quarterly conference held in Middle settlement, Blount County, by Frederick Steer P.E. of Holston District, John received his license to preach. He was ordained a Local Deacon by Bishop Asbury in 1815, and an Elder by Bishop George in 1825.
John established "White's Chapel", a church in Knoxville built on land contributed by Judge Hugh L. White and whose family contributed large sums for the building. John also established the Macedonian Church near Knoxville.
In 1826 John was living in Tuscumbia, Alabama, where he stayed for approximately fourteen years. John moved to Texas in 1839 with his wife, three children and his mother, Catherine (King) Haynie. He preached the first sermon heard in Austin, Texas, was one of the nine Methodist ministers who organized the first Texas Methodist Conference in 1840, was elected the first Chaplain of the Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1839 and served for several sessions; performed the first marriage ceremony in Travis County, Texas; and was the agent for Rutersville College for several years. Rev. John was Chaplain of the Constitutional Convention in 1845 ; was Chaplain of the Texas State Legislature in 1845. The first record of pay found in the Texas State Library Archives reads:
House of Representatives December 21st, 1839
This is to certify that the Reverend John Hayney Chaplain of the House of Representatives is entitled to pay from Nov. 11th inclusive to Dec. 21st inclusive.

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