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Information provided by  Cmdr. James B. Odell - Pvt. George W. Thomas Camp 1595
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Riverview Memorial Park

Fort Pierce Cemetery 1109 US Hwy 1 Fort Pierce, Florida

1. George W. Thomas                                

Find A Grave Memorial# 28430903           

Born Sept. 17, 1837, South Georgia

Died Sept 27, 1934, Ft. Pierce, St. Lucie, Florida

Died at the age of 97

Private in the 7th Fla. Infantry Company E.

The local SCV Camp namesake was a cobbler

and bottomed shoes. He was wounded at Thunderbolt, Georgia, and Olustee, Fl. George W. Thomas was the oldest and last living Confederate Veteran in Saint Lucie County.


   Taken By Death

His Obit: George W. Thomas, Confederate Veteran and long-time resident of Fort Pierce died at 6. O'clock Thursday afternoon at his residence at 737 Citrus Avenue at the ripe old age of 97 years. Up until two weeks before, he had been remarkably active for his age. Funeral services are to be held at 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon at the Cox funeral home, Rev. G. H. Moore of the First Baptist, church officiating and interment following in the Fort Pierce cemetery under The direction of H. Ryland Cox. The deceased is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Thomas; seven sons, L E. Thomas of St. Augustine, B. B., J. C., N. E., A. B. and Lacey Thomas of Fort Pierce, and J. B. Thomas of South Carolina; four daughters, Mrs. Lena Hickenbottom and Mrs. Lola Hickenbottom of St. Augustine, Mrs. Annie Cribb of Pierson, Ga., and a daughter residing in South Carolina; a sister, Mrs. Liza Spence of Waresboro, Ga.; two brothers, Labe Thomas of Waresboro, Ga., and Mitchell Thomas of near Ocala; and a number of grandchildren; and other relatives.

Mr. Thomas was born in South Georgia on September 17, 1837. With the outbreak of the "War Between the States" at the Age of 23, he enlisted in the Confederate Army, on July 5, 1861, in Ocala Florida. He fell in, Captain Hopkins' Company of the Second Regiment, Florida Infantry, later known as Company E, 2nd Regiment., Florida Infantry.

Later, he served in Captain Bullock's company in the 7th Florida Regiment; He was in all the fighting that took place around Atlanta, serving- with distinction and was in the final surrender by Robert E. Lee. He made his home in Fort Pierce Fl, working as a Cobler for some 26 years, and had many friends here.

Pvt. George W. Thomas is interred at Riverview Cemetery in Fort Pierce Florida. Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp 1595 is named in his Honor.










2. William Pen Lassiter                                

Find A Grave Memorial# 28411223

BIRTH 16 DEC 1847 • Alabama

DEATH 1 JUN 1912 • Kissimmee,

Osceola, Florida

Died at age 64

He was a member of the first Grand

Jury to be formed in St. Lucie County. 

Married:  15 SEP 1869 • Orange

County, Florida

Angelia S Powell


BIRTH 7 FEB 1847 • Alabama

DEATH 1923 • Fort Pierce, St Lucie, Florida



3 James Anderson Russell                      

Find A Grave Memorial# 17079398

BIRTH 9 SEP 1839 • North Carolina, USA

DEATH 1914 • Fort Pierce North, St Lucie, Florida

Died at age 75

Married::  21 FEB 1877 • Brevard,Florida

Elizabeth Jane Wilder 


BIRTH JAN 1859 • Chattahoochee, Gadsden, Florida


Private, Company F 2nd Florida Infantry Reg. Enlisted on July 12, 1861, at Jacksonville, Duval County, and FL as a Private. On July 12, 1861, he mustered into "H" Co. FL 2nd Infantry  He was discharged on September 9, 1862 On July 1, 1863, he mustered into CN Navy.  (date and method of discharge not given) (Estimated date of enlistment) He was listed as a POW on May 27, 1864, Bahamas (While serving on the FORTUNE)


The Oath of Allegiance was given on June 20, 1865, at Fort Warren, MA (Released) He was described at enlistment as being 5' 8", with a dark complexion, grey eyes, and dark hair.  Florida Confederate Pension Application File D18547 Brevard County, FL, 1904.



