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8.   Erasmus Fulton "Fully" Smith

Erasmus Fulton “Fully” Smith was born on September 8, 1861  in Dresden, Navarro County, Texas, USA  He was the last born child of Alfred and Sally Bryce Smith.   He died on June  7, 1941 place not determined, but probably Brazil.  On February, 3, 1889, in Calhoun County, Alabama, He married Emma Price.  Her parents have not been determined nor has her birth place, , but, she looks to have been  born on July 2, 1867, possibly in Alabama.  Calhoun County is about forty miles west of Carrollton just across the state line.

Fully grew up in Brazil and came back to Georgia about 1885 on an extended visit.  He appears to have been living in Alabama, since information states that he was a “visitor” to Carrollton, Georgia. He was about twenty-four at the time and looked to have stayed about fifteen years. It was during this extended stay that he married his bride in 1889.   It is unclear where all of his children were born, but it appears that at least the first two or three were born in the States (1891,  1893 and 1895) with the remainder being born in Brazil.  We do know that the couple’s second child  (Vesta) was born in Birmingham, Alabama.  Some family sources say the family went back to Brazil permanently about 1896.  Their last child was born in 1907 with Emma passing away in 1912 in Brazil.

After the death of Emma, Fully and family lived with his daughter Vesta until her marriage to, Victor Albert Pitcher about 1912.  She was eighteen and Victor was twenty-one.  Vesta’s older brother, Alfred Fulton Smith , apparently single, was  living with the family.

Fully appears to have been involved with the Methodist Church– in what capacity is unclear.  He followed in the footsteps of many of his relatives (Smith and Bryce) who were all strong Methodists.

E. F. Smith died on June  7, 1941, probably in Brazil.













1.    Alfred Fulton Smith 

2.   Vesta Ardell Smith

3.   Edith Leite Smith

4.   Arthur Stillwell Smith

5.   Lennie Emma Smith 

6.   Sarah Bellona Smith 

7.    Oren Russel Smith 

8.   Irus Price Smith   

9.   Zell Preston Smith 















Fully visits.jpg
Fully Smith MC.jpg
I think that is EF with my mother on gui
(Presumed - Family held Photo))  E. F. Smith (R), Violet Smith with guitar - Brazil
1.   Alfred Fulton Smith
Alfred Fulton Smith was the first born of Fully and Emma Smith.  He was born on August 12, 1891 probably in Alabama or Georgia.  He was living in Brazil with his father and sister by 1912.  Death and burial place not determined.  It is not knowb if he ever married.
No further information
2.   Vesta Ardell Smith

Vesta Ardell Smith   the second child of E. F. and Emma Smith was born on April 9, 1893 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama, USA died on May 12, 1980 in Brazil.  She married Victor Albert Pitcher in Brazil.  Victor was born on April 24 1889 in England and died on September 17, 1966.

It is assumed that the family was living in Riberao, Preto, Sao Paulo,  Brazil by 1914 as that is where their second child was born.  Riberao, Preto is about 100 miles northwest of the Americana area where the Smith and Ferguson family seats were located.

Vesta and Victor would have Children:   

(Names only for living family members)  

       1.  Herbert Albert Pitcher  

             Herbert was born on April 9 1912 in Brazill

             and  died on    December 24, 1992.  He mar-

             ried   Maria  Aparceda  Camargo .  She  was

             born in 1912 and died on March 5, 2005.

             Herbert and Maria would have two children:

             1.   Roberto Pitcher  married  Sonia                                   Dantas Carvalho                                                                                                                 

             2.   Eduardo Pitcher  married  Yara                                    Yaconis  

             Eduardo and Yara would have two children:

                               1.  Tatiana Yaconis Pitcher


                       2.  Renata Yaconis Pitcher 


No further information.

        2. Violet Ethel Pitcher  

                Violet   was  born on  March  1914 in   Riberao,                  Preto,  Sao  Paulo,  Brazil  and  died  in Cairns,                  Queensland,  Australia.   She  married    Fred-                  erick Charles William Ford   who was born on                  August 12, 1917  in London,  England. He  died                  in  2001 in Cairns, Queensland, Australia


























                Violet and Frederick would have three child-                    ren all born in Australia:

                1.  Dudley Stephen Ford   married                                 Ronda. 


                       Dudley and Ronda would have four                                       children:

                       1.  Derrin Noel Frederick Ford   

                       2.  Stephen Freeman Severin                               Ford  married (not known)

                            Stephen and spouse would have one                                      child:

                            1.  James Dudley Ford-Hill  


                      3. Anita Caroline Ford  married                                      Dean Alexander Clark   

                            Anita and Dean would have three child-                              ren:

                            1.   Rhys Alexander Clark    

                     2.   Freya Clark    

                     3.  Rohan Clark  

                       4.   Lachlan William Ford  


              2.  Phillip Stuart Ford  Married                                          Gleneyse Irene    


                      Phillip and Gleneyse would have two                                    children:

                      1.   Shae Ardell Ford  

                2.   Bree Renae Irene Ford 

              3.  Randolph Aubrey Ford  married                             Tanya Kousnmin   He would marry                                       secondly    Mhari Beresford  


                    Randolph and Tanya would have four                                  children:   


                    1.  Ksenia (Ksana) Ford   Married                                   Dimitri  Souprounovich  


                           Ksenia (Ksana)  and Dmitri would have                               two children:  

                          1.   Micael (Misha) Souprou-                                novich  

                   2.   Mark (Marek) Souprou-                                  novich  

                     2.   Juliana (Jules) Ford  


                3.   Antonina (Tonia) Ford  

                4.   Alexandra (Sasha) Ford   

No further information.

