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Jacksonville, Florida


History & Growth of Evergreen


1880-1900: A Jacksonville Tradition Begins.


Much of Northeast Florida’s colorful past is written on the tombstones of Evergreen Cemetery. From its founding to the present day, Evergreen continues to be a vital part of the community. This was the intention of its organizers, a group of prominent citizens who in 1880 conceived the idea of a centrally located cemetery that would serve the Jacksonville area for many generations.


Led by J.J. Daniel, Sr., Evergreen’s founding president, the directors purchased 200 acres of land for their project at a cost of $25 an acre. Evergreen’s first burial took place on April 8, 1881, with the memorialization of Mrs. Margaret Jamison. By the century’s close, Evergreen was an established presence in Jacksonville.


1900-1950: Evergreen’s Future Takes Shape.


In the early 20th century, Evergreen became a non-profit association. Several important land transactions took place in the early decades of the century. First Board President Arthur G. Cummer helped the board acquire 22 additional acres from Woodlawn Cemetery to the west. Property near present-day Winona Drive was transferred to the City of Jacksonville for a public park. In return, the city ceded back its pauper cemetery on the north side of Evergreen. B’Nai Israel Congregation established a dedicated Jewish Cemetery within the Evergreen  campus.


1950-Present: A Historic Cemetery Maintains Its Relevance.


In the 1950s, under the guidance of Vice President and General Manager Fred B. Möhle, construction began on Evergreen’s community mausoleum. This garden cloister features a 96-foot bell tower. Built of limestone, marble, concrete and steel, the mausoleum complex is linked by wide walkways. An on-site business office, built in 1969, is situated just inside the Main Street entrance gate. From 1976 to 2012 operation of the cemetery was entrusted to the experienced hands of General Manager Richard L. Mueller, CCE, a fourth-generation cemetery manager. The current General Manager, Michael D. Ondina took over the position in 2012.

Evergreen Cemetery is on Jacksonville’s Northside, an area easily reached from all parts of the city. The main entrance is at Main Street and Winona Drive, just off Interstate 95. Five additional entrances provide easy access to all areas of the grounds.


The Evergreen Cemetery Association
4535 Main St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206
Phone (904) 353-3649
Fax (904) 356-0981

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