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Baird Family
Baird Family
James Robinson Baird. He was born on September. 8, 1815 in Ohio. He died between Aug. 25, 1880 and May 25, 1900. His wife was Eliza Caroline Price. Born on October, 25, 1820 and died on May 28, 1900, about the same time as her husband.   They were married about 1851 in Grover, Cleveland County, North Carolina.   Both are buried in Jackson County, Braselton, Georgis, USA at the Hoschton City Cemetery, Hoschton Jackson County Georgia. 
 James Robinson Baird was the first graduate of Davidson College in 1840. He became a preacher and a teacher. He led many churches. From 1868 to 1878 he served as a missionary in Brazil to ex-patriot Confed-erate soldiers and their families in Americana, after the Civil War.
In 1879, after 10 years, he had to return to Georgia because of illness. He moved to Braselton into a house on Davis Street and stayed there until he died. He was not well, but the people in Hoschton errected a church as a non-denominational church. Everybody used it. finally it dissolved into a Presbyterian body and remained that way until it burned.
Rev. Baird was a teacher and county school superintendent for Jackson County from 1878-1880. The school was known as Randolph Academy and was located further down the road from his house. He died in Bra-selton, Ga. The house he lived in was built for him and his family by the other brothers and is still lived in.
1.  James Ezekiel Baird.
2.  John Calvin Baird
3.  Roma Baird
4.  Reynold Price Baird
5.  Catherine Elizabeth Price Baird
1.  JAMES EZEKIEL BAIRD  (1st Child of James Robinson Baird)
James Ezekiel (Zekiel) Baird was born on August 16, 1852 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and passed away on June 30 1897 in Villa Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  Prior to 1884 he married in Brazil, Lillie Mason Ward.  She was born in Smith County, Tennessee, USA, the daughter of Armistead M. Ward and Mary Penelope Pender.  She was born on September 1, 1860 and passed away on in November, 1950 in St. Louis City, St. Louis City, Missouri, USA.
James and Lillie would have at least five children:


James Florain Baird

BIRTH 1 MAY 1884

DEATH ABT. 1884   (Died as infant)

No further information


Reynold Ward Baird


DEATH ABT. 1885  (Died as infant)

No further information


Eula Lee Baird

Eula was born on September 7 1888  Sao Paolo state, Braziland passed away on on October 9, 1989 in  Georgia, USA  In 1906 Eula moved to the United States and on April 20, 1910 she married Otto Beall Williams, the son of Tom Z. Williams and Clara Tuttle, in  Tom Greene County,, Texas, USA.  Otto was born on November 8, 1888 in Guadalupe County, Texas and passed away on September 1 1948 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas.


James Emmett Baird Sr

James was born on July 19, 1895 in Villa Americana, Sao Paolo, Brazil and passed away on June 7, 1975 in Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, USA.  Prior to 1922 he would marry Eliza Jane Reitz, the daughter of Herman John Reitz and Nancy "Nannie" Catherine Lord.  Eliza was born on June 1, 1893 in  Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland, USA and died on July 24 1983 at the age of 90 in Tampa, Hills-borough County, Florida, USA.They are both buried at the Decatur Cemetery, Decatur, DeKalb County, Georgia.

James and Eliza would have at least three children:



                                       James Emmett Baird Jr.

                                       BIRTH 20 FEB 1922 • Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas, USA

                                       DEATH 02 SEP 1985 • Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi, USA


                                       Robert M. Baird

                                       BIRTH 24 SEP 1923 • Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, USA

                                       DEATH 23 JUN 1924, Probably in Dallas  (Died as infant)


                                       John E. Baird


                                       No further information


Caroline "Lena" Helena Mary Baird

Lrna was born in thr state of Sao Paulo Brazil on January 9, 1897 and passed away in St. Louis County, Missouri, USA  in 1969.  On January 1, 1916 in Collin County, Texas Caroline married  Clarence Augustine Ellis, the son of James M. Ellis and Margaret "Maggie" May Johnson.  He was bor on December 23, 1891 in San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas and passed away oin August 1976 in Bridgeon, St. Louis County, Missouri and buried in Oak Grove Cemetery  Bel-Nor, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Lena and William would have at least four children - all sons:



                                       Clarence Augustine Ellis Jr.