       3.  Dulcie Mae Pitcher  

               Dulcie was born on February 16, 1916 in                             Mitford, Norfolk, England and died on Octo-                     ber 13, 2003.  She married  Temple William                       Villiers Grantham.  Temple was born on                             January 4, 1915 and died unknown.  He was                       the son of Percy Villiers Minnett Grantham                       and Jane Nicholson.

              Dulcie and Temple would have two children:

              1.  Margaret Ann Grantham   Married                       Colin Coulson Thomas  

                     Margaret and Thomas would have two                                 children:

                    1.   Yvette May Thomas  

               2.   Vivian Jane Thomas  

              2. Christine Mary Grantham  was                               born on July 14, 1946 and died in 2016.  She                       was married to Valter Lulei.  

                    Christine and Valter had two children:

                     1.   Heidi Rose Lulei  

               2.   William Alfred Lulei   is married      

No further information.   


      4.  Victor Fulton Pitcher 

              Victor was born about 1917 and died as an                          infant on December 16, 1918.    


No further information.

      5. Myrtle Ardell Pitcher  

            Myrtle was born June 14, 1921 and died on                        July  16, 1993.  She was married to Frank                            Roland Standen who was born on June 28,                        1912 and died on June 15, 2004.

            Myrtle and Frank would have two children:

           1.  Peter Ronald Standen  was born on                         October 11, 1946 and married   Gudrum                               Silvia Frank.  She was born on July 8, 1934                         and died on March 1, 1986.

                  Peter and Gudrum would have two children:

                 1.   Anete Cecilia Standen   Married                               Andre Rocha  

                 2.   Sonia Regina Standen   Married                                Edson Lopez Augusto  

           2.  John Benjamin Standen   Married                         Martha Poyares   

                  John and Martha would have two children:

                  1.  Evelyn Susan Standen    Married                             Fabio Rogerio de Araujo  

                         Evelyn and Fabio would have one child:

                         1.  Jennifer Caroline de Araujo 


                   2. Jonathan Albert Standen 


No further information.

     6.   Edwin Peter Pitcher  

              Edwin was born on June 29, 1923 and died on                  October 5, 2004.  He married    Amabile                              Camargo  who was born on July 29, 1918  and                  died on January 4, 2003.

           1. Johnny Carmago Pitcher  Married                         first - Sonia R Combinati  and secondly                               Rosario Hanaoka.


                  Johnny and Sonia would have two children:

                  1.   Julian Hanaoka   

             2.  Thais Hanaoka   


          2.  Edna Carmago Pitcher  Married                               Sergio Dos Reis Fusco    

                 Edna and Sergio would have two children

                1.   Fabio Pitcher Dos Reis Fusco  

             2.   Victor Pitcher Dos Reis Fusco  

         3.  Kenneth Carmago Pitcher  Married                    Maria Eliana C de Santana  

                Kenneth and Maria would have two children:

                1.  Stephen Pitcher  

            2.  Stephanie Pitcher


        4.  Alice Carmago Pitcher   Married                              Geraldo Vasconcelos   

                Alice and Geraldo would have Two Children:

               1.  Pedro Vasconcelos  

            2.  Sofia Vasconcelos  

No further information.

He worked for a large meat company.    In 1938 he was sent to Brazil for additional work experience and while there he met Violet and they married in 1942.  He, being an English citizen,  had joined the RAF in Brazil,  In 1943, during World War II, they went by ship on the dangerous trip across the Atlantic.  


When they finally arrived in the United Kingdom, he went on to basic training, while Violet found a position in the American em-bassy in London.

The end of that European war saw  Frederick posted in Germany.  In 1947 their first child was born.  Later that year, Frederick left the air force and he and his wife and son went back to the England and then on to Brazil.  The family lived in Brazil until 1955  at which time the family  returned to the UK. 

Two more sons were born to the couple.  Having lived in Brazil most their young lives, the boys were speaking Portuguese and had a bit of trouble adjusting to the English schools.  The decision was made to move to Queens-land, Australia where the family settled down  permanently.

Vesta Ardell Smith
UK Flag.jpg
Aussie Flag.jpg
Dudley 2.jpg
Dudley Stephen Ford
Emma Price.jpg
3.   Edith Leite Smith

Edith Leite Smith was born on January, 11, 1893 probably in the either Alabama  and died unknown, probably in Brazil.  She married Ross Ferguson, the son of Turner Edward Ferguson and Sarah Bellona  Smith,  who was her cousin.  He was born about 1883 in Brazil and died at an unknown date, probably in Brazil.

No further information

4.   Arthur Stillwell Smith
Arthur Stillwell Smith    Was born on January 19, 1897 and died as an infant later that year on October 19, 1897, probably in Brazil.
No further information.
5.   Lennie Emma Smith

Lennie Emma Smith  was born on October 3, 1898 in Brazil and died unknown probably in Brazil.  She was married  to  Martin Capparoz  who was born on October 25, 1895.  Death date and place unknown.

No further information.

6.   Sarah Bellona Smith

Sarah Bellona Smith   was named after her aunt, Sarah Bellona Smith  (1846-1946).  Sarah was born on April 28, 1900 probably in Brazil and died on September 29, 1947.  She was married to John Ferguson  (Parents not determined, but is probably a cousin).. John was born on April 26, and died unknown.   

No Further information.

7.   Oren Russel Smith

Oren Russel Smith  was born on Mat 22, 1902 probably in Brazil and died unknown.  He was married to Olga , family name unknown, in Brazil.  It is unknown when and where she was born or died.


No further information.

8.   Irus Price Smith

Irus Price Smith  was born on February 21, 1905 probably in Brazil.  Date and place of death not determined.

No further information

9.   Zell Preston Smith

Zell Preston Smith  was born on March 31, 1907 probably in Brazil.   Date and place of death not determined.

No further information.

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