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Dania Cemetery – 300 West Dixie Hwy, Dania, Florida, 33004


1.  Joseph Henry King


     Co. B. 8th Ga. Infantry  Roswell Battalion

His father was Barrington King and his grandfather was Roswell King, the founders of Roswell, Georgia.  They were the first settlers of Roswell and Presidents of the Roswell Factories. 

     Several of the Roswell men saw battle in the early days of the war at the Battle of Bull Run (typically known as Manassas in the South) in Virginia. Charles Dunwody, Horace Pratt, Thomas Edward King, and Joseph Henry King all fought in that battle, one of the biggest of the early battles and the one that proved to the nation that the war would be neither quick nor grand. Apparently, there had been civilians on the sidelines of the battle watching it as if it were a sporting event. Despite being a Confederate victory, over 1,000 men were killed or wounded. Joseph King, Thomas King, and Dunwody were all severely wounded, with Pratt the only one unharmed physically. The war was not kind to Roswell’s men. Thomas King wounded at Bull Run, was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga in 1863. Barrington Simeral King, a doctor, was killed at Averasboro, North Carolina in 1865, less than a month before peace. William “Willie” Seagrove Smith died of dysentery in North Carolina just after the war ended.

     Joseph married Nellie Palmer Stubbs. Joseph went to Ft. Pulaski before Georgia succeeded from the Union. He joined the Confederate Army in Virginia as a private under the command of General Bartow and fought under Joseph E. Johnston. In 1861, He was seriously wounded at the 1st Battle of Manassas in the hip, leg, and hand. Joseph never fully recovered from his injuries. After the war, he founded "Eldorado" a popular rest site on FLA intra-costal (New Smyrna, FL). Years later, in a single night, almost all his descendants were drowned in Lake Okeechobee during the great hurricane of 1928 which ranks among the United States' worst natural disasters. This category 4 storm produced an unexpectedly large tidal surge, 18 inches of rain, and winds of over 150 mph. Headlines around the nation summarized the calamity: "Florida Destroyed!". A vivid account of this tragedy is chronicled in Lawrence E. Will's book, "Okeechobee Hurricane and the Hoover Dike".  Joseph's grandson, Edwin moved to Ft. Lauderdale and Edwin's wife was believed to be the first white woman to settle in the community.  Edwin built a home in Ft. Lauderdale which his descendants lived in until  1968 .  The home was then restored and opened to the public as a house museum - King-Cromartie House.

BIRTH 19 OCT 1839 • Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia

DEATH 28 JUN 1917 • Broward County, Florida

Married:  29 May 1861 • Milledgeville, Baldwin, Georgia

Ellen Palmer Walton (Nellie) Stubbs


BIRTH 1 AUG 1843 • Milledgeville, Georgia

DEATH 15 FEB 1918 • Broward County, Florida

2.  John Albert Clifton


     Co. H. 2nd Fla. Cavalry

BIRTH 06APR1864 • Volusia, Florida, USA

DEATH 7 MARCH 1914 • Dania, Broward, Florida

Married:  18 Jun 1892 • Volusia County, Florida

Eugenia Bellamy


BIRTH OCT 08, 1869 • Barberville, Volusia, Florida

DEATH 1950 • Florida

3.  Thomas Graham


     Co. B. 50th N.C. Infantry

BIRTH 18 AUG 1842 • Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina

DEATH 14 AUG 1913 • Dania, Broward, Florida

Married:  28 Oct 1860 • Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina

Sarah Elizabeth Britt


BIRTH 12 OCT 1842 • Lumberton, Robeson, North Carolina

DEATH 09 16 1923 • Dania, Broward, Florida

4.  William Henry Harris


     Co. C. 5th Ga. Findlay's Battalion Reserve Infantry

BIRTH 14 JAN 1846 • Davisboro, Washington, Georgia

DEATH 19 DEC 1939 • Dania, Broward, Florida

Married:  4 NOV 1885 • Lowndes County,


Martha H."Mattie" Rabb


BIRTH ABT 1861 • Alabama

DEATH 1937

5.  William S. Humphrey


     Co. E. 5th Va. Infantry

BIRTH 1846 • North Carolina

DEATH 1925 • Florida

Married 1st: 24 Nov 1874 • Onslow,

North Carolina

Laura E. Hill


BIRTH 30 JANUARY 1855 • North Carolina

DEATH 25 APRIL 1889 • Morriston, Levy County, Florida

Married 2nd (Sister of first wife)  5 Jul 1888 • Onslow, North Carolina

Janie P Hill


BIRTH 1857 • North Carolina

DEATH 1941 • Dade County, Florida


King injuries 1st Manassas

September 1861

Manassas, Virginia, USA

Injuries were suffered by two of Barrington King's sons at First Manassas; Thomas Edward King was shot through the ankle and Joseph Henry King through the buttocks. Their brother, Dr. William King, went to treat them and sent this drawing of their injuries to their parents in Roswell, GA.


Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

15 Sep 1928, Sat  •  Page 3


The Miami Herald

Miami, Florida

28 Nov 1935, Thu  •  Page 4

The Miami News

Miami, Florida

20 Dec 1939, Wed  •  Page 27

HARRIS W H  3.jpg

Evergreen Cemetery  1300 S.W. 10th Ave., Ft Lauderdale, Florida, 33316


1. Thomas Jefferson Russ

     1st Lieutenant

     Co. H. 4th Fla. Infantry  

Muster 2 Date: 09 Apr 1865; Muster 2 Place: Florida;

Muster 2 Unit: 1108; Muster 2 Company: H;

Muster 2 Regiment: 1st Cons Infantry;

Muster 2 Regiment Type: Infantry;

Muster 2 Information: Transferred;

Rank Change 2 Date: 06 Jan 1863;

Rank Change 2 Rank:

First Lieutenant; Casualty 2 Date: 15 Jul 1863;

Casualty 2 Casualty Type: Wounded;

Casualty 2 Information: Estimated day;

MusterOut 2 Date: 26 Apr 1865;

MusterOut 2 Place: Orange County, North Carolina;

MusterOut 2 Information: Surrendered;

Imprisonment Date27 May 1864

Imprisonment PlaceDallas, Georgia

Casualty Date2 Jan 1863

Casualty PlaceMurfreesboro, Tennessee

Type of CasualtyWounded

Muster Out Date9 Apr 1865

Muster Out PlaceAppomattox Court House, Virginia

BIRTH 10 JAN 1843 • Holmes Valley, Washington,


DEATH 28 SEP 1921 • West Palm Beach, Palm Beach,



Mary Pamelia Wachob


BIRTH 15 OCT 1857 • Florida

DEATH 12 MAR 1900 • Caryville, Washington, Florida

2.  Philemon N. Bryan

     1st Sergeant

     Co. D. 9th Fla. Infantry

Enlisted as a Private on 4 June 1861 at the age of 17.
Enlisted in Company I, 2nd Infantry Regiment Florida on 4 Jun 1861.
Discharged from Company I, 2nd Infantry Regiment Florida on 29 Sep 1862.
Enlisted in Company D, 9th Infantry Regiment Florida on 1 Oct 1862.
Promoted to Full 4th Sergeant (As of Co. D 9th FL Inf) on 1 Oct 1862.
Promoted to Full 2nd Sergeant (Estimated date) on 1 Nov 1863.
Promoted to Full 1st Sergeant (Estimated date) on 1 Nov 1864.

Was one of the founding members of Fort Lauderdale when it was incorporated on March 27, 1911.

BIRTH 16 OCT 1844 • Jasper, Hamilton, Florida, United States

DEATH 17 APR 1925 • Fort Lauderdale, Broward, Florida, USA

Married:  15 Aug 1867 • Volusia County, Florida, USA

Louisiana  Catherine 'Lucy' Murray


BIRTH JUN 24, 1852 • New Smyrna, Volusia, Florida, USA

DEATH AUG 31, 1924 • Broward, Florida, USA

3.  James E. Windham


     11th Ga. State Reg. Militia

BIRTH DEC 20, 1844 • Georgia

DEATH OCT 23, 1919 • Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Jannetta Meek


BIRTH JUNE 14, 1848

DEATH FEBRUARY 18, 1932 • St. Petersburg, Pinellas, Florida

RUSS T J 1.png
RUSS 2.jpg
BRYAN P N 1.jfif
BRYAN PN 3.jpg

The Miami Herald

Miami, Florida

18 Apr 1925, Sat  •  Page 3

BRYAN PN 3.jpg

Pompano Cemetery 400 S.E. 23rd Ave., Pompano Beach, Florida, 33062


1.  George Washington Clyatt


     Co. E. 5th Fla. Infantry

Enlisted 8 March 1862 at Madison County, Florida.  Wounded at 2nd Manassas, Virginia and furloughed., He was captured at Gettysburg on July 4, 1863, and confined at Point Lookout, Maryland.  He was exchanged on February 10, 1865, and furloughed on February 22, 1865.  After the war, he became a member of the United Confederate Veterans.

BIRTH 25 JAN 1838 • Lowndes County, Georgia

DEATH 02 FEB 1917 • Palm Beach County, Florida

Married:  23 Oct 1866 • Berrien, Georgia

Sarah Ann Louisa Knight


BIRTH 30 AUG 1846 • Rays Mill, Lowndes, Georgia

DEATH 31 JAN 1922 • Bradford County, Florida

2.  James Sparkman Heyns


     Co. B. 27th S.C., Gailliard's Reg., Infantry 

Relocated from South Carolina after 1900 to Eustis, Florida, and then on down to Broward County.

BIRTH 27 AUGUST 1848 • Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

DEATH 26 FEB 1934 • Pompano Beach, Broward, Florida

Married:  Abt. 1872 • Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina

Harriet Jane Owens


BIRTH 27 APR 1847 • Pee Dee, Georgetown,

South Carolina

DEATH 03 MAR 1920 • Eustis, Lake, Florida

3.  Walter H. Smith


     Co. I. 3rd N.C. Infantry

Served under Gen. A. P. Hill, enlisting 16 Apr 1861, honorably discharged from CSA at Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, VA, end of war 1865. He fought at Antietam, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, and The Wilderness.

BIRTH 12 SEP 1842 • New Bern, North Carolina

DEATH 05 JAN 1935 • Pompano Beach, Broward,


Married:  5 April 1878 • Palmerville, Berkeley,

South Carolina

Nancy Rebecca Brinson(Brunson)


BIRTH 09 AUG 1862 • Honey Hill, Berkley,

South Carolina 

DEATH 04 MAY 1936 • Pompano Beach,

Broward, Florida







4.  Lewis R. Smoak


     Co. C. 2nd S.C. Infantry

BIRTH 20 JUL 1848 • Orangeburg, Orangeburg,

South Carolina

DEATH 05 JUN 1936 • Pompano Beach, Broward,


Married:  07 Oct 1869 • Orangeburg, Orangeburg,

South Carolina

Mary Francis Bloom (Blume)


BIRTH 1860 • South Carolina

DEATH 26 APR 1925 • Pompano Beach, Broward,


CLYATT 3.jpg
CLYATT 1.jfif
CLYATT 2.jfif

The Miami News

Miami, Florida

08 Feb 1917, Thu  •  Page 11

Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

28 Apr 1984, Sat  •  Page 32

Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

27 Feb 1934, Tue  •  Page 1

HEYNS 1.jfif
HEYNS 2.jfif

South Florida Sun Sentinel

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

17 Aug 1995, Thu  •  Page 21

HEYNS 3.jpg

Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

07 Jan 1935, Mon  •  Page 1

SMOAK 1.jpg
SMOAK 2.jfif

Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

07 Jan 1935, Mon  •  Page 1

SMOAK 3.jpg
SMOAK 4.jfif

Fort Lauderdale News

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

04 Mar 1949, Fri  •  Page 13

Hollandale Cemetery   N.W 6TH Ave.  Hallandale Beach,

Broward County, Florida


1 . Nathaniel Clay Bryan


     Co. H. 5th Fla. Cavalry

Enlisted at Silver Springs, Florida.  After the war, he resided in Sumter County.  In 1886 he was appointed US postmaster in Kissimmee, Florida.  By 1900 he was living in Lemon City, Dade County.

BIRTH 11 JAN 1846 • Hamilton County, Florida, United States

DEATH 21 JAN 1918 • Hallandale, Broward County, Florida 

Married:  15 Oct 1870 • Hillsborough County, Florida, USA

Martha J Howell


BIRTH APR 1843 • Florida

DEATH 16 JUL 1913 • Hallandale, Dade, Florida,

BRYAN NC 1.jfif
BRYAN NC 2.jfif

The Miami Herald

Miami, Florida

23 Jan 1918, Wed  •  Page 5

BRYAN NC 3.jpeg

The Tampa Tribune

Tampa, Florida

28 Nov 1954, Sun  •  Page 70

BRYAN NC 4.jfif
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