                                       Clarence was born on July 27, 1918 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas                                         and passed away on October 18, 1972 in Chicago, Cook County,                                               Illinois.  He married Mary Carlette Deane, the daughter of  Carl E.                                         Deane and Mary Florence Mockett.  She was born on May 26, 1920                                         in Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska and passed away on                                                     September 26, 1992 in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington, USA


                                       Robert Emmett Ellis                                     

                                       Robert was born on October 4, 1920 in Webster Groves, Missouri,                                         USA  and passed away on September 8, 1984 in ST. Louis, Mis-                                                 souri.  He is buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery,                                                   Lemay, St. Louis County, Missouri.  He married   Margaret                                                       Lorraine Spies, the daughter of Jacob John Spies and "Tillie"                                                   Matilda  Gertrude Gindra.  She was born on January 10, 1923 in St                                         Louis, Missouri, USA and passed away on April 3, 2018 also in St.                                           Louis and is buried at Gatewood Gardens Cemetery.

                                       Robert and Marge would have three children.





















                                                           St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis, Missouri, 

                                                                        04 Apr 2018, Wed  •  Page   A18


                                      Ward Baird Ellis

                                      Ward was born on November 2, 1922 in Overland, Missouri, USA                                           and passed away on June 2, 2015.  He was married to Georgia                                                Loraine Lorts, the daughter of James A. Loerts and Mary Caroline                                        Ketchum.  She was born on Apri 25 1923 in St. Louis, Missori and                                          passed away on November 15, 2018 in Columbia, Boone County,                                              Missouri, USA.  They are both buried at Missouri Veterans                                                        Cemetery at Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Randolph County,                                                          Missouri

                                       Ward and Georgia would have three children.


                                       Richard Edward Ellis

                                       Richard was born on April 24, 1923 in Overland, Missouri, USA                                               and would pass away on October 11, 1993 in Denver, Denver                                                     County, Colorado.  He was married to Ruth Mae Nies the daughter                                         of David Nies and Emma Olga Reiner.  She was born on January                                             21, 1931 in  Turon, Reno, Kansas, USA and would pass away on                                               July 31, 2009  in Englewood, Arapahoe, Colorado, USA.  They are                                           both buried at Fort Logan National Cemetery in Denver, Colo-                                                 rado, USA. 

                                       Richard ad Ruth would have five children.

Mary Carlette Deane.jpg
Mary Carlette Deane
Margaret Ellis.jpg


John Calvin Baird, Rev.

BIRTH 27 AUG 1854 • York County, South Carolina, USA

DEATH 04 APR 1921 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married 20 Dec 1877 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mary Arabella Thacher

BIRTH 17 AUG 1861 • Ohio, USA

DEATH ABT 1921 • Brazil

All of their children were born in Brazil


Charles Calvin Baird

BIRTH 29 SEP 1878 • Brazil

DEATH 20 MAY 1897 • Ceara, Brazil


Elizabeth Thatcher Baird

BIRTH 29 OCT 1883 • São Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH 12 FEB 1970 • California, USA


James Baird

BIRTH 07 AUG 1884 • Brazil



George Baird

BIRTH 25 SEP 1886 • Brazil

DEATH 05 NOV 1930 • Brazil


Edward Baird

BIRTH 1887-1894? • Brazil, South America

DEATH Brazil, South America


Halbert Baird


BIRTH 1887-1894 • Brazil, South America

DEATH Unknown


Price Baird


BIRTH 25 APR 1889 • Brazil

DEATH 02 FEB 1904 • Brazil


Anna "Annie" Baird

BIRTH ABT 1895 • Brazil, South America

DEATH Unknown


Margaret Baird

BIRTH ABT 1898 • Brazil, South America

DEATH Unknown


Marybelle B Baird

BIRTH 24 OCT 1900 • Americana, Sao Paulo, Brazil

DEATH AFTER 1965 • São Bernardo do Campo, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Married  Eugene Field Horn I

BIRTH 04 SEP 1889 • Zollarsville, Washington County, Pennsylvania, USA

DEATH 01 SEP 1965 • Brazil

Heading 6
Tandy Key Randolph and Alice Catherine B
Tandy Key Randolph and his wife Catherine Alice Baird Randolph. They raised a large family in Athens, Ga. One of their teenage sons drowned in the Oconee River near Athens. Photo courtesy of Larry Baird.
John Carlvin Baird.jpg
John Calvin Baird
Reynold Price Baird.jpg
Reynold Price Baird
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