4. Edward Cabell Summerlin

(Also known as "Uncle Nes" and Col. (Honorary)                         

Find A Grave Memorial# 17085557

BIRTH 12 SEP 1847 • Middleburg, Duval, Florida

DEATH 6 OCT 1912 • Fort Pierce, St. Lucie, Florida

Died at Age 65

Married 1st:  02 Mar 1871 • Green Cove Springs, Clay, Florida

Elendar "Ellen" Gnann


BIRTH 6 FEB 1850 • Jacksonville, Duval, Florida

DEATH 5 MARCH 1909 • Green Cove Springs, Clay, Florida

Married 2nd:  18 Aug 1873 • Volusia, Florida

Pollyann Idell Osteen


BIRTH 22 FEB 1854 • Fort Taylor, Florida

DEATH 8 DEC 1929 • , St Lucie, Florida

Private; Munnerlyn’s, Cattle Guard Battalion

Officially called, 1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry, Captain William B. Watson’s Company. Formed on March 28, 1864, and surrendered on June 5, 1865. The Commands duties were the protection of Florida cattle herds from the roving bands of deserters and Union sympathizers; driving beef cattle north to the commissary depots to feed the Confederate Army; rounding up deserters; checking the nuisance raids conducted by Union troops garrisoned at Fort Myers; assisting with scouting and picket duty; assisting the blockade running operations, protection of the Salt Works.

Battles and skirmishes:

Bowlegs Creek, April 7, 1864; Fort Meade area, May 1864; Brooksville area, July 1864; Fort Myers area, August 1864; Rocky Point near Tampa, December 3, 1864; Cedar Keys, February 13, 1865; Fort Myers, February 20, 1865.

Mr. Summerlin in 1905 became one of St. Lucie Counties' first Grand jury Members.



5. Lafayette Metts                                      

Find A Grave Memorial# 28454435

Born July 9, 1842, Telfair, Georgia

Died Oct 19, 1913, St. Lucie County, Florida

Died at age 71

Son of Redden (Redding) Metts and Mary Edith

Sapp Metts;

Married:  01 Jan 1866 • St. Augustine St. Johns,


Elizabeth O'Steen


BIRTH 1845 • Nassau Co., FL

DEATH 1920 • St Lucie Co, Florida

1st Bugler Company B 2nd Florida Cavalry Joined

April 1862 in Jacksonville, Fl. He was under

Capt. Winston Stevens, which the book Rose

Cottage Chronicles was written by his G Grandson

Winston the III. Metts served as a Ferrier. He

fought in Battles at Olustee, Gainesville, and

Braddock’s Farm, surrendering at Waldo, Florida 

May 20, 1865.


6. Thomas Johnson                                    

Find A Grave Memorial# 29890558

BIRTH 6 MAR 1842 •

DEATH 2 JAN 1921 • St. Lucie County, Florida

Died at Age 78/74

Married:  13 Oct 1867 • Clinch County, Georgia

Louisa Jordan


BIRTH ABT 1848 • Ware Co., Georgia

DEATH JUN 17 1920 • Osceola, Florida


7. Granville Bevill                                      

Find A Grave Memorial# 57514156

Born Sept 12, 1845, Georgia

 Died Dec 20, 1900, St. Lucie County, Florida

Died at age 55

married:  1865

Eliza Jane Tucker

Born 2 Jun 1843, Lowndes County, Georgia

Died  7 Apr 1907, Fort Pierce, St. Lucie, Florida

Private Company E 47th Ga. Vol. Infantry Reg.

There are several Granville Bevels in the Confederate

Army, so military Records have yet to be determined.


8. William Brown                                       

Find A Grave Memorial# 28168378

Birth: 1825  (Illinois?)

Death: 1902, St Lucie County, Florida

Married  (Illinois?)

Martha C. Allen 


BIRTH 30 JUNE 1839 • Ohio

DEATH 11 APRIL 1916 • St Lucie, Florida


Next to Martha C. Brown


9. William Dean Lennard            

 Find A Grave Memorial # 28411311         

BIRTH 13 MAY 1845 • Georgia, USA

DEATH 17 DEC 1922 • Fort Pierce,

St Lucie, Florida

Died at age 77

Married:  16 Dec 1869 • Upson County,


Gertrude P Worthy


BIRTH 1848 • Alabama, USA

DEATH 18 DEC 1881 • Talbot County, Georgia


Mc Crosky’s Battalion Georgia Infantry,




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This file was contributed for use in the USGenWeb

Archives by: Dean J. Lennard (note: the author is deceased) 


Table of Contents page:

Georgia Table of Contents:



(A work in progress)


James Clark Lennard, his brother, Francis, and their wives settled in Talbot County sometime before 1830 (both listed in the 1830 census). The first documented account of James and Francis is in the will of William Ellis of Baldwin County (Baldwin County, Will Book A probated Jan. 1824). William Ellis, a minister and also a farmer/landowner, lists in his will his children by his first wife, the six children by him and his wife, Polly (nee Clark Lennard), and the four children of Polly by her first husband (unknown)– James Lennard, Francis Lennard, Nancy Smith, and Susan DuBose. Family lore noted James  (gg-grandfather of this author) as having come from Virginia and this is supported in the 1850 and 1860 census where he stated Virginia as his state of birth. Using his stated age at the time of both censuses would make his date of birth as 1796. Ellis family data indicates Polly and William were married on 16 June 1803 so James and Francis lost their natural father at a very early age. The Ellis family has documented William Ellis as having been a resident of Lunenburg Co. Virginia and it is assumed that Polly likely lived in the same area prior to the presumed death of James’ father for whom no records have yet been found. On 18 Nov. 1823, James Lennard married Mary Dean and, on 24 Dec. 1824 Francis married her sister, Unity Dean, daughters of William and Jane (nee Sessions) Dean of Baldwin County. The officiating minister at the wedding of James and Mary as documented on their marriage license was Henry Hand, a Baptist minister (more on Henry below). Family lore also claimed James Lennard was in the War of 1812 with Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.  This has not been substantiated but may be a reason or basis for his obtaining land in Talbot County possibly in a lottery. William Dean, the father of Mary Dean Lennard died in 1819 and his wife, Jane (also listed as Janie), married Henry Hand (cited above) in 1821 and they too subsequently moved to Talbot County. Henry purchased land in the 17th district in 1833. A bio sketch of Henry Hand is listed in the Talbot County Bios on this site. The will of Jane (Janie) Hand, which is on, file in Talbot County Will Book A names James and Francis as her executors. Although Francis first settled in Talbot County along with James, he and his family subsequently (sometime after 1840) moved to Randolph County. James and Mary Lennard had seven surviving children (no record of any others who may have died in childhood or at birth) as listed below:?


Virginia A. (b1828) married James F. Marshall 11 Nov 1845.

Missouri (b1830) married Columbus Agustus Boynton 17 Aug. 1848 ?

Joseph M. (b 1833) married ? ?

James Monroe (b1838)married Mary Susan Carter ?

Mary Elizabeth (b1841) married James M. Stinson ?

William Dean (b1845) married Gertrude Worthy ?

Francis Marshall (b1850) married Laurie Annie Gould


William Dean and James M. both served in the Civil War (William -27th Ga. Battalion, James -3rd Regiment, Ga. Calvary) and James reportedly lost a leg. James Clark Lennard is listed as serving in the 15th Battalion, Ga. Calvary (State Guards). Joseph M.’s service is unknown. A transcript of the Talbot County signers of the Amnesty Oath (30 Sept 1865) lists William D. Leonard (however signed Lennard). The war experience of James’s son, Francis Marshall, who was only a young boy at the time, was recounted by his son, Gardner Gould Lennard, in the following:  "My father, Francis Marshall Lennard, was the youngest of James Clark Lennard's children. He was only 14 years old when the Civil War ended. Father told me how a Yankee Corporal's Guard overran the plantation during the war, while his mother, Mary Dean Lennard, was sick in bed. He said he had hidden in the woods when he saw them approaching, and when they stayed quite awhile, he slipped back and saw them setting fire to his mother's bed, to try to make her tell where the gold was hidden. The Master- Sergeant put the fire out, but they relit it three times. When he drew his sword and said, ”If she has any gold she is not going to tell, and the next man that sets fire to that bed, I'll cut his head off!" Leaving, they set fire to the cotton shed in the rear and burned up 100 bales of cotton. My father never got over his hatred of the Yankees on account of this tragic impression in his youth.”


Mary apparently died not long afterward for James Clark married Harriet Gray in 1866. Besides being a farmer, he is found as a witness on numerous Talbot Co. legal documents (land transfers, etc.) with the title JIC. James died in 1874 and his estate was settled among his children. Hisprobated will is on file at the Talbot County Courthouse (it is the intent of the author to transcribe it and post it on this website in the future).   


Francis M. Lennard studied engineering and then earned a medical degree using funds he got when his brother William bought out his interest in the family farm and subsequently settled in Texas.  He married Laurie Annie Gould and died in about 1937.  James M. Lennard married Mary Susan Carter of Talbot County and died in Columbus, Georgia in 1908. William Dean’s wife, Gertrude, died in 1881 and he (believed to be the last of the Lennards in Talbot County) subsequently moved to Fort Pierce, Florida to live with his son, Robert Worthy Lennard, and family. He died there in 1922 and is buried in Riverview Memorial Park. 


Dean J. Lennard




10. Alexander Cone Bell                             

Find A Grave Memorial# 28453156

BIRTH 2 JUN 1827 • Jasper, Hamilton, Florida

DEATH 18 SEP 1898 • Fort Pierce, Saint Lucie, Florida

Married:  17 Aug 1853 • Hamilton, Florida

Susan Amanda Stewart


BIRTH 18 SEP 1834 • Hamilton, Florida, 

DEATH 12 JUN 1913 • Fort Pierce, St Lucie, Florida

Source: Find a Grave

Researched, compiled, and contributed by Kyle S.

Van Landingham, Box 1779, Ft. Pierce, Fla., and

Maxwell Walker of Ft. Pierce, Fla.

Alexander Bell, a son of Daniel and Mary (Cone) Bell,

was born in Hamilton County, Florida, on June 2, 1827.

Daniel Bell settled in what is now Hamilton County

about 1825 and his son Alexander is generally considered the first white child born there. Alexander’s mother died when he was young and his father subsequently married Evalina Brickell, Alexander grew up in well-to-do circumstances and “read law”, but never became a lawyer. On August 8, 1849, he enrolled at Alligator (now Lake City) as a private in the militia company commanded by Capt. Joseph J. Knight. He was discharged from service on Oct. 27, 1849. On August 17, 1853, in Hamilton County, Alexander Bell was married to Susan Amanda Stewart, daughter of Israel M. and Antionette Stewart. Susan was born in Florida on Sept. 18, 1834. Alexander and Susan Amanda (Stewart) Bell had the following children:

1. James Stewart Bell, born Aug. 25, 1854; died March 23, 191?; married Emily Lagow, on July 25, 1879.
2. John Franklin Bell, born Sept. 9, 1856; died April 2, 1921; married Eloise Hendry, on June 16, 1878.
3. Daniel Bell, born in c1859; died young
4. Annie Ella Bell, born July 19, 1861; died Dec. 18, 1929; married 1st, Timothy Gage, Feb. 2, 1887; married 2nd, Frank Black.
5. Alice Evelyn Bell, born Aug. 11, 1866; died Jan. 22, 1940; married Wallace T. Harbin, June 24, 1895.
6. Matella Alma Bell, born July 26, 1870; died Apr. 22, 1939; married John Bibb Meriwether,
7. Lillian Bell, born Aug. 8, 1873; died Sept. 28, 1955; married 1st, Jeter lane, Mar. 23, 1896; married 2nd, Robert German, Apr. 8, 1907.

(Family sources indicate that there were two other children: a son named Montgomery who died at age four and an unnamed infant son who died at four months. The son, Daniel, listed above may actually have been one of these two Sons.)

During the Third Seminole War, Alexander Bell commanded Company No. 3 Infantry, Special Battalion Florida Volunteers, commanded by Col. M. Whit Smith. The company served from June 24th to Sept. 30th, 1856. From the years 1859 until 1864 Alexander Bell was Sheriff of Hamilton County.

Alexander did not believe in slavery and opposed the Civil War. The Bells and Stewarts served in the Confederate army but Alexander could not bring himself to do so. He stayed at Cedar Key, on the west coast, during part of the war and while there contracted yellow fever and was the only survivor in a ward of twelve men.

Needless to say, following the war Alexander Bell was not popular among his kinsmen or the citizenry of Hamilton County because of the stand he had taken during the War. About 1867 Alexander and his family left north Florida and began their long journey which would eventually take them to the southern part of Brevard County on the east coast.
-14- #19/20
Find A Grave contributor James Burr Odell Jr)


St. Lucie News Tribune

Fort Pierce, Florida

28 Sep 1934, Fri  •  Page 1


2nd Wife

Pollyann Idell Osteen


Unknown Publication

METTS L 1.jpg
METTS L 2.jpg

50th Ga. Infantry Reg. Company G- Clinch Volunteers; men from Clinch County (Captain Osteen) Upon being mustered into Confederate service the regiment was assigned to duty in Georgia, serving in Savannah defenses. Before the 5Oth Georgia regiment was sent to Savannah it was drilled at Camp Davis, which was located outside of Guyton, Georgia. Some of the companies began arriving at Camp Davis on 17 March 1862. On 20 March 1862, the regiment was brigaded along with the 48th, 49th, and 51st Georgia Volunteer Infantry regiments. On the 21 March 1862 the 50th Georgia men were examined by a medical board and on the 22 March 1862 they held elections for field officers. Private Johnson was wounded in the right thigh and developed smallpox which almost left him completely blind.

St. Lucie News Tribune

Fort Pierce, Florida

04 Jan 1921, Tue  •  Page 5

lennard w d.jpeg
bell a c.jpg

White City Cemetery
3800 Sunrise Blvd. Fort Pierce, Florida


11. William W. Wheeler      
Find A Grave Memorial# 31706941

Born Feb 8, 1839
Died Dec. 21, 1911

Died at age 72

Married:  1860

Rebecca Shaw

BIRTH 6 OCT 1824 • Georgia, USA

DEATH 17 JAN 1902 • Osceola, Florida

Private, Company K 29 Regiment of Ga. Infantry.  He was wounded at New Hope Church, Ga. in 1863 in the head and shoulder. He suffered the effects of that shell explosion until his death.


Private Wheeler was captured at Nashville, Tennessee on December 16, 1864. He was paroled at Camp Chase, Ohio, and sent via New Orleans, Louisiana for exchange, on May 2, 1865. He was received at Vicksburg, Mississippi on May 12, 1865. In 1910, he and his wife Mary were living in White City, Florida, where he was a vegetable farmer. 

wheeler w w.jpg
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