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Information provided by  Cmdr. James B. Odell - Pvt. George W. Thomas Camp 1595
Many thanks  

Evergreen Cemetery Okeechobee                   Off 441 at NE 39 Blvd.

1500-1508 Cemetery Rd, Okeechobee, Okeechobee, Florida


1. William Dawson "Doss" Yeager 

Find a Grave Memorial # 82699464

BIRTH 06 AUG 1845 • Newnan, Coweta County, Georgia

DEATH 09 JAN 1940 • Okeechobee County, Florida

Married 1st:  26 Jun 1866 • Douglas County, Georgia

Emma Permelia Allen-Shaddix  (The widow Shaddix)


BIRTH APRIL 17, 1847 • Coweta, Georgia

DEATH MAY 20, 1893 • Douglas County, Georgia

Married 2nd:  1895

Lou Ella Powell


BIRTH MAY 8, 1862 • Georgia

DEATH 15 DEC 1956 • Cullman County, Alabama

Private, Glenn’s Ga. Regiment was also known as the 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry In April 1865 the 36th Regiment Ga. Vol. Inf. was consolidated with the 42d and parts of the 34th and 66th regiments Ga. Vol. Inf. and formed a part of the army under the command of General Joseph E. Johnston in North Carolina at Henderson.  

"The Atlanta Constitution" of 10 August 1884:

A Douglas County Man Invents a Steam Road Worker.
Douglasville, Ga., August 9.--[Special.]--

Douglas County comes to the front in the field of invention. Mr. W. D. Yeager, who resides near Chapel Hill, has invented a steam road worker which is destined to revolutionize work in this particular and make good roads the rule and not the exception. His model, which he has constructed of wood, shows a road engine the traction gear of which, while exceedingly ingenious, is very simple, and is different from any arrangement for similar purposes that we have ever seen: connected with this engine by suitable gearing is a system of gang plows and scrapes for working the roads. By an ingenious device, these plows and scrapes can be raised or lowered, widened or contracted, to meet the necessities of the 'lay of the land.' The theory of the machine seems to be perfect and its practicability cannot, therefore, be questioned. It is confidently expected that this invention when brought into use will do the work of fifty men at one-tenth of the cost. Should this expectation be met, the problem of working the roads will be solved, as it will be economy for each county to purchase one or more of these machines. It is the intention of Mr. Yeager to make arrangements for the manufacture of these machines so soon as he has secured his letter's patent. Practical machinists will do well to examine his model and secure, if possible, an interest in the invention."


2. William Henry Raulerson                                                     

Find a Grave Memorial # 25211916

BIRTH 16 MAR 1841 • Columbia, Suwannee, Florida,

DEATH 16 JAN 1914 • Okeechobee, St Lucie, Florida

Died at age 72

Private, Company B, 7th Florida Vol. Infantry


Muster 2 Date:

15 Oct 1863;

Muster 2 Place: Florida;

Muster 2 Unit: 1100;

Muster 2 Company: H;

Muster 2 Regiment: 5th Battn Cavalry;

Muster 2 Regiment Type: Cavalry;

Muster 2 Information: Enlisted;

Married:  16 Dec 1869 • Polk County, Florida

Eliza Ellender Brewer


BIRTH 7 MAR 1856 • Columbia County, Florida

DEATH 1 MAR 1929 • Okeechobee, Okeechobee,


Some Raulerson Family History - 

Submitted by Vicki Hartel (

William Henry Raulerson is the son of Rabun Raulerson

YEAGER 2.jpg
YEAGER 1.jfif
YEAGER 4.jpg

St. Lucie News Tribune

Fort Pierce, Florida

11 Jan 1940, Thu  •  Page 2

YEAGER 6.jpg
YEAGER 5.jfif

St. Lucie News Tribune

Fort Pierce, Florida

23 Jan 1914, Fri  •  Page 5


Noel Rabun Raulerson, the founder of the Rauler-son family in the Kissimmee River Valley, was born in Wayne County, Georgia, on July 9, 1820, the son of

Noel and Eleanor (Baggs) West Brannen Raul-erson. His parents were married on August 3, 1815, in Camden County, Georgia. Rabun Raulerson moved to Florida with his family in 1829. He served in the Second Seminole War as a private in the company commanded by Capt. Robert Brown in 1837 and later served under Capt. Sanderling in 1838.


Rabun was wounded in the right shoulder in a battle with the Indians at Okeefenokee Swamp in 1838 or 1839.  In February 1839, Rabun Raulerson was married  to Tempa "Tempie" Whidden, daughter of James  W. and Mary (Altman) Whidden. She was born on  December. 29, 1821, in Appling County, Ga. Noel  Rabun and Tempie (Whidden) Raulerson had the following children:

From Nov. 1840 until March 1841, Rabun served in the company of Capt. William Cone. In 1844, Rabun Raulerson, his brother John Baggs Raulerson, William Wiggins (who had married Emarentha, sister


of the two Raulersons), and John Thomas (who had married a half-sister of the Raulersons), moved from Columbia County and headed south to Hillsborough County where they settled in the Ichepucksassa settlement. Rabun Raulerson later moved to the southeast edge of Lake Hancock and is shown residing there on Ives’ 1856 Military Map of Florida. Noel Rabun Raulerson also had a half-sister, Nancy Raulerson, who married John Futch; a brother William Raulerson, who married Mary Godwin; a brother Jacob Raulerson, who married 1st-Sarah Mercer and 2nd-Mary Raulerson; a half brother, J. M. West; a half-sister Sarah Brannen; a half-brother John M. Brannen; and probably a half-brother named Jackson Raulerson who appears on the 1860 census for Orange County, Florida.


During the Third Seminole War, Rabun Raulerson served in the company commanded by Capt. F. M. Durrance from Dec. 29, 1855, to Dec. 1857.  Noel Rabun Raulerson became a leading cattleman and Polk County tax lists for 1862 show that he owned 2,515 head of cattle.


In 1874, Rabun decided to move his cattle to the Kissimmee River Valley and settled at Basinger. He purchased his land there from Henry L. Parker. In 1876, Rabun was followed by his son Noel R. Raulerson, Jr., who bought land from the State for $1.25 an acre and purchased a log house from Streaty Parker.


Rabun Raulerson and his sons were leading cattlemen in the Basinger area during the 1880’s but about 1892, Rabun left the valley and returned to Polk County where he settled near Bartow. His sons, Noel, Peter, William, and David remained at Basinger.


The following article appeared in the Bartow newspaper, on January 11, 1899:

The Fort Bassinger correspondent for the Kissimmee paper had the following interesting item in his last report: Mr. Rabun Raulerson of Bartow vicinity is in town visiting children around Bassinger. The old gentleman holds his own in vitality wonderfully well. He is now the age of 80 years, being one of the old landmarks of the pioneer settlers of South Florida. He was a soldier in the Indian, Osceola War of 1836 to 1842, and was severely wounded in one engagement with the Indians in the Indian campaign. He can tell many anecdotes about the campaign and Chief Osceola, whom he saw on several occasions. He is at present claiming a pension from Uncle Sam’s crib, as a soldier of that war. He has the plural number of 100, or over, of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, counting the living and dead.

  Tempie (Whidden) Raulerson died near Bartow, on March 22, 1904. Noel Rabun Raulerson died in Polk County, on June 16, 1910. Both were buried in the Raulerson family cemetery near Lake Hancock. The graves were later moved by Enoch Watley to the Gandy cemetery near Connersville, east of Bartow.  Rabun’s son, Noel R. Raulerson, Jr. lived to be 104 years of age, dying in 1952. He and his wife raised a family of 17 children, all of whom lived to maturity. Their eldest son, Noel Rabun Raulerson, Ill, who died in 1895, was the first person to be buried in the Basinger Cemetery. After his death, Noel gave the land around where his son was buried to the community to be used as a cemetery.  Another son of Noel Rabun, Sr. was Peter Raulerson, who became the original settler of Tantie, now Okeechobee, settling there in 1896.


-William H. Raulerson, born Jan. 16, 1841; died Jan. 6, 1914; married Eliza Ellender Brewer, Dec. 16, 1869.

-John R. Raulerson, born June 5, 1843; died July 1864.

-David Early Raulerson, born July 16, 1846; died 1932; married Sarah Wiggins, on April 21, 1870.

-Mary Raulerson, born 1847; died May 17, 1887; married Mr. Raulerson.

-Noel Rabun Raulerson, Jr., born Sept. 1848; died Aug. 30, 1952; married Amanda Elizabeth King, on March 9, 1870.

-J. Archibald "Archie" Raulerson, born in 1850; died about 1895; married Anne Williams, on July 10, 1872.

-Emarantha Raulerson, born March 1853; died April 8, 1943; married 1st— George W. Hayes, July 7, 1870; 2nd — Charles Hazellief, Aug. 10, 1873.

-Ellender "Ellen" Jane Raulerson, born 1854; died 1934; married 1st— George A. Lee, Dec. 30, 1868; 2nd—Owen Turner, Oct. 11, 1874.

-Eliza Ann Raulerson, born in 1855?; married Charles T. King, on Feb. 6, 1872.

-Peter Raulerson, born Sept. 1, 1857; died Oct. 8, 1947; married Lousiana Chandler, Oct. 17, 1877.

-Sarah Raulerson, born May 20, 1861; died May 26, 1942; married 1st— Enoch Watley; 2nd —John Kilpatrick.

-Caroline Raulerson, born in 1863; died May 19, 1874, from eating too much honey.

-Hardy Raulerson, born May 1865; died Aug. 15, 1907; married Laura Hilliard.

William H. Raulerson, born Jan. 16, 1841; died Jan. 6, 1914; married Eliza Ellender Brewer, Dec. 16, 1869.

Fort Drum Cemetery                                                                                         

One block off 441 at NE 304 ST. 


3. Joel Wooten Swain      

Find A Grave #26165425

BIRTH 1836 • Thomas County, Georgia

DEATH 1900 • Brevard County, Florida

Died at the age of 64


Muster 2 Date: 16 May 1862;

Muster 2 Place: Georgia;

Muster 2 Unit: 406;

Muster 2 Company: E;

Muster 2 Regiment: 54th Infantry;

Muster 2 Regiment Type: Infantry;

Muster 2 Information: Commission;

MusterOut 2 Date: 30 Oct 1863;

MusterOut 2 Information: deserted;

Married 1st:  1854 • Clinch, Georgia

Martha Smith


BIRTH 9 AUG 1830 • Clinch County, Georgia

DEATH 4 OCT 1895 • Florida

Married 2nd:  1880

Lucy Swain

Married 3rd:  12 Feb 1895 • Titusville, Brevard,


Cynthia Jones


BIRTH 06 SEPT 1838 • Jefferson County,


DEATH 04 AUG 1919 • Vero, St Lucie, Florida

Married 4th:  

Elizabeth Wooten Swain



Submitted by Gladys Barber (

History Of Okeechobee County By Kyle S. VanLanding-ham and Alma Hetherington Copyright l978, by Kyle S.


The original pioneer settlers of Fort Drum were Joel Swain, Henry Parker, and Henry Holmes.

Elder Joel W. Swain was born in South Georgia in 1836. He became a Primitive Baptist preacher and moved his family to Hillsborough County, Florida, during the late 1860's where he served as minister of Mt. Enon Church near present-day Plant City for about ten years. About 1877 Elder Swain and his family settled at Fort Drum. The Indian War fort had been abandoned for many years and the area was a true wilderness. Elder Swain donated for community use seven and one-half acres; five for a cemetery to be named St. Martha, in honor of his wife, and the remaining two and one half to be used for a church and school. He built the church and preached there for many years and taught the children of Fort Drum in the school building he also constructed.

4. Henry Lewis Parker                                

Find A Grave Memorial # 83488295

BIRTH 15 APR 1832 • Columbia, Columbia, Florida

DEATH 13 MAR 1908 • Fort Drum, Okeechobee, Florida

Married 1st: 4 Oct 1857 • Columbia County, Florida.

Elizabeth Matilda Brinkley


BIRTH 18 JAN 1839 • Tattnall, Georgia

DEATH 2 AUG 1876 • Lake Wales, Polk, Florida 

After the death of Elizabeth in 1876, he met and married Ruth Ann Richards on October 4, 1877, in Bull Creek, Brevard, Florida

Married 2nd: 4 OCT 1877  

He served as a private during the Seminole disturbance from August 7 to October 27, 1849, in Captain Joseph J. Knight's company. John Parker was appointed "Guardian of the Person and Estate of Henry Parker Minor heir of Luke Parker late of Columbia County State of Florida" on October 9, 1851, in Hillsborough County. On the same day, John Parker applied for bounty land for Henry Parker based upon their father, Luke Parker's service in the Seminole War and the War of 1812. He received 160 acres under Warrant #20408. Later Henry Parker received 80 acres of bounty land for his 1849 service under Warrant # 46065.


 In 1855 Henry Parker was elected Sheriff of Hillsborough County. Henry enlisted as a private at Ft. Brook, on February 2, 1858, and served in Captain J. F. P. Johnston's Company Florida Mounted Volunteers in the Third Seminole War. He mustered out at Ft. Brooke, on May 11, 1858. About 1859 Henry Parker moved back to Columbia County and married a widow, Eliz-abeth (Brinkley) Holmes, who had a son, Henry Allen Holmes, by her first marriage. Henry Holmes later married Joanna J Morgan, the daughter of Henry Parker's sister Mary Parker Morgan. Henry Parker enlisted as a private at Lake City, Columbia County in Company B 5th Florida Infantry Confederate Army Co April 19 1862 He served on detailed or Detached service Waggoner. He was home on furlough at the time of Lee’s surrender. 

SWAIN  1.jpg

1st Sergeant Company B, of Gen. Dickinson’s regiment. Joel W. Swain was a Primitive Baptist minister and in 1868 was called to the Mt. Enon Primitive Baptist Church in Plant City where he served as pastor until 1878. He and his family then moved to settle at Fort Drum. Joel Swain built the first church which was located on the north side of the old Fort Drum Cemetery. He also constructed the first schoolhouse in Fort Drum, built across from the church, and was a teacher there. In 1881 the community of Fort Drum was founded and Swain remained pastor at the church.

The first Baptist Church, Ft. Drum, Florida


The Florida Star

Titusville, Florida

16 Feb 1900, Fri  •  Page 1


Left to Right

3rd wife - Cynthia Jones

4th wife - Elizabeth Wooten

PARKER H L 2.jpg

The Palm Beach Post

04 May 1987, Mon · 

Page 107

PARKER H L 1.jfif

Basinger Cemetery                                                                                                       Off 98 at NW 176 Ave. 


5. Shadrach Meshack Chandler                                                                                                        Find a Grave Memorial # 17059326

Born Dec 24, 1824

died April 16, 1898

Died at age 74

Mr. Chandler was born in Mississippi in 1824 and moved to Florida in 1859 settling in Fort Meade. He enlisted in the 8th Florida Infantry Company K on Sept. 15, 1861, and was discharged on February 23, 1862. Discharged, by order of General Trapier. He joined Mun-nerlyn’s Battalion, Capt. A. Hendry’s Company A. Florida Special Cavalry. Chandler left the Company at the end of the war on May 20, 1865. The Chandlers decided to settle at Basinger about 1877 and Shadrach soon opened up a general store there.



6. William Underhill                                                

Find a Grave Memorial # 24316670

Birth: May 20, 1821

Death: Feb. 13, 1905

Born in Ware County Georgia to Joseph and Nancy Hilliard Underhill

Brother to Mary Polly (Benjamin Guy), John (Keziah Tucker), Thomas (Rebecca Thompson), Spicy (1st George Jones, 2nd Bennett Whidden), Barbary (Francis Ivey), Levicy (1st Jeremiah Underhill, 2nd Noah Whidden, 3rd Thomas Sullivan) and Matthew (1st Elizabeth Catledge 2nd Isabella Surrency)

William served in the Confederate army under Capt F A Hendry, in Munnerlyn's Battalion. Remained a bachelor until he was 45 years of age.  He married Samantha Chandler, daughter of Shadrach and Adeline (Tucker) Chandler on April 25, 1865, at Bartow, he was 25 years her senior.

William and Samantha had the following children:
Annie Cornelia married  (John Thomas)

Rachel married (Joseph Milton Walker) 

Ellen Adeline M. (John Hardy Walker)

Mary Emma M.(William Frank Walker)

Wilford Perry married. (Mabel Alderman)

Joseph Shadrach married (Louanna Walker)

Charles Alpheus never married
Amy Agnes married. (Cuyler W Hilliard)

William Edward married (Pauline Addison)
Cuthbert Leonora married (William Hardy Walker)

William and his family resided in Polk County until the late 1870's when they moved to Basinger. William was instrumental in the establishment of the first school in Basinger. He was a leading cattleman in the area, owning over 3000 head of cattle on the open range. William died at Basinger, and his wife Samantha received a Federal pension for his services in the Seminole Wars and a state pension for his Confederate service. She also died in Basinger.
Samantha Chandler Underhill (1846 - 1935)*
Annie Cornelia Underhill Thomas (1866 - 1944)*
Rachel Finnetti Underhill Walker (1867 - 1941)*
Ellen Adeline Underhill Walker (1869 - 1910)*
Mary Emaline Underhill Walker (1871 - 1956)*
Wilford Perry Underhill (1873 - 1956)*
Joseph S. Underhill (1875 - 1957)*
Charles A. Underhill (1877 - 1907)*
Amy Agnes Underhill Hilliard (1879 - 1964)*
William Edward Underhill (1882 - 1935)*
Cuthbert Lenora Underhill Walker (1885 - 1964)*
Chester Arthur Underhill (1888 - 1964)*                 

7. Matthew Underhill                                                          

Find a Grave Memorial # 24436985

Born 1838 Died 1918

Birth: Dec. 24, 1840

Ware County

Georgia, USA

Death: Mar. 16, 1918

Basinger Okeechobee County

Florida, USA


Matthew was born in born December 24, 1840, in Ware County, Georgia, and died March 16, 1918, in Basinger, Florida, the son of Joseph Underhill (veteran of the War of 1812 and Indian Wars, and the son of Revolutionary War soldier William Underhill of North Carolina) and Nancy Hilliard. (Joseph was born in North Carolina and died somewhere in Manatee County, Florida. Nancy was born in Ware County, Georgia, and died in Manatee County, Florida.) Matthew married twice, 1)Elizabeth Catledge on September 25, 1873, in Polk County, Florida; 2) Isabelle Surrency on November 19, 1879, also in Polk County, Florida.


Matthew moved with his family as a boy sometime between 1840 and 1850 from Georgia to Florida, as he is listed as 10 years old in the 1850 census living in Hillsborough County with his family.


Matthew served in the Civil War for the Confederacy under Captain J A Hendry in Colonel J C Munnerlyn's Company of State Home Guard Cattle Guard Battalion. Matthew stated in his 17 Sept 1907 pension application that he enlisted in 1863 in Fort Meade. At the time of his appli-cation, he was living in Basinger, Florida. (See and find the link to Basinger for old photos that might just have Matthew in them.) Matthew stated in his appli-cation that he had lived in Florida for sixty-eight years. The pension was approved on October 20, 1907. He reapplied on September 6, 1909, under the 1909 Soldier's Pension Claim, which was approved on July 26, 1910, for the same amount. He re-applied on October 15, 1911. The last application in the file is dated November 3, 1913. He was living in Basinger at the time of all the applications.


Matthew and Isabell Surrency had five known children. They later divorced by 1893, as she married John Dillon (mistranscribed as Gellul in the 1900 census) in 1894. She and the Underhill children were residing with Mr. Dillon in Tampa in 1900 as shown on that census. By the same time, Matthew Underhill appears on the Polk County census of 1900 living with his sister Spicey Underhill Whidden.


By 1907, Matthew had moved to Basinger as shown in his pension application. (His brother William Underhill had lived in Basinger since about 1880). Matthew is shown on the 1910 Osceola County census in Basinger boarding with a John J Norman. His age is given as 72, born in Georgia. Matthew Underhill died on March 16, 1918, in Basinger.


The five known children of MATTHEW UNDERHILL and ISABELLE SURRENCY:

GEORGE BRADY UNDERHILL:(1880-1917) #25932141.

SUSAN "SUSIE" UNDERHILL/DILLON:(1881-1962) #23744675.

ROSA UNDERHILL/DILLON (1884-1921) #27910165. 

JENNIE UNDERHILL/DILLON (1886-1911) #28079325.

FRED M. UNDERHILL/DILLON (1889-1951) #58906644.


Matthew's headstone reads:



The State Military Plaque dates:

4 Dec 1840 - 16 Mar 1918


Family links:


  Isabelle Surrency Dillon (1861 - 1928)*



  George Brady Underhill (1879 - 1917)*

  Susie Jean Underhill Noren Brand (1880 - 1962)*

  Jennie Underhill Llanes (1886 - 1911)*

  Fred Underhill Dillon (1891 - 1951)*

Maintained by: WadeFamily

Originally Created by: Ken & Nancy


8. Jeremiah Walker                                                 

Find a Grave Memorial # 46645278

Birth:   Jun. 20, 1838

Ware County, Georgia, USA

Death: Apr. 24, 1913

Basinger, Okeechobee County, Florida, USA


Father was Jeremiah Walker (1807 - 1882) and Mother was Nancy Dowling (1810 - 1870)


 Martha M. Tumblin Walker (1840 - 1924)



  Sarah Ann Jane Walker Hall (1860 - 1932)

  James Samuel Walker (1862 - 1940)

  John Hardy Walker (1864 - 1949)

  Joseph Milton Walker (1866 - 1948)

  William Frank Walker (1868 - 1951)

  George Washington Walker (1870 - 1943)

  Louis Hampton Walker (1872 - 1945)

  Louanna Walker Underhill (1882 - 1985)



  Pheby Walker Cason (1827 - 1894)

  Mary Walker Johns (1830 - 1918)

  Nancy Elizabeth Walker Keen (1832 - 1921)

  Jeremiah Walker (1838 - 1913)

  Hampton Walker (1850 - 1890)



Oh ye who read with little care

And go away and leave me

Remember that you all here

Must try the danger called

Death as well as I.

These simple words I leave with

You as I have often said

Don't grieve for me when I

Am gone nor think that I

Am dead.


9. Abner James Wright                                                      

Find a Grave Memorial # 24328430

Born Nov 22, 1842, Died Dec 31, 1924

Abner was in Florida, the son of Thomas and Mary Wright. Husband of Emma M. Wright. Living in Basinger by 1900.

Private Abner James Wright enlisted in Capt George Call's company of infantry on April 12, 1861, at Fernandina, Florida. In July Pvt Wright's company was mustered into the Confederate service as Company K, 2nd Florida Infantry at Jacksonville, Florida, and sent to Richmond, Virginia for camp instruction. Its first combat was at Yorktown during the Peninsular campaign and it was during this time that Robert E. Lee assumed command of the Confederate Army and the 2nd Florida Infantry became part of the fabled Army of Northern Virginia. The 2nd Florida Infantry participated in every battle and surrendered with Lee at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. Out of 2,194 men present for duty at the war's start, Pvt Wright was among the 7 officers and 59 men of the once proud 2nd Florida infantry to be present at the surrender. 

Muster 2 Date: 02 Aug 1862; Muster 2 Place: Florida; Muster 2 Unit: 1109; Muster 2 Company: B; Muster 2 Regiment: 2nd Battn Infantry; Muster 2 Regiment Type: Infantry; Muster 2 Information: Enlisted; MusterOut 2 Date: 09 Apr 1865; MusterOut 2 Place: Appomattox Court House, Virginia; MusterOut 2 Information: Surrendered;